5 Clever Ways to Hide Unsightly House Features

5 Clever Ways to Hide Unsightly House Features. While utility boxes, septic tanks, and other necessary fixtures are essential for the functioning of our homes, they can be eyesores in terms of aesthetics. Fortunately, there are clever ways to minimize their visual impact.

By exploring these ingenious disguises, you can effectively conceal these unsightly household helpers and maintain a more pleasing and harmonious exterior appearance. Discover creative solutions that blend functionality with design, allowing you to transform these necessary evils into seamlessly integrated elements of your home’s overall aesthetic.

Creative Recycling Solution

5 Clever Ways to Hide Unsightly House Features 1
Photo: Creative Recycling Solution

A homeowner’s innovative solution for concealing bright blue recycling containers.

Before: Blue Blemish.

Recycling is a good deed (and it’s the law in many U.

S. locales), but it does raise a question: where to put the extra bins needed to sort the trash?.

After: Creative Recycling Solution.

To maintain the aesthetics of her yard while also providing a hiding place for the bright blue recycling containers, a resourceful homeowner came up with a clever solution.

Utilizing spare 2×4 boards leftover from a chicken coop construction project, she ingeniously crafted a nifty cover. By skillfully screwing the boards together and applying an attractive dark brown stain, she transformed the eyesore into an aesthetically pleasing addition to her yard.

This creative recycling solution not only fulfilled the practical need for extra bins but also added a touch of polish to the overall outdoor environment.

Enhancing Utility Meters

Tansforming unsightly utility meters into a clever curb appeal feature.

Before: Ghastly Gadgets.

Our friends at the gas and electric companies don’t always have the greatest taste in gadgets.

Their meters are pretty unsightly.

After: Clever Curb Appeal.

To tackle the challenge of unsightly utility meters, a homeowner devised a simple yet effective solution.

Using a brad nailer, plywood, and 2×4 boards, they quickly assembled a neat, slatted screen that not only conceals the meters but also incorporates the home’s address number. However, before undertaking a similar project, it is crucial to understand the specific requirements of your local utility company regarding clearance and access to the meters.

By considering these factors, you can enhance the curb appeal of your home while ensuring compliance with utility regulations.

Functional Hose Storage with a Green Twist

5 Clever Ways to Hide Unsightly House Features 3
Photo: Functional Hose Storage with a Green Twist

Enhancing the appearance of a garden hose with a clever storage solution.

Before: All Tangled Up.

A garden hose gets tangled and dirty just lying like a snake in the grass, and detracts from your yard’s beauty.

After: Get Growing.

To address the issue of a tangled and unsightly garden hose, a resourceful homeowner took matters into their own hands.

They constructed a stylish wooden box specifically designed to hold the hose, providing a practical storage solution. Adding a creative twist, they incorporated a lid with a recessed planter, allowing for the growth of flowering plants.

This clever design not only disguises the true purpose of the container but also infuses vibrant colors into the landscape, enhancing the overall beauty of the yard. With this functional hose storage solution, gardening becomes a seamless and aesthetically pleasing experience.

Stylish AC Unit Cover

 Transforming an unsightly cooling unit into an aesthetically pleasing feature.

Before: Uncool Cooling Unit.

This incredible hulk is a genius at cooling your home during the steamy season, but let’s face it: the rest of the year it looks pretty monstrous.

After: No-See AC.

To address the issue of an unattractive cooling unit, a homeowner embarked on a creative DIY project.

Using segmented wood slats, they ingeniously crafted a visually pleasing screened cover for the AC unit. The cover’s design allows it to hinge and fold away for winter storage, facilitated by steel rods at each corner.

While the project may require a bit of labor-intensive effort, the end results make it truly worthwhile. The transformed AC unit now seamlessly blends with the surroundings, providing a stylish and visually appealing addition to the exterior of the home.

With the No-See AC, the eyesore is no more, and the cooling unit becomes a harmonious part of the overall aesthetic.

Seamless Utility Meter Integration

5 Clever Ways to Hide Unsightly House Features 5
Photo: Seamless Utility Meter Integration

Transforming an eyesore utility meter into a seamlessly integrated feature.

Before: Beat Up Back Door.

On many homes, the utility meter sticks out like a very sore thumb.

Whose home is painted that drab institutional gray, after all?.

After: Camouflaged with Color.

To address the issue of a visually unappealing utility meter, homeowners can draw inspiration from chameleons and opt for a simple yet effective solution.

By painting the meter box to match the surrounding wall, it suddenly blends into the scenery, becoming virtually indistinguishable. It is important to use rust-resistant outdoor paint and consider consulting with your utility company before proceeding with the painting.

This clever technique allows the meter box to seamlessly integrate with its environment, eliminating the eyesore and enhancing the overall aesthetics of the area. With the utility meter camouflaged with color, your home’s exterior will exude a cohesive and visually pleasing appearance.

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