25 Best Clever Methods to Organize & Repurpose Household Items

25 Best Clever Methods to Organize to Maximize storage in every area of your house by repurposing unused household items.

Transform spare cardboard boxes, glass jars, and office supplies into practical storage solutions to declutter your space.

These simple and affordable DIY projects allow you to give new life to items you already have, helping you save money while creating effective storage solutions.

Best Clever Organization Methods to Repurpose Household Items

25 Best Clever Methods to Organize & Repurpose Household Items 2
Photo: Best Clever Organization Methods to Repurpose Household Items

Creative Media Storage:

Transform a repurposed toilet roll holder into a convenient hanger for headphones on your media cabinet.

Use canvas pockets originally meant for school supplies to hold tissues and wipes for cleaning controllers. Consider adding a hook to hang video game controllers when they’re not in use.

Hang Frames for Jewelry:

Give new purpose to picture frames by using them to hold necklaces and earrings, preventing tangles and scratches.

Attach simple cup hooks to the top of the frame for necklaces. Create a wire or twine across a wide frame and staple or glue it in place to hang dangly earrings.

Recycle Glass Candle Jars:

After your candle has burned down, repurpose the glass jar for other uses.

Candle jars with lids can be used to store office supplies like pushpins and paper clips. Alternatively, use glass jars in the bathroom for storing cotton swabs, cosmetics, or hair ties.

Rethink Cabinet Hardware:

Get creative with cabinet knobs by repurposing them as storage hooks.

Attach them to push plates and use hanger bolts to mount them below your cabinets. Hang frequently used kitchen tools, such as utensils and cutting boards, for convenient storage.

You can also hang dried herbs here to add a natural touch and a pleasant aroma.

Utilize Mason Jars:

Mason jars are versatile storage solutions that can be repurposed for any room in your home.

Use a galvanized planter with a set of jars filled with clothespins, buttons, and sewing thread to create a laundry caddy. Add storage labels to your Mason jars for easy identification of contents.

Suitcase Storage:

Antique suitcases can be transformed into stylish storage options.

They are particularly useful for storing small objects conveniently and discreetly. Utilize suitcases to store linens that are only used occasionally and stack them under a hall table to add a decorative accent.

25 Best Organization Methods to Repurpose Household Items 2
Photo: Best Clever Organization Methods to Repurpose Household Items

Save Scrap Wood:

When space is limited, repurpose floating shelves for office use.

Use butcher block as the surface for a DIY desk made from an IKEA storage cabinet and a metal sawhorse-style leg. Hang two floating shelves made from scrap wood above for storage of office supplies and display of family photos.

Upcycle Cardboard Boxes:

Instead of recycling cardboard boxes, use them to organize your sock drawer.

Treat shallow cardboard lids as trays for small accessories and use the boxes to organize socks, undergarments, hats, or other small clothing items. Customize the style by spray-painting the boxes or attaching peel-and-stick wallpaper cut to size.

Transform Magazine Holders:

Magazine file holders can be turned on their side to create custom storage solutions.

Use them as containers for water bottles to keep them organized. Stack the bottles horizontally for easy access.

Hang Storage Crates:

Vintage produce boxes and milk crates are excellent for grouping similar items.

Hang them on your wall to collect books, barware, or board games. Alternatively, group multiple crates to create a DIY shelving unit.

Flip a Shower Caddy:

Utilize the wasted space above bottles and cleaners under your kitchen sink by attaching a plastic shower caddy with suction cups.

Fill it with small items like sponges, pet supplies, or dish towels.

Stowe Art Supplies:

Repurpose a fabric organizer with drawers intended for jewelry to store art supplies and kids’ coloring books.

Designate a drawer for each type of craft supply and use smaller containers inside the drawers to hold easily misplaced items.

Transform Tired Furniture:

Give new life to dated or worn furniture pieces with a fresh coat of paint.

Remove cabinet doors and add storage add-ons to turn an old cabinet into a convenient entryway organizer. Complete the transformation with new drawer hardware and a few hooks.

Creative Bathroom Storage:

Use a mesh file sorter as a home for rolled washcloths and bathroom hand towels.

Place it in your linen closet for easy access to shower essentials. Label each section with a paper tag tied on with a string.

25 Best Organization Methods to Repurpose Household Items 2
Photo: Best Clever Organization Methods to Repurpose Household Items

Separate Linens with Binder Clips:

Keep matching napkins together by using binder clips to hold them.

This makes it easy to find the desired color and number of napkins without a frantic search.

Create a DIY Boot Tray:

Prevent water puddles in your mudroom or entryway caused by snowy or rainy weather.

Place metal cooling racks inside a large plastic tray to dry shoes.

Easy Organization Hub:

Hang a wire mesh utensil organizer near your door to serve as a hub for keys, sunglasses, and other essential items.

Use small-headed nails that fit through the mesh to hang it, ensuring the nails stick out far enough from the wall to be used as key hooks.

Put Spare Hangers to Work:

Use a trouser hanger to hang a cosmetics bag in an easily accessible spot.

Place the hanger on a hook on the back of a vanity door and clip the bag to the hanger. Hangers can also be repurposed to display art prints or act as a DIY wreath form.

Contain Cords:

Keep power cords organized and tangle-free by securing them with stretchable bands designed for baby bottles and sippy cups.

Customize the bands with cord length and usage information.

Easy Kitchen Island:

A portable tool cart can be just as functional in the kitchen as it is in the garage.

Add a slab of butcher block to the top for a kitchen-friendly surface. Utilize the cabinets, drawers, and other built-in storage for utensils, pots, pans, oven mitts, and other culinary tools.

25 Best Organization Methods to Repurpose Household Items 2
Photo: Best Clever Organization Methods to Repurpose Household Items

Bundle Wires:

Prevent cord chaos and clutter by bundling cords together with small hair clips.

Use multiple clips if necessary to keep cords under control behind consoles, entertainment centers, or computers.

Stash Bath Supplies:

When bathroom counter space is limited, use your walls for storage.

Hang a bucket from a hook mounted next to the sink to corral supplies in a bathroom lacking storage space.

DIY Drawer Dividers:

Create budget-friendly drawer dividers using items found in the kitchen.

Use silicone muffin cups and a repurposed egg crate to organize small items such as pencils, rubber bands, tacks, paper clips, and keys.

Simple Shoe Storage:

Reuse original shoe boxes and cover them with decorative paper for a cost-effective shoe storage solution.

Attach a picture of the shoes to the front of each box to easily identify your favorite pair.

Storage for Closet Accessories:

Utilize cabinet hardware to transform tight spaces inside a closet into storage for hanging ties and scarves.

Gently knot scarves after hanging them to prevent them from slipping to the ground.

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