13 Kitchen Remodel Ideas: Transforming Your Space

13 Kitchen Remodel Ideas: Transforming Your Space. Looking to give your home a makeover? Don’t neglect the heart of your abode – your kitchen! We’re here to provide the inspiration you need with a plethora of innovative kitchen design ideas for your next renovation project.

To kickstart your remodeling journey, we’ve enlisted the expertise of Amanda Reynal, a renowned designer and the creative force behind Amanda Reynal Interiors in Des Moines. She shares her invaluable Tips and Tricks for transforming your space into a functional and visually stunning kitchen. “When conceptualizing a kitchen design, I prioritize the clients’ requirements and functionality, and then weave a beautiful design around the working area,” she explains.

Creating a Harmonious Flow: Designing Your Open Kitchen

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Photo: Creating a Harmonious Flow: Designing Your Open Kitchen

When it comes to remodeling your home to include an Open Floor Plan, careful consideration of the kitchen’s functionality is key.

Will your culinary space be a central hub for family gatherings and dining? If so, it’s essential to prioritize the inclusion of a spacious kitchen island with seating. However, if your intention is to maintain a separate dining area for regular use, it’s worth rethinking the concept of a kitchen eatery before investing time and Resources.

Another vital aspect to ponder is the layout of both spaces.

The transition between the kitchen and dining area should feel seamless and harmonious, rather than disjointed and mismatched.

Maximize Your Kitchen\’s Potential: Embrace Ample Storage

When it comes to kitchen design, you can never have too much storage.

Amanda Reynal, the esteemed designer and leader of Amanda Reynal Interiors in Des Moines, understands the significance of effective storage solutions. “Our clients are always thrilled with the plethora of innovative kitchen storage ideas available,” she affirms. “Whether it’s storing plates in large, lower-level drawers or concealing a coffee bar behind doors, there are numerous techniques to maximize space. Even within closed cabinets, pull-out features enhance accessibility while maintaining a tidy appearance. “.

Illuminate Your Kitchen: Elevate Your Lighting Game

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Photo: Illuminate Your Kitchen: Elevate Your Lighting Game

Amanda Reynal places great emphasis on lighting, advocating for a harmonious blend of styles within your kitchen.

“In our designs, we often incorporate pendant lights or multi-light chandeliers to illuminate the island,” she recommends. “Surface-mounted lights, either flush or semi-flush, not only brighten the ceiling but also the space beneath it, creating a cheerful and radiant atmosphere.

” To enhance versatility, Reynal suggests incorporating recessed lights, especially with dimmer controls if the kitchen doubles as a dining and entertainment area. Additionally, under-cabinet lighting is a crucial element that should not be overlooked.

Striking a Balance: Blending Form and Function

Achieving a harmonious balance between form and function is crucial, particularly when considering the utilitarian aspects of your kitchen.

One key element to focus on is the stove hood. An elegant and streamlined design, such as a sleek white stove hood, can make a statement without overshadowing other captivating features in the kitchen. For instance, it can harmonize beautifully with a subway tile backsplash while allowing the more captivating elements, such as a dark island or an exposed brick beam, to take center stage. The goal is to create a cohesive and visually appealing space where functionality seamlessly integrates with aesthetic appeal.

Enhance Your Kitchen\’s Style with Thoughtful Hardware Selection

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Photo: Enhance Your Kitchen\’s Style with Thoughtful Hardware Selection

Amanda Reynal understands the transformative power of details.

She highlights the significance of hardware and faucetry in taking your kitchen design to new heights. “The right choice of hardware and faucetry can elevate a kitchen to the next level,” she affirms.

Warm-toned metals like brass have gained popularity, offering a rich and inviting aesthetic. Additionally, there is a wide array of shapes and brushed finishes to choose from, allowing for customization and personalization.

When exploring options, consider visiting your local plumbing and hardware vendors to discover the diverse selection available, ranging from sleek matte black to elegant champagne bronze. These small but impactful choices can make a remarkable difference in elevating the overall style of your kitchen.

Explore the World of Cabinetry: Consider All Options

When it comes to selecting cabinetry for your kitchen, it’s essential to carefully consider all available options.

Take the time to evaluate whether fully opaque cabinets meet your needs or if incorporating a few glass-front cabinets would enhance the space. Glass-front cabinets can serve multiple purposes, such as making it easier for kids to locate items or allowing you to showcase a cherished china collection. Before making a decision, it’s important to weigh the pros, such as improved accessibility and added aesthetics, against the cons, such as fingerprints and the need for constant curation. However, it’s worth noting that incorporating see-through “window” cabinets could be the missing element that adds charm and character to your existing space.

Infuse Vibrancy: Introduce a Pop of Color

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Photo: Infuse Vibrancy: Introduce a Pop of Color

While the timeless white kitchen holds its appeal, Amanda Reynal has been embracing the inclusion of color in her clients’ homes.

Consider incorporating eye-catching wallpaper or painting your cabinetry in your favorite hue. If you prefer a more subtle approach, you can opt for a smaller color commitment by choosing a contrasting wood finish for the island.

“We have been incorporating grained wood finishes on cabinets more frequently than before,” she reveals. “There is a wide range of updated wood finishes available, featuring contrasting grains that exude an earthy and sophisticated appeal.

” Adding a splash of color or introducing unique wood finishes can breathe life into your kitchen, infusing it with personality and charm.

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