20 Best Clever Ways to Organize with Baskets for Tidy Home

Baskets offer a convenient storage solution that can be utilized in any room of the house with their versatility in styles, sizes, and materials.

Baskets offer a convenient storage solution that can be utilized in any room of the house.

With their versatility in styles, sizes, and materials, they seamlessly blend storage functionality with your decor. Incorporating these practical and stylish organizers, you can effortlessly organize and declutter various spaces.

Explore these creative storage basket ideas to bring both functionality and style to every corner of your home.

Clever Ways to Organize with Baskets

20 Best Clever Ways to Organize with Baskets for Tidy Home 2
Photo: Clever Ways to Organize with Baskets

Entryway Basket Storage: Maximize your entryway’s functionality by utilizing baskets for easy storage.

Place large, sturdy baskets near the door to create a drop zone for shoes. Additionally, use baskets on high shelves to sort and store less frequently used items like hats and gloves.

Catch-All Basket Storage: Keep your living room tidy by using baskets to gather miscellaneous items.

Woven storage baskets are versatile and can hold toys, games, books, movies, TV equipment, and throw blankets. Store these baskets beneath a console table for easy access while keeping the room clutter-free.

Linen Closet Storage Baskets: Streamline your crowded linen closet by incorporating baskets of various sizes onto the shelves.

Opt for large, lidded wicker baskets to store bulky items such as blankets, sheets, and bath towels. Utilize shallow wire storage baskets or fabric bins for organizing smaller items like candles and extra toiletries.

Label each basket with clear tags for easy identification.

Closet Basket Organization: Enhance the organization of your closet by using baskets to sort different items.

Place folded clothing into wire storage baskets on shelves to prevent stacks from toppling over. Assign separate baskets for tops, bottoms, shoes, scarves, and other accessories to keep everything neatly organized.

Baskets for Storage on Shelves: Open shelves provide not only a decorative display but also an opportunity to store frequently used items.

Arrange identical baskets on a shelf to organize reading materials, TV remotes, and other small items. For an added touch, use large wicker storage baskets on a lower shelf to store extra throw blankets.

20 Best Clever Ways to Organize with Baskets for Tidy Home 2
Photo: Clever Ways to Organize with Baskets

Storage Baskets Near Furniture: Optimize storage in your living room by using baskets as functional alternatives to side tables next to seating areas.

Large rattan baskets are perfect for storing extra throw blankets within easy reach of the sofa. Additionally, smaller vessels can collect magazines, mail, and books, maintaining a casual and mismatched aesthetic.

Family Storage Baskets: Establish order in the entryway by assigning a storage basket to each family member as their personal “grab it” basket.

This designated space allows each individual to store everything they need to grab before leaving the house, including library books, mittens, scarves, hats, and other essentials.

Storage Basket for Extra Bedding: Keep extra bed pillows or blankets off the floor by storing them in a wicker storage basket at bedtime.

Place the basket at your bedside or the foot of the bed for convenient access and to maintain cleanliness.

Bathroom Storage Baskets: Conceal and organize bath products, hand towels, toilet paper, and more in woven or fabric storage baskets in the bathroom.

Select baskets of various sizes to accommodate different types of items. Create a separate basket with fragrant soaps, lotions, and other freshening-up items that can be easily pulled out when guests arrive.

Pantry Storage Baskets: Bring orders to your pantry and kitchen supplies by utilizing baskets for the organization.

Place a basket with handles on a pantry shelf to provide easy access to contents and consider adding labels to identify the contents at a glance.

20 Best Clever Ways to Organize with Baskets for Tidy Home 2
Photo: Clever Ways to Organize with Baskets

cleaning supplies Basket: Keep your bathroom and laundry room organized by using durable storage baskets to corral items such as soaps, cleaning products, brushes, sponges, and more.

Slide the baskets out of sight inside a cabinet or closet to maintain a clean and tidy space. Ensure you choose baskets that are resistant to water and chemicals.

Colorful Storage Baskets: Inject a pop of color and personality into your plain closet by using colorful mix-and-match baskets with labels.

These baskets serve as vibrant organizers for different types of clothing and accessories, making it easier to sort and maintain order. This idea works particularly well for kids’ closets, helping them remember where items belong.

Organize Shelves with Baskets: Keep your bookshelves in order by incorporating baskets and bins.

In a craft room or Home Office, use storage baskets to corral loose items such as fabric samples, paint swatches, and project folders. Attach labels to each basket to identify their contents and add a personalized touch.

You can attach gift tags to the baskets with ribbon and use rub-on alphabet decals or write the contents directly on the tags.

Media Storage Baskets: Tame the clutter on your coffee table with a media organizer.

Opt for an open shelf unit under a wall-mount TV that takes up minimal visual space while holding media equipment in attractive boxes. These stylish boxes ensure everything has a designated spot, making it easy to locate game equipment or the remote control.

Look for a container with compartments, such as a utensil organizing basket, to keep everything organized.

Kitchen Counter Basket: Keep your kitchen countertop organized by using a shallow storage basket.

This durable solution allows you to neatly arrange cooking oils and spices for easy access while cooking. Line the bottom of the basket with a metal cookie sheet for effortless cleaning of spills or crumbs.

Place the basket near the range to keep frequently used ingredients within reach.

20 Best Clever Ways to Organize with Baskets for Tidy Home 2
Photo: Clever Ways to Organize with Baskets

Freezer Storage Baskets: Optimize space in a crowded freezer by using plastic storage baskets as smart organizers.

Use the baskets to group foods by type, making it easier to locate specific items and preventing them from getting lost in the back of the freezer. Label each basket for quick identification.

Living Room Basket Storage: Combine baskets with existing furniture to enhance storage in the living room.

Line wicker storage baskets on a shelf or tuck them beneath a coffee table to conveniently store books and magazines. This creates a Cozy Reading Nook while keeping the living room organized.

Underbed Storage Baskets: Increase storage in your bedroom by utilizing large woven baskets.

Stack sheets, pillowcases, and extra blankets in lidded baskets that can be easily stored under the bed. To protect floors and carpets, consider adding stick-on furniture sliders to the bottom of the baskets.

Bathroom Basket Storage: Small bathrooms often lack storage options, making baskets a practical solution.

Use a large basket to store extra towels within easy reach in the powder room. This storage idea works exceptionally well in bathrooms with wall-mount sinks or exposed plumbing, where traditional storage cabinets may not fit.

Decorative Storage Baskets: Add both functionality and style to your bathroom by incorporating labeled wicker baskets to organize extra bath supplies.

Choose baskets of different sizes that coordinate in color to create a cohesive look.

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