4 Ideas to Best Organize Car & Valuable Tips

We delved into the reasons why to organize car is essential, and they generously shared their top tips for maintaining a tidy vehicle.

They believe that cars should receive the same level of attention and care as closets or pantries.

Considering that our cars play a crucial role in our daily routines, it’s reasonable to prioritize organize car.

We delved into the reasons why to you, organize car is essential, and they generously shared their top tips for achieving and maintaining a tidy vehicle.

Keep reading to discover the inspiration you need to organize car with the same dedication and creativity as you would your home.

Why You Should Organize Car Important?

4 Ideas to Best Organize Car & Valuable Tips 2
Photo: Why Is Organizing Your Car Important?

According to Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin from The Home Edit, many people treat their cars as dumping grounds, similar to garages or attics, where they throw things and deal with them later.

However, the experts emphasize that you should organize car for several reasons.

Firstly, owning a car involves financial investment through lease or loan payments, insurance, maintenance, and fuel costs.

Treating your car as valuable square footage, regardless of whether it’s fully paid off, encourages a sense of respect and makes the most of the space.

Additionally, Shearer and Teplin view the car as a compact home on wheels.

They start and end their days in the car, often transforming it into a mini office. A clutter-free car promotes focus and productivity, similar to an organized home environment.

Both experts joke about their crankiness when their cars are not in top-notch organization.

How to Declutter Your Car (And Keep It That Way)

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Photo: How to Declutter Your Car (And Keep It That Way)

Although cars have limited storage compared to houses, they are much smaller spaces to tackle.

Shearer and Teplin suggest establishing designated zones for different areas of the car. They identify three “closets” within the car: the console, glove compartment, and trunk.

The center console should contain items that require immediate access, such as hand sanitizer, a notebook, and wipes.

On the other hand, the glove compartment and trunk should only house items that are not frequently needed unless the car is parked. For instance, storing important documents in the glove compartment allows for easy access when required.

Clearly defining these areas ensures a clear path to what is stored in each compartment.

Top Ideas to Organize Car

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Photo: Top Car Organization Ideas

The Home Edit offers creative suggestions for adding storage to your car, maximizing the available space:

Use Zippered Pouches for Small Items: Utilize clear zippered pouches to group similar items, such as emergency first aid supplies, snacks, or important documents.

Different colored zippers can help quickly identify the contents without the need for labeling.

Hang Bags on Headrest Hooks: Make use of headrest hooks to conveniently hang reusable bags, keeping them easily accessible for shopping.

It’s also a practical spot to store your purse, freeing up space in the front seat area.

Utilize Trunk Organizers: Prevent items from disappearing into the abyss of your trunk by using collapsible trunk organizers.

Opt for flexible options that can expand or rearrange easily to accommodate different storage needs.

Seat Gap Fillers: Install seat gap fillers between the front seat and console to prevent items like keys or phones from falling into the gap.

Many seat gap fillers also come with pockets, providing additional storage for small essentials like cell phones or hand sanitizers.

Ultimately, your car requires a designated home for all its contents, just like the rooms in your house.

Shearer compares to organize car by managing a pantry, closet, or cabinet. It’s crucial to establish and maintain order to fully enjoy your car as a functional and comfortable space.

When it comes to how often to clean out your car, Teplin suggests a quarterly clean-out but advises removing trash daily.

Even an empty Starbucks cup can negatively impact the car’s ambiance and scent, so regular tidying helps maintain a pleasant driving experience.

By implementing these car organization tips, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey from the moment you step out of your front door.

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