Create Your Own Dried Floral and Ribbon Crown

Create Your Own Dried Floral and Ribbon Crown. At Thanksgiving dinner, the kids’ table transforms into a realm where mini royals reign supreme, adorned with handmade crowns crafted from on-palette grosgrain ribbon and dried foliage. With a touch of assistance from their grown-up subjects, these young monarchs bring a creative and festive spirit to the holiday celebration.

Materials are simple yet regal—grosgrain ribbon in harmonious colors and dried foliage, such as wheat bunches and Sudan grass, collected right from the backyard by the enthusiastic little gatherers. The crafting process involves the art of hot glue and Velcro, transforming these basic elements into personalized and nature-inspired crowns fit for a Thanksgiving feast.

Encourage creativity and outdoor exploration as the young royals collect materials for their majestic crowns, adding an extra layer of fun and adventure to the crafting experience. The kids’ table becomes a hub of artistic expression and festive spirit, setting the stage for an unforgettable Thanksgiving celebration.

For those seeking additional projects to keep the little ones entertained at the table, there’s a treasury of kids’ crafts waiting to be explored. From seasonal decorations to interactive activities, these projects ensure that the young monarchs have a delightful time while seated at their Thanksgiving throne.

Creating a Wheat and Sudan Grass Table Runner: Materials Needed

Create Your Own Dried Floral and Ribbon Crown 1
Photo: Creating a Wheat and Sudan Grass Table Runner: Materials Needed

Prepare to craft a charming wheat and sudan grass table runner with the following materials:.

1″ Grosgrain Ribbon: Acquire 1″ grosgrain ribbon, such as the M&J Trimming Chromespun Grosgrain Ribbon (1″, $15 for 5 yards, available at mjtrim. com).
Dried Wheat Bunches: Gather dried wheat bunches for a rustic touch. You can find them at Dried Décor, such as the Dried Wheat Bunches in Blond ($8,
Dried Sudan Grass Bunches: Include dried sudan grass bunches to complement the arrangement. Dried Décor offers Dried Sudan Grass for this purpose ($16,

hot glue gun and Sticks: Ensure you have a hot glue gun and enough glue sticks to secure the elements in place during the crafting process.

Adhesive Velcro Strips: Utilize adhesive Velcro strips for attaching and securing the finished table runner.

With these materials in hand, you’re ready to embark on the creative process of crafting a beautiful wheat and sudan grass table runner that adds a touch of nature-inspired elegance to your table setting.

Step 1: Prepare Grosgrain Ribbons in Pairs of Varying Lengths

To kick off the crafting process, enlist the help of parents or older siblings to precut one-inch-wide grosgrain ribbons.

Cut them into several pairs, ensuring that each pair consists of varying lengths. This thoughtful preparation allows kids to choose a set of ribbons that they can comfortably wrap around their heads, leaving approximately 2 inches of excess ribbon on each end.

By providing a selection of ribbons with different lengths, you ensure that the headbands will be customizable to each child’s preference, making the crafting experience both enjoyable and personalized.

This initial step sets the stage for a creative and hands-on activity, allowing kids to explore their individual style while crafting beautiful headbands.

Step 2: Creative Placement of Dried, Stemmed Greenery

Create Your Own Dried Floral and Ribbon Crown 3
Photo: Step 2: Creative Placement of Dried, Stemmed Greenery

Encourage creativity as kids embark on the next step of the crafting process.

In this step, children can take one of the precut ribbons and stretch it out. The fun begins as they start placing dried, stemmed greenery along the ribbon until they achieve a look that they find appealing.

This hands-on activity not only allows children to experiment with design and composition but also lets them explore their preferences in arranging dried greenery.

Whether they opt for a symmetrical arrangement, a random pattern, or a mix of different elements, this step encourages artistic expression and a sense of ownership over their crafted headbands.

Supervise the process to ensure safety, especially if hot glue or other adhesives are involved in securing the greenery onto the ribbon.

This step is all about letting imagination flourish as each child transforms a simple ribbon into a personalized and nature-inspired headband.

Step 3: Secure the Greenery with Hot Glue

Now it’s time for grown-up hands to step in and assist in securing the greenery onto the ribbon.

Using a hot glue gun, carefully attach each stem of the dried greenery to the ribbon. Be precise and strategic in placing the hot glue to ensure a secure and lasting bond.

Once the greenery is affixed to the first ribbon, apply hot glue to the back of the second ribbon.

Then, carefully press the second ribbon directly on top of the first one, sandwiching the greenery between them. The hot glue not only provides a sturdy attachment but also dries quickly, allowing for immediate handling and wear.

While craft glue is an alternative, it may take longer to dry, which could extend the crafting time.

Hot glue, on the other hand, offers the advantage of a rapid and secure bond, ensuring that kids can proudly wear their nature-inspired crowns to dinner shortly after crafting. Always prioritize safety and supervise the use of hot glue to prevent accidents.

Step 4: Add Adhesive Velcro for a Perfect Fit

Create Your Own Dried Floral and Ribbon Crown 5
Photo: Step 4: Add Adhesive Velcro for a Perfect Fit

In the final step, enhance the functionality of the nature-inspired crown by adding adhesive Velcro to each end of the ribbon.

This Velcro serves as a convenient and adjustable fastening mechanism, allowing for an easy and secure fit around the child’s head.

Simply affix one side of the Velcro to the end of the ribbon on one side, and the corresponding side of the Velcro to the end of the ribbon on the other side.

The Velcro ensures a snug fit while accommodating different head sizes comfortably.

With the Velcro in place, the nature-inspired crown is ready to be placed on the child’s head.

The adjustable fastening ensures that each child can proudly wear their uniquely crafted crown with ease and comfort. This final touch completes the crafting process, leaving kids with a delightful and personalized accessory to showcase at dinner or any festive occasion.

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