10 Best Food Storage Containers Organization Solutions

Tackling the challenge of organizing food storage containers with lids is essential for a clutter-free and functional kitchen.

Without an effective storage system in place, you may find yourself dealing with misplaced lids and a disorganized mess in your cabinets.

To help you overcome these issues, we have compiled a list of our favorite kitchen storage hacks that are both simple and budget-friendly.

What are Food Storage Containers?

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Photo: What are Food Storage Containers?

Food storage containers, as the name suggests, are containers specifically designed for storing food.

These containers serve various purposes, such as preserving freshly cooked or frozen foods, facilitating meal prep with leftovers, enabling the transportation of meals from home to work or school, and even aiding in serving food at gatherings or parties. The primary requirement for food storage containers is that they are safe for storing food.

Food storage containers are typically made of specialized plastic materials that are suitable for storing food.

The main goal of food storage is to prolong the shelf life of the food, ensuring it remains fresh and edible for an extended period. This is achieved by utilizing proper food storage techniques and utilizing containers designed for this purpose.

These containers are commonly used for storing dry food items like rice, flour, and sugar.

They also come in handy for storing leftover food in the refrigerator. Most food storage containers are designed to be airtight, effectively sealing out moisture and preventing pests from accessing the food.

This airtight feature plays a crucial role in preserving the freshness of the food for an extended duration. Food storage containers can even be utilized for storing food specifically for pets.

Food Storage Containers Organization Solutions

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Photo: Food Storage Containers Organization Solutions

Take a look at the solutions below to bring order and convenience to your food storage container organization.

Revive a Neglected Cabinet Corner Shelf.

Storing bowls and food storage containers with their respective lids can be a frustrating task, often resulting in a jumble of lids that are difficult to manage.

To tackle this challenge, take the time to sort your lids by size or container type and arrange them on a three-tier shelf according to your preference. For added organization, consider printing labels to ensure everyone in the household can easily identify and match the lids with the corresponding containers.

Whether you choose to label them by size, type, or color, find a labeling method that works best for your specific needs.

Streamline water bottle Storage.

If your water bottles tend to take up excessive space and topple over in your cabinet, utilize a magazine holder placed horizontally.

By repurposing the magazine holder, you can stack your water bottles securely and keep them easily accessible while adding a touch of personal style. Consider decorating the magazine holder yourself or selecting one with a pattern that resonates with your taste.

Whenever you can stack your food storage containers, take advantage of the opportunity to maximize your shelf space.

Optimize Space with Undershelf Baskets.

Large food storage containers often occupy a significant amount of cabinet space, leaving little room for other items.

However, you can create additional storage space by incorporating undershelf baskets into your cabinet. These baskets can hold sorted food storage container lids, allowing you to place the corresponding containers beneath their respective lids.

This simple and affordable solution enables you to efficiently utilize your cabinet space.

Enhance Organization with Sliding Storage Trays.

If rummaging through dark cabinets to find the right food storage containers and lids has become a hassle, consider implementing sliding storage trays as makeshift pullout cabinets.

Lightweight acrylic trays placed on your cabinet shelves can be easily slid in and out, providing better visibility and accessibility to your containers and lids. To ensure smooth sliding, line the bottom of your cabinet shelf with an adhesive liner.

Arrange your food storage containers and lids in a way that suits Your Organization‘s preferences, bid farewell to the frustration of searching for misplaced containers, and maintain an orderly cabinet.

Transform Book Bins for Drawer Organization.

Maintain order and prevent mismatched items in your kitchen drawer with a clever hack using book bins.

By flipping book bins on their sides in a lower drawer or pullout shelf, you can create separate compartments within the drawer. Stack food storage containers and their corresponding lids within these compartments, keeping them neatly grouped together and easily accessible.

10 Best Food Storage Containers Organization Solutions 3
Photo: Food Storage Containers Organization Solutions

Utilize a Wall-Mounted Lid Collector.

A wall-mount file holder typically used in an office setting can serve as a practical kitchen organizer.

Mount one inside a cabinet door and use it to store miscellaneous food storage container lids that are often difficult to locate. This ensures that a lid is always within reach and prevents small lids from getting lost in the depths of an unorganized cabinet.

Create Compartments with Tension Rods.

For efficient kitchen cupboard organization, employ two tension rods to divide a small drawer into compartments.

Position the tension rods near the top of the drawer, a few inches apart, to create three compartments: one large, one medium, and one small. Store your food storage containers in the large compartment, line up water bottles in the medium compartment, and keep lids upright in the small compartment to optimize storage space.

Opt for Box Shelves for Drawer Storage.

Investing in decorative box shelves allows you to instantly create compartments within your drawer, providing a designated space for lids without the risk of them toppling over.

Select various sizes of box shelves and place them directly in the drawer, creating size-appropriate compartments for your containers and lids. This method keeps your food storage items organized and prevents stacks of lids from sliding around inside the drawer.

Embrace Clear Containers.

Declutter your cabinets by utilizing clear or frosted containers to sort and store your food storage items.

Arrange them by size and type, and keep the corresponding lids near their respective containers. Once again, magazine holders come in handy, this time when laid flat, serving as storage for lids while acting as a shelf for the matching food storage containers.

This cost-effective and customizable kitchen organization hack can greatly enhance the efficiency and tidiness of your cabinets.

Utilize a Desktop Mail Sorter.

Maximize your cabinet space by incorporating a desktop mail sorter into a pullout drawer.

The small, slender compartments of the sorter are ideal for organizing food storage container lids, while the containers themselves can be stacked by size towards the front of the cabinet. Don’t hesitate to draw inspiration from other rooms in your home when planning how to organize your kitchen, as effective organization techniques can be applied across different spaces.

By implementing these creative storage solutions, you can declutter your cabinets, efficiently organize your food storage items, and optimize the use of available space in your kitchen.

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