5 Best & Easiest Ideas to Clean & Organize Home in Spring

As spring arrives, it presents an ideal opportunity to rejuvenate your home so that you can clean and organize the living space.

5 Best & Easiest Ideas to Clean & Organize Home in Spring 1
Photo: 5 Best & Easiest Ideas to Clean & Organize Home in Spring

As spring arrives, it presents an ideal opportunity to rejuvenate your home.

Beyond the usual tasks of dusting and polishing, this season encourages us to declutter and embrace a more organized living space.

Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, the organizing experts behind The Home Edit, emphasize the importance of sifting through clutter alongside traditional spring-cleaning chores, especially considering the increased time we have spent at home due to the pandemic.

Resetting our homes has become more essential than ever.

Integrating an annual organizing session into your spring routine can have a transformative impact on various areas of your home, seamlessly complementing your other cleaning endeavors.

Teplin highlights how cleansing and organizing go hand in hand, forming an effective combination. To assist you in this process, The Home Edit recommends five organizing projects to tackle each spring.

Ideas to Clean & Organize Home

5 Best & Easiest Ideas to Clean & Organize Home in Spring 2
Photo: Ideas to Clean & Organize Home

Bathroom Drawers or Cabinets.

When spring arrives, it’s a perfect opportunity to give your bathroom storage a thorough review.

Begin by emptying out the cabinet or drawer and giving the entire area a good wipe-down. According to the experts, even toothpaste residue finds its way into drawers, so be prepared to tackle any accumulated dust and grime using a damp heavy-duty paper towel.

Once the space is clean, carefully select the items you truly want to keep in your bathroom.

Take the time to check the expiration dates of medicines and properly dispose of any that have expired. To keep things organized and make future cleaning easier, consider using drawer inserts and bins to categorize and contain your toiletries.


Spring is the ideal season to assess your wardrobe and determine if it still aligns with your style and needs.

This process often involves making tough decisions, such as considering future plans like having another child or fitting into certain sizes again. While the general advice is to let go of clothes not worn in the past year, focus on retaining items that you genuinely use and feel confident wearing.

Owning only what brings you joy and serves a purpose can be a powerful mindset shift.

In their work with clients, the experts also allow for an “aspirational section” where you can keep items that you may not be able to wear currently but hope to wear someday.

However, it’s essential to consider how much space you’re willing to allocate to these pieces. Remember, it’s a trade-off between space and items, so you need to make deliberate choices about what’s truly worth keeping.

Kids’ Spaces.

Children’s spaces tend to accumulate toys, books, and games rapidly, making it crucial to declutter and reorganize their bedrooms and playrooms at least once a year.

As children’s interests and developmental stages evolve quickly, involving them in the organizing process empowers them to take ownership of their space and encourages them to maintain tidiness over time. Letting them participate in decisions about what to keep or donate fosters a sense of responsibility.

The experts also recommend implementing color coordination as a fun task for kids.

Sorting books or clothes in rainbow order helps them understand and maintain an organizing system. This not only teaches them valuable skills but also makes it easier for them to put items away in their designated places.

5 Best & Easiest Ideas to Clean & Organize Home in Spring 2
Photo: Ideas to Clean & Organize Home

Makeup Bag or Drawer.

Regularly purging your makeup and Skincare Products is essential for safety and efficacy.

It’s easy to overlook the fact that beauty products have expiration dates, but they certainly do. Take out everything from your makeup bag or vanity and dispose of any expired or unwanted items, including those samples you know you’ll never use.

This process provides a clear understanding of your preferences and helps you make informed decisions about future purchases.

To keep your makeup area organized, use drawer inserts or containers to group similar items together.

Only keep the products you genuinely use and love, creating a personalized collection of your favorites. By doing so, your makeup area will feel like a curated store filled with products you adore.


Spring serves as an excellent time to review expiration dates on canned goods and spices in your pantry.

Empty the shelves and discard any expired items, paying particular attention to seasonal ingredients like canned pumpkin. If you didn’t use it last year, chances are it won’t be suitable for the upcoming Thanksgiving.

After wiping down the pantry, arrange items into categories such as breakfast items, sauces, condiments, or snack foods. Using bins or baskets can help keep items organized and ensure that everything has its designated spot.

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