12 Best Makeup & Cosmetics Storage Ideas for Tidy Room

Explore the following makeup organization and storage ideas to find inspiration for organizing your own space.

You may use makeup daily or save it for special occasions.

Your makeup routine could be intricate or quick, depending on your schedule. Regardless of the amount of makeup you own, it’s essential to have a designated place in your home where you can easily locate your products whenever you need them.

Whether it’s your bathroom, bedroom, or even your Home Office with optimal lighting, having a proper storage solution for your cosmetics is crucial.

Organizing your makeup not only saves time during your morning routine but also helps you save money.

When you can see all your makeup products clearly, it encourages you to utilize what you already have and prevents unnecessary purchases of duplicates. Efficient storage methods also prevent leaks and cracks, allowing your cosmetics to last longer.

Makeup & Cosmetics Storage Ideas

12 Best Makeup & Cosmetics Storage Ideas for Tidy Room 2
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Utilize a Traditional Vanity Setup.

If your space permits, opt for a traditional dressing table where you can comfortably sit and apply your makeup.

Make use of the drawers and surface to organize your beauty essentials. Place ceramic dishes inside the drawers to contain infrequently used makeup items, while keeping your daily favorites displayed on the surface.

Consider using a tray to keep your preferred lipstick and perfume easily accessible.

Discover the Benefits of a Flip-Top Vanity.

To achieve a more streamlined and clutter-free look, a flip-top vanity is a great option.

These vanities feature a hinged lid that allows you to hide away all your makeup products. The storage space beneath the lid is often deeper than traditional drawers, providing ample room to store a larger quantity of items out of sight.

To maintain order within the compartment, use organizers to separate different types of makeup, such as eyeliners from eyeshadows or hair ties from cotton swabs.

Organize Makeup with Compartments.

Even if you choose to store your makeup in bathroom drawers instead of a vanity, it is essential to keep everything well-separated and organized.

Look for individual inserts or trays with multiple compartments that perfectly fit the dimensions of your drawer. Group similar items together, such as lipsticks in one section and makeup brushes in another.

By using organizers, you can ensure everything stays neat while protecting the drawer from any potential spills.

Maximize Space with Stacked Inserts.

If you have deep bathroom drawers but shallow inserts, make the most of the available space by stacking the inserts on top of each other.

Arrange less frequently used items at the bottom and place everyday essentials on the top layer. Leave a bit of room on the uppermost layer so that you can easily slide the insert forward or backward to access the items underneath.

12 Best Makeup & Cosmetics Storage Ideas for Tidy Room 2
Photo: Makeup & Cosmetics Storage Ideas

Repurpose a Spice Organizer.

Don’t limit yourself to conventional storage solutions; consider repurposing items from other areas of the house.

For instance, a slanted tiered spice organizer can be laid down in a drawer to hold nail polish or foundation bottles securely in place. This arrangement allows you to see all your options at a glance and makes grabbing what you need quick and convenient.

Install Sliding Drawers in Deep Cabinets.

If you prefer storing your makeup in a bathroom cabinet or linen closet with deep shelves, organizing small items like makeup can be challenging.

However, installing pull-out drawers can be a simple and effective solution. Use these drawers to contain your makeup items, grouping them by category to maintain organization and prevent items from getting lost or buried in the deep shelves.

Contain Cosmetics in a medicine cabinet.

If you have only a few cosmetic items, consider using a medicine cabinet for storage.

Find a clear and narrow container to corral your makeup items on one of the shelves. You can reserve this space for your everyday essentials while storing less frequently used products like false eyelashes or bold lipstick elsewhere.

Alternatively, repurpose an old mug or glass to hold makeup brushes upright, as long as it fits within the depth of the medicine cabinet.

Utilize the Inside of Cabinet Doors.

Take advantage of the often overlooked space on the inside of cabinet doors to store your makeup.

Add a mirror and a magnetic basket to the inside of a medicine cabinet or vanity door, providing a convenient and organized storage solution. Alternatively, you can attach an adhesive organizer or hang an over-the-door basket to keep your products easily accessible and free from clutter.

12 Best Makeup & Cosmetics Storage Ideas for Tidy Room 2
Photo: Makeup & Cosmetics Storage Ideas

Give Purpose to a Beautiful Bowl.

If you have a sentimental container that is currently unused, repurpose it as a charming makeup cache.

Place a bowl or dish on your bathroom counter and arrange some of your daily beauty favorites within it. However, be mindful not to overload it with too many bottles or brushes to avoid creating unnecessary clutter.

Embrace Vintage Storage Solutions.

Add a touch of old Hollywood glamour to your makeup storage by utilizing vintage pieces.

An antique tray can serve as a stylish base to keep all your makeup essentials organized. Experiment with open Sterling Silver pitchers for storing makeup brushes or lipsticks, and incorporate a trinket dish for holding small odds and ends.

Utilize Vertical Wall Space.

When dealing with limited space, maximize the use of vertical wall space for your makeup storage needs.

Install a few floating shelves on a blank wall and utilize small containers to organize your makeup by type. Arrange them strategically on the shelves and consider adding decorative touches such as framed art or a succulent to personalize the area and create a visually appealing display.

Hide Makeup in a Freestanding Cabinet.

If your bathroom lacks a medicine cabinet, linen closet, or vanity with storage options, consider incorporating a freestanding cabinet to provide additional storage space.

Find bins that fit the shelves and neatly tuck away your makeup inside them. Place a decorative tray on top of the cabinet and arrange your most beautiful perfume bottles for a functional and aesthetically pleasing display.

This solution allows you to keep your makeup organized and easily accessible while adding a stylish element to your bathroom decor.

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