10 Kitchen Storage Ideas to Declutter

Kitchens often become cluttered with dishes piling up and drawers overflowing with utensils.

To prevent chaos, incorporate these budget-friendly kitchen organization ideas.

By doing so, you can save both money and simplify your kitchen, creating a space that is easy to navigate. Assigning specific places for every kitchen gadget and Tupperware lid will make cooking, baking, and entertaining a breeze.

What is the best kitchen layout for storage?

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Photo: What is the best kitchen layout for storage?

When it comes to the best kitchen layout for storage, the galley layout stands out as a top choice.

Galley kitchens are known for their exceptional space efficiency, making them particularly suitable for those who love to cook and for smaller kitchen spaces. This layout excels in maximizing both storage and work surface space, ensuring that you have ample room to store your kitchen essentials while maintaining a functional and organized cooking area.

In a galley kitchen, the cabinets and appliances are typically arranged in parallel lines, creating a streamlined and efficient workflow.

This layout allows for easy access to everything you need while minimizing wasted space. By utilizing the walls effectively, you can install cabinets and shelves from floor to ceiling, maximizing storage capacity.

This is especially beneficial in smaller kitchens where every inch of space counts.

With a galley layout, you can strategically design your cabinetry to accommodate various storage needs.

You can incorporate deep drawers for pots and pans, tall cabinets for pantry items, and specialized organizers for utensils and Small Appliances. Additionally, overhead cabinets can be installed to store less frequently used items, keeping them within reach but out of the way.

The galley layout also provides ample counter space for food preparation and cooking.

The parallel configuration allows for efficient movement between different work zones, such as the sink, stove, and refrigerator. This ensures a smooth cooking process and minimizes unnecessary steps.

Furthermore, the galley layout offers the opportunity to incorporate Smart Storage solutions such as pull-out pantry cabinets, corner carousels, and built-in spice racks.

These features optimize storage capacity and make it easier to keep your kitchen organized and clutter-free.

Overall, if you’re looking for a kitchen layout that prioritizes storage efficiency, the galley layout is a fantastic choice.

Its streamlined design, utilization of vertical space, and strategic placement of cabinets and appliances make it an ideal option for maximizing storage and creating a functional and well-organized kitchen.

kitchen storage Ideas to Declutter

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Photo: Kitchen Storage Ideas to Declutter

To avoid this chaos, consider implementing these cost-effective kitchen organization tips.

Hang Floating Shelves: If you have some extra wall space but lack room for traditional cabinetry, consider installing floating shelves in your kitchen.

These shelves can provide both storage and a stylish display option. To make the most of them, you can even add hooks underneath the bottom shelf for hanging coffee mugs, utensils, or hand towels.

By arranging your daily essentials such as coffee mugs, drinking glasses, and plates or bowls on these open shelves, you’ll have easy access to the items you use most frequently.

Organize Water Bottles: When it comes to organizing your kitchen cabinets, keeping water bottles easily accessible and visible is essential.

One affordable solution is to stack them in magazine files, which you can find at dollar stores. By placing these inexpensive organizers on their backs, you can quickly grab a water bottle whenever needed.

Add Freestanding Shelves: Don’t limit bookshelves to just holding books.

Consider placing one near your kitchen area to store various cooking odds and ends. By stacking the shelves with dishware, spices, and cookbooks, you can free up valuable cabinet space while still keeping everything within reach.

Gather Loose Lids: Tired of dealing with the chaos of mismatched food-storage container lids? You can solve this problem by utilizing thrifty organizers.

Mount a wall file to the inside of a cabinet door to separate plastic lids from their bases. To make lid selection easier, stack them from largest to smallest, allowing you to identify the size you need at a glance.

Incorporate Clear Containers: For a clean and organized look on your countertops, consider using clear storage containers.

You can find them in bulk online at kitchen supply stores for a more affordable option. These containers are great for storing dry cereals, pet foods, snacks, and more.

Don’t forget, even apothecary jars without lids can be repurposed to store items like rolling pins.

10 Kitchen Storage Ideas to Declutter 3
Photo: Kitchen Storage Ideas to Declutter

Hang Pegboard: Blank walls can be put to good use in your kitchen with the addition of a simple pegboard.

This versatile solution allows you to hang pots, pans, and bulky utensils such as whisks and large spoons. For a comprehensive kitchen organization set up, you can combine multiple sections of pegboard to create an entire wall of inexpensive storage.

Try Tension Rods: Think outside the box when it comes to using tension curtain rods.

By placing them inside a cabinet, you can create adjustable compartments to keep your plastic food container lids, baking sheets, or serving trays upright and well-organized. This affordable solution maximizes your cabinet space and keeps everything within easy reach.

Label Pantry Containers: To maximize the space in your pantry, invest in labeled baskets in vibrant colors.

Group individually wrapped snacks and breakfast essentials in these bins instead of their original boxes, making your mornings more efficient. Additionally, consider labeling the shelves in your pantry to categorize their contents and enhance overall organization.

Utilize Hooks: For convenient storage near your family entryway, add hooks to the back or side of a shallow cabinet.

This way, you can keep track of keys, umbrellas, bags, and other items you frequently use before heading out the door. Screw-in cup hooks are ideal for holding keys, while removable adhesive-back hooks offer flexibility for arranging and adjusting the number of hooks as needed.

Organize Kitchen Drawers: Transform an average drawer into a purposeful space by incorporating a drawer organizer.

These compartmentalized inserts neatly store utensils, and you can further enhance organization by adding labels to designate specific item spaces. Alternatively, dollar stores often have affordable kitchen storage containers that can be used to group similar items, like plastic containers for baking supplies in a baking drawer.

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