10 Small-Appliance Storage Ideas for Clutter-free Countertop

If your kitchen is limited in counter space or you prefer a clutter-free environment, it’s essential to keep your countertops free from unnecessary items.

A decluttered surface allows you more space for cooking, baking, or meal prepping.

One common cause of countertop clutter is Small Appliances. While certain appliances like your Coffee Maker may be used daily and warrant a permanent spot, many others can be stored neatly and accessed easily when needed.

Where should small appliances be stored?

10 Small-Appliance Storage Ideas for Clutter-free Countertop 2
Photo: Where should small appliances be stored?

The best place to store small appliances is in a corner cabinet, with or without a built-in lazy Susan.

This unique storage solution offers the perfect space for these bulky and awkward-shaped tools. By utilizing this cabinet, you can keep all your appliances neatly organized and easily accessible in one convenient spot.

Having a designated corner cabinet for small appliances provides several benefits.

Firstly, it maximizes storage space in an area of the kitchen that might otherwise go underutilized. The deep and sometimes awkward depth of a corner cabinet is well-suited for accommodating various appliances, such as blenders, food processors, and slow cookers.

Moreover, keeping small appliances in one place makes it easier to find what you need when preparing meals or performing kitchen tasks.

You won’t have to search through multiple cabinets to locate a specific appliance; instead, they are all within reach in the designated corner cabinet.

Additionally, using a corner cabinet for appliance storage helps declutter your kitchen countertops.

With appliances neatly stored away, your countertops will appear cleaner and more organized, providing you with a spacious and aesthetically pleasing workspace.

If you don’t have a corner cabinet with a built-in lazy Susan, you can still use the space effectively by using stackable organizers or adjustable shelving to make the most of the cabinet’s depth.

Overall, storing small appliances in a corner cabinet is a smart and practical solution to keep your kitchen tidy, efficient, and functional.

With everything in its proper place, you can enjoy a clutter-free and well-organized kitchen for a more enjoyable cooking and dining experience.

Small-Appliance Storage Ideas

10 Small-Appliance Storage Ideas for Clutter-free Countertop 3
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Implement the following small appliance storage ideas to maintain clear kitchen counters and focus on honing your culinary skills.

Swing-Out Cabinets: Organizing corner cabinets can be challenging, but installing dual swing-out shelves is the perfect solution.

These cleverly designed shelves eliminate any storage issues with small appliances and bulky pots and pans. With the swing-out feature, you can easily access your blender and its parts without any hassle.

This cabinet design optimizes the available space, making it a convenient and efficient storage solution for your kitchen.

Add Shelf Risers: If your kitchen has floor-to-ceiling cabinets or a nearby dining room with similar storage options, consider creating a designated spot for small appliances.

While upper open or glass-door cabinets are perfect for displaying pretty bowls and cake stands, base cabinets can efficiently store appliances that you don’t use daily, such as a slow cooker. Placing these appliances in lower-level cabinets makes it easier for you to pick them up and put them away.

To maximize the space, consider adding shelf risers that allow you to stack small appliances as needed.

Store Seldom-Used Items Up High: For kitchen appliances that see minimal use, such as a bread maker or juicer, it’s best to store them up high and out of the way.

If your pantry has space on the top shelves, you can tuck these appliances there. While they may be less accessible, storing them up high keeps them out of sight and prevents them from cluttering your countertops or cabinets.

Tucked Away Appliances: For those who prefer a clutter-free kitchen with concealed appliances, consider using cabinets that can hide more than just plates and glasses.

Oversize cabinet doors can conceal appliances like microwaves and espresso machines. However, be mindful of nearby outlets to ensure easy access and functionality for these hidden appliances.

Create a Breakfast Spot: Streamline your morning routine by creating a designated breakfast spot in your kitchen.

Combine a toaster and blender inside a countertop-height cabinet with an outlet. When you wake up, simply slide out the appliances and make your meal.

Remember to put them away again before you start your day to maintain a tidy kitchen.

10 Small-Appliance Storage Ideas for Clutter-free Countertop 3
Photo: Small-Appliance Storage Ideas

Add a Lazy Susan: Walk-in pantries are excellent for storage but may have less-than-ideal corner shelves.

Utilize lazy Susans to maximize the surface area and store round or roundish small appliances, such as rice cookers, pressure cookers, or air fryers.

Group Items by Task: Organizing your kitchen by task can make meal preparation more efficient.

Designate a small cabinet for specific tasks and group similar items together. For example, keep juicers on a lower shelf and citrus squeezers in a drawer just above it.

This way, everything you need is within reach, and your kitchen stays well-organized.

Make a Coffee Nook: Designate a specific spot in your kitchen to create a coffee nook.

Use a single cabinet with sliding or hinged doors to store a coffee maker, teapot, electric kettle, and microwave. Organize mugs, coffee beans, and tea bags for a delightful cafe experience in the comfort of your home.

Streamline Food Prep: Keep everything you need for seamless food preparation within easy reach.

Consider a recessed microwave near the pantry for quick heating or a shelf below baking goods to store your stand mixer and its accessories. With all ingredients and tools conveniently placed together, you can effortlessly whip up a batch of cookies or any other delicious treat.

Toaster Storage: Keep your toaster neatly tucked away, but always at the ready, with a small cubby.

Use a flip-up cabinet door to hide it when not in use, ensuring your countertops remain clutter-free and aesthetically pleasing. Be sure to have a convenient way to connect the wiring nearby for easy toaster access.

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