2 Ways, How to Clean a Chandelier Made of Crystal

2 Ways, How to Clean a Chandelier Made of Crystal. A Crystal Chandelier can add an elegant touch to any room.

Whether it features traditional teardrop-shaped crystals or contemporary abstract designs made of acrylic, glass, or crystal.

However, over time, the chandelier will accumulate dust and dirt, requiring cleaning. While cleaning is generally straightforward, it can be time-consuming, so it’s essential to set aside enough time to complete the task in one session.

How Often Should You Clean Your Crystal Chandelier??

2 Ways, How to Clean a Chandelier Made of Crystal 1
Illustrative image How Often Should You Clean Your Crystal Chandelier?

Crystal chandeliers require regular cleaning to maintain their sparkle and beauty.

Weekly dusting should be a part of your regular cleaning routine. To avoid spreading dust and dirt around your home, dust the chandelier first and then vacuum the floor.

The location of your crystal chandelier will help determine how frequently it needs more than just dusting.

Chandeliers in kitchens or bathrooms need to be cleaned more often because they can quickly become coated with particles of grease or spray-on body care products that attract more dust. Chandeliers in high-humidity climates also attract dust more quickly.

It is recommended to thoroughly clean crystal chandeliers seasonally or at least twice per year.

Regular cleaning will not only help to maintain the chandelier’s appearance but also prevent damage and extend its lifespan.

How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier Without Taking Down the Crystals

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Illustrative image How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier Without Taking Down the Crystals

Before cleaning your crystal chandelier, clear the space beneath it of any furniture or accessories that may get in your way.

Spread a plastic tarp or drop cloth over the floor to catch any drips or debris that may fall during the cleaning process.

Position a sturdy ladder or stepstool near one side of the chandelier, where you can easily reach the crystals.

Make sure the ladder is tall enough for you to work comfortably.

Turning off the Fixture To avoid any accidents, switch off the fixture and allow the bulbs to cool completely before you start cleaning.

If you’re worried about the wiring, you can also turn off the breaker that powers the chandelier. Make sure you have enough light to work comfortably.

Dusting the Chandelier Use a feather duster, lambswool duster, or microfiber cloth to dust off as much dirt and spider webs as possible.

Dust the chandelier, bulbs, and crystals thoroughly, but avoid spreading around loose dust. Place a cloth catch or padded blanket beneath the chandelier while cleaning it.

Mixing a Cleaning Solution You can use a commercial glass cleaner, or create your own cleaning solution by mixing one part isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol with four parts distilled water in a spray bottle.

This solution is effective at leaving your crystals sparkling.

Cleaning the Chandelier Climb up the ladder and spray one cloth with a small amount of the glass cleaning solution.

Use it to wipe all sides of each crystal, and then switch to a dry, lint-free microfiber cloth to dry the crystal. Avoid spraying the cleaning solution directly onto the crystal, as it may harm the finish of the fixture.

Before moving on to the next section, wipe away any dust that remains on the fixture or bulbs with a dry cloth.

Don’t rotate or spin the fixture as it can damage the wiring and compromise the sturdiness of the installation.

Repeat and Move the Ladder Climb down and move the ladder to the next section, and repeat the cleaning steps until all the crystals and the fixture are completely clean.

If you drop a cloth, have some spares ready.

By following these steps, you can restore the shine and elegance of your crystal chandelier without removing any of the crystals.

How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier by Removing the Crystals

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Illustrative image How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier by Removing the Crystals

If the crystals on your chandelier are very dirty, it may be necessary and easier to clean them while they are removed from the base fixture.

Prepare the Work Space Place a padded moving blanket or a comforter directly under the chandelier to catch any falling crystals.

Place a ladder slightly off-center from the fixture on the blanket. Turn off the wall switch or shut off the breaker, and allow the bulbs to cool down.

In addition to a duster or dusting cloths, add a pair of needle-nose pliers to your apron pocket or bucket on the ladder.

You may need the pliers to help unfasten the crystals.

Tip If your chandelier has lots of crystals of varying sizes, it is helpful to take digital photos of the fixture before removing the crystals.

Take photos from several angles to help you remember how to replace the crystals in the right spot.

Positioning the ladder Remove the Crystals Working on a small section, remove the crystals from the fixture.

Place them in a large pocket or bucket. Once the section is free of crystals, use a dry cloth to dust the fixture and bulbs before moving the ladder to the next section.

Removing the crystals with needle-nosed pliers Clean the Crystals Fill a sink or large plastic tub with warm water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid.

Line the tub with a towel to prevent any damage to the crystals.

Wash each crystal using a soft cloth or sponge.

Rinse them thoroughly with cool water and dry with a lint-free microfiber cloth.

Soaking and cleaning crystals from a chandelier Reassemble the Chandelier Follow your photos to reassemble the chandelier crystals correctly.

Wear a pair of white cotton gloves to help prevent smudges from fingerprints.

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