6 Hidden Laundry Room Storage Ideas

To inspire an organization project amid your laundry routine, we’ve compiled a selection of the best hidden laundry room storage ideas.

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Laundry often entails more than simply washing and drying clothes; it encompasses a series of smaller tasks within the larger chore.

Activities like treating stains, ironing, steaming, removing lint, and air-drying garments require both time and a range of laundry supplies. Effectively organizing these supplies can streamline the laundry process, making it more efficient and, dare we say it, a bit more enjoyable.

When it comes to organizing laundry essentials such as detergent, dryer sheets, and stain removers, consider storage solutions that keep these items discreetly tucked away, particularly on those rare non-laundry days.

This approach can be particularly advantageous if your home features a laundry area in an open space like the kitchen, mudroom, or a high-traffic hallway.

Laundry Room Storage Ideas

6 Hidden Laundry Room Storage Ideas 2
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Conceal a Laundry Room Using a door.

Concealing a laundry room within a closet and disguising it behind a sliding barn door is a savvy design choice.

Whether you opt for a single or double barn door setup, this style of door offers the substantial advantage of space-saving. The door’s track allows it to slide flush against a wall, eliminating the need for outward swings that consume floor space.

This feature is especially valuable when your laundry machines are situated within a confined alcove, such as a hallway closet. Barn doors are typically lightweight, making them user-friendly, even when your hands are occupied with a load of dirty laundry.

Moreover, they provide a seamless means of concealing not only the washer and dryer but also hampers, all your laundry essentials, and bulk household items like extra paper towels or toilet paper.

Employ Curtains to Conceal Appliances.

When conventional cabinets aren’t feasible, curtains offer a discreet alternative.

Install a dowel rod and a set of curtains crafted from your preferred fabric. Swing them open when you’re running a laundry cycle (which serves as a reminder to transfer items from the washer to the dryer) and keep the curtains closed when the laundry area is not in use.

If space permits, you can also utilize the curtains to conceal a laundry cart stocked with supplies, creating a concealed space that seamlessly blends style with practicality.

Integrate Laundry Room Cabinets.

In instances where your laundry room is situated in a high-traffic area, it’s advantageous to seamlessly integrate it into the surrounding space.

Consider the installation of faux laundry room storage cabinet doors that swing outward, effectively concealing a front-loading washer and dryer. Additionally, cabinets positioned above the machines can provide a discreet storage solution for your laundry supplies.

To optimize functionality, place frequently used items such as detergent and dryer sheets on lower shelves for easy accessibility, ensuring a clutter-free and visually cohesive laundry area.

6 Hidden Laundry Room Storage Ideas 2
Photo: Laundry Room Storage Ideas

Incorporate a Laundry Shelf with Sliding Functionality.

Many laundry areas housing washer and dryer units, whether they are front-loading, top-loading, or stacked configurations, tend to occupy relatively narrow spaces.

This often leaves little to no room for installing cabinets or storage solutions. To address this challenge, consider a practical solution—a slim supply cart equipped with wheels that can easily slide into the narrow open space adjacent to your laundry machines.

On the top surface of this cart, you can neatly arrange bottles of detergent and fabric softener for convenient access. Meanwhile, items that are less frequently used, such as an iron or steamer, can find a discreet home in the lower storage section.

Embrace a Space-Saving Collapsible Ironing Board.

More often than not, a few spritzes of wrinkle-release spray can be a more appealing option than the hassle of setting up a conventional ironing board to smooth out your clothing.

Traditional ironing boards tend to be cumbersome and awkward, especially when there isn’t a designated area to keep them permanently assembled. An ingenious solution is to seamlessly integrate an ironing board into your laundry room by either creating a recessed wall nook yourself or opting for a wall-mounted alternative.

Regardless of your chosen method, a concealed ironing board takes up minimal space, conceals visual clutter, and saves you the effort of retrieving it from a closet whenever you need to use the iron.

Employ Concealed Hampers for a Neat Appearance.

The adage “out of sight, out of mind” doesn’t entirely apply to laundry, as the need for clean socks and shirts remains regardless of whether you have a clear view of the accumulating piles of dirty clothes.

However, why not cleverly conceal the hampers? Tilt-out cabinets equipped with baskets can be seamlessly integrated into your laundry room’s existing design, or you can opt for a standalone option. If your available space permits, consider assigning a hidden hamper to each family member or designating baskets for specific laundry categories, such as whites and colors, to maintain an organized and visually uncluttered laundry area.

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