6 Most Tidy Storage Ideas for Laundry Baskets

Implementing our top laundry basket storage ideas will help you stay organized and minimize visual clutter in your home between laundry days.

6 Most Tidy Storage Ideas for Laundry Baskets 1
Photo: 6 Most Tidy Storage Ideas for Laundry Baskets

Fortunately, there are effective strategies to hide your laundry baskets and maintain a clean and organized home.

These laundry basket storage ideas will help you tackle the challenge of managing dirty laundry and create a visually appealing space, reducing the feeling of overwhelm associated with this never-ending task.

Laundry can often feel like an overwhelming task, but there are moments of relief in between loads.

While you may have hidden your laundry room behind a door or tucked it away in a closet to keep it out of sight, the presence of scattered hampers and baskets throughout the house can still serve as a reminder of the never-ending chore.

Fortunately, there are easy ways to conceal your laundry baskets and maintain a neat and organized space.

By implementing these laundry basket storage ideas, you can create a more organized and visually appealing space.

Concealing your laundry baskets not only helps maintain a tidy home but also reduces the visual reminder of the never-ending task of laundry. With a well-organized and hidden laundry storage system in place, you can approach your laundry routine with a sense of calm and efficiency.

Storage Ideas for Laundry Basket

6 Most Tidy Storage Ideas for Laundry Baskets 2
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Conceal within a Cabinet.

To cleverly hide your laundry baskets, utilize the space within your laundry room cabinets.

If you’re designing a laundry room from scratch, you can incorporate a hidden hamper into the cabinet design. Alternatively, if you’re a DIY enthusiast, you can transform an existing cabinet into a storage solution for your dirty laundry.

By installing a hidden hamper that slides out or tilts towards you when the cabinet is opened, you can keep your laundry organized and out of sight, similar to a garbage can tucked away in a kitchen cabinet.

Camouflage with Furniture.

If remodeling is not in your plans, you can still achieve hidden laundry basket storage by using a piece of furniture.

Look for freestanding cabinets that can accommodate your hampers. Choose a cabinet that fits your space and style preferences, considering the number of hampers you need to store.

Some cabinets are narrow and suitable for a bathroom, featuring a single hidden basket, while others are larger with two or three compartments, making them ideal for storage in a hallway. You can even use the surface of the cabinet to display decorative items, ensuring that your laundry remains concealed.

Centralize with Cubby Shelves.

For a more visible yet organized approach to laundry basket storage, create a central hub using open shelves.

Whether within your laundry room or a separate storage piece like a bookcase, measure the height, width, and depth of the shelves. Find baskets that fit these dimensions and place them on the shelves.

Label each basket to distinguish whose laundry goes where or to designate specific types of items, such as towels or sheets. Consider using clip-on labels for fabric baskets or monogramming them, while basic label tape works well for plastic baskets.

You can also label the shelves themselves if you frequently swap the baskets around.

6 Most Tidy Storage Ideas for Laundry Baskets 2
Photo: Storage Ideas for Laundry Basket

Embrace Collapsible Containers.

To maximize space and flexibility, invest in collapsible laundry containers.

These containers are perfect for transporting clean clothes or linens from the dryer to your closets or dressers. When not in use, they fold down easily, allowing you to slide them under the bed, in a closet, or on a laundry room shelf.

You can also find upright versions with handles and wheels, enabling you to roll the cart to the bedroom and collapse it for storage. This convenient storage solution saves space and simplifies the task of putting away freshly laundered items.

Utilize Wheeled Baskets.

Make laundry chores more convenient by opting for laundry hampers with wheels.

These hampers can be effortlessly rolled under a countertop or into closets, keeping your laundry area organized and your floor space clear. If you have a folding table in your laundry room, it’s an ideal spot to line up the wheeled hampers.

Alternatively, you can reserve a small space at the base of a closet to roll in and out a hamper when it’s laundry day. For children who tend to leave dirty socks lying around, turning the task of tossing items into the hamper into a game can make it more enjoyable.

Elevate Your Machines.

Consider elevating your washer and dryer on pedestals to create additional storage space underneath.

With pull-out drawers installed beneath, you can utilize this space for storing laundry baskets or hampers. This setup not only reduces the effort required to load laundry into the machines but also makes transferring clothes from the washer to the dryer more convenient, as the machines are within arm’s reach.

By optimizing the space around your appliances, you can effectively maximize your laundry room’s storage potential.

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