4 Methods to Best Fold Towels in Bathroom

By mastering these folding techniques, you can keep your bath towels neatly stacked and ready for use whenever you need them.

Have you ever wondered why hotel bath towels always look so perfectly folded and fluffy? While fabric softeners may play a role, we believe that the secret lies in their folding technique rather than just the fabric itself.

If you want to achieve that crisp and uniform fold at home, it’s time to let go of your usual towel-folding method and try out our simple and space-saving tricks.

These folding methods not only ensure a tidy display of fresh towels but also give your bathroom a touch of luxury, reminiscent of a hotel ambiance.

How should towels be folded?

4 Methods to Best Fold Towels in Bathroom 2
Photo: How should towels be folded?

To achieve a neatly folded towel, follow these steps:

Start by laying the bath sheet or hand towel on a flat surface.

Take one corner of the towel and fold it towards the center, aligning it with the length of the towel. Fold the towel in half lengthwise, bringing one end towards the other.

Flip the towel over so that the folded edge is now at the bottom. Begin rolling the towel tightly from the end opposite the folded corner, moving towards the pointed end.

Once you reach the end, tuck in the flap or pointed corner to secure the rolled towel. By following these folding steps, you can achieve a compact and organized towel that is ready for storage or display.

Remember to adjust the folding technique according to the size and type of towel you are working with, whether it’s a bath sheet, hand towel, or washcloth.

How to Fold Towels

4 Methods to Best Fold Towels in Bathroom 3
Photo: How to Fold Towels

The method you choose for folding towels depends on how you plan to store or display them, whether it’s on a shelf, in a cabinet, or across a towel bar.

Here are four different towel-folding techniques to consider:

Folding Towels Like Hotels::This technique is perfect for creating clean edges and is ideal for stacking towels on an open shelf or bench.

Here’s how to do it:

Lay the bath towel flat on a surface.

Fold one long end towards the middle, and repeat on the other side. Fold each short end towards the middle, leaving a gap where the ends meet.

Finally, fold one end over the other to create a neatly folded bath towel. Smooth out the surface and stack the towels for display.

Folding Towels for Towel Bars::This classic folding technique is best suited for towels that will be hung on towel bars, providing easy access.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Fold the bath towel in thirds lengthwise.
  • Fold it in half, and bring the short end towards the center.
4 Methods to Best Fold Towels in Bathroom 3
Photo: How to Fold Towels

Folding Towels to Reduce Wear and Tear::To minimize wear along the crease caused by towel bars and preserve the fluffy feel of your bath towels, use this folding method optimized for storage.

Here’s how::Fold the bath towel in half lengthwise.

Fold it in half widthwise, aligning the short ends together. Fold it in half widthwise one more time to achieve a wide, flat fold that can be easily stacked.

If a more compact shape is desired, fold the towel in thirds instead of half on the last fold.

Folding Towels Like Luxury Spas:

For a luxurious touch and space-saving storage, consider rolling your towels in a spa-inspired arrangement.

This method works well for towels stored in baskets or open cubbies. Here’s how to do it:

Lay the towel flat and fold one corner diagonally towards the center, aligning the short and long sides to create a point.

Fold the towel in half lengthwise, and flip it over so the folded edge is at the bottom. Roll the towel tightly from the short side opposite the point.

When you reach the end, tuck the point into the roll to keep the towel secure. By following these folding techniques, you can organize and display your towels in various ways, depending on your style and storage preferences.

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