11 Best Storage Projects You Can DIY Easily & Quickly

Achieve a well-organized home within a weekend by implementing these simple do-it-yourself storage ideas.

These projects leverage common household items, such as excess fabric and paints, making the process of getting organized a breeze.

Give some of these DIY storage projects a try over the weekend and experience a swift and effective boost in Your Organization‘s efforts.

Storage Projects You Can DIY Easily

11 Best Storage Projects You Can DIY Easily & Quickly 2
Photo: Storage Projects You Can DIY Easily

DIY Measuring Cup Storage.

Description: Maximize the efficiency of your kitchen storage by creating a DIY solution for organizing measuring cups and spoons.

Instructions: Install small hooks on the inside of a cabinet door to securely hold your measuring cups and spoons, as well as other kitchen utensils.

To avoid damaging your cabinets, attach the hooks to a wooden board first and then mount the board on the door using damage-free hanging strips. This ensures that the door can still close completely, maintaining a neat and organized appearance.

Gift Wrap Storage Station.

Description: Create a centralized station for all your gift-wrapping essentials with this DIY project.

Instructions: Combine office accessories, clothes hangers, and simple hooks to assemble a practical and versatile gift-wrapping station.

Hang a file folder on the wall to hold tissue paper, while a hanging clipboard keeps gift tags within easy reach. Utilize a tiered pants hanger to neatly store ribbons and twine, and hang long wooden dowels from hooks to store wrapping paper horizontally.

Prettier Storage Boxes.

Description: Add a touch of personalization and style to plain baskets or bins by transforming them into attractive storage containers using paint.

Instructions: Gather baskets or bins from around your house and select a few complementary colors of paint.

To create a color-blocked effect, use painter’s tape to mark off a section of the container and paint the area below the tape. Allow the paint to dry completely before removing the tape, resulting in beautifully customized storage containers.

DIY Jewelry Storage.

Description: Combine functionality and aesthetics by crafting a DIY jewelry organizer that also serves as wall decor.

Instructions: Hang an empty picture frame on the wall to create a visually appealing border for your jewelry arrangement.

Mount hooks or decorative hardware knobs inside the frame and use them to hang your bracelets and necklaces. This not only keeps your jewelry organized but also adds a stylish touch to your room.

11 Best Storage Projects You Can DIY Easily & Quickly 2
Photo: Storage Projects You Can DIY Easily

DIY Desk.

Description: Utilize basic file cabinets to construct a DIY desk, transforming any space into a functional Home Office.

Instructions: Paint the file cabinets in a color that matches your decor.

Place two cabinets a few feet apart and lay a wooden plank on top to create a sturdy desktop. For a polished look, seal the wood with a top coat of polyurethane, providing a smooth and durable surface for your workspace.

DIY Work Wall Storage.

Description: Convert an empty wall into a productive workstation with a few simple additions.

Instructions: Cover the top half of the wall with stick-on cork tiles, creating an oversized pinboard for organizing notes and reminders.

Use colored tape to create designated zones for different purposes. Install DIY photo ledges beneath the cork tiles to display pictures or store additional items.

Complete the wall storage by adding a hanging rail system just below the corkboard. For added fun, paint the lower half of the wall with chalkboard paint, creating a space for creating drawings and messages.

DIY Bedside Storage.

Description: Utilize a spare basket to create convenient bedside storage.

Instructions: Position a woven basket on its side and secure small pieces of wood inside to create shelves.

Mount the basket on the wall near your bed, ensuring that the bottom faces the wall. This arrangement provides a practical and accessible storage unit for keeping essential items within reach.

Don’t forget to include a hole in the basket for charging devices, ensuring convenience and functionality.

Storage Station.

Description: Transform a bookcase into an organized storage solution by incorporating personalized storage buckets.

Instructions: Prime and paint buckets to match your decor, creating a cohesive and stylish look.

Adjust the shelves of the bookcase to accommodate the buckets, providing designated spaces for specific items. Attach name tags to the buckets using metal fasteners, allowing for easy identification.

Utilize magnets to attach to-do lists and messages to the bookcase, enhancing its functionality.

11 Best Storage Projects You Can DIY Easily & Quickly 2
Photo: Storage Projects You Can DIY Easily

Craft Supply Storage.

Description: Repurpose a cleaning caddy or flea-market find as an affordable and portable solution for storing pencils and pens.

Instructions: Paint a cleaning caddy or any suitable storage container in your favorite color.

Fill the caddy with Mason jars, creating a portable arts and crafts station for storing various supplies. Use hook-and-loop tape to wrap ordinary paint or soup cans with leftover wallpaper scraps, further organizing your supplies and adding a personalized touch.

DIY Suitcase Storage.

Description: Give new life to a retired suitcase by repurposing it as storage for a bar cart.

Instructions: Place an open suitcase on top of a rolling cart, using the interior space to organize bottles, glassware, or shakers.

Utilize the pockets inside the suitcase to store small tools such as a bottle opener, strainer, and stirring spoons. This creative storage solution adds a unique and functional element to your entertaining area.

Organize Your Entryway.

Description: Create a versatile organization station for your entryway, keeping essential items easily accessible and maintaining a clutter-free space.

Instructions: Install a divided bin on the wall to neatly organize gear such as keys, wallets, and sunglasses.

Add sturdy hooks for hanging bags, hats, and coats. Utilize smaller hooks to hang large binder clips, providing an efficient way to organize important papers that need to be grabbed quickly.

Position a large bin or box below the installation to serve as a catchall for miscellaneous items, ensuring everything has a designated place.

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