6 Must-Have Spring Home & Entertaining Items

6 Must-Have Spring Home & Entertaining Items. As spring blooms in full glory, we eagerly anticipate the abundant opportunities to celebrate. With longer days, pleasant weather, and a string of holidays, it’s time to embrace lighter fare, brighter presentations, and a relaxed rhythm that extends from the tabletop to every corner of our homes.

Renowned for her hosting prowess, Martha Stewart is the ultimate guide to creating visually stunning, stress-free parties that embody the essence of the season. With strategic home swaps designed for spring, she ensures that setting the table for a garden party, refreshing your bedroom with vibrant colors, or gathering for patio wine becomes effortless and enjoyable.

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Photo: Coban” 3-Piece Wood Salad Bowl Set: Stylish Functionality for Every Table

Introducing the “Coban” 3-Piece 13″ Round Wood Salad Bowl with 2 Servers, an essential addition to your Dining Table that seamlessly combines modern design with Scandinavian inspiration.

This versatile set is more than just a salad bowl—it’s a statement piece that will quickly become a permanent fixture in your everyday meals.

Crafted from natural grain wood, the “Coban” salad bowl set effortlessly showcases the brightness and beauty of seasonal salads, elevating your dining experience.

The round shape and impeccable craftsmanship add a touch of elegance, while the functional design ensures easy serving and tossing of salads.

Whether you’re hosting a casual family gathering or an outdoor entertaining event, this durable salad bowl set is up to the task.

It can withstand the rigors of everyday use and is a reliable option for enjoying meals al fresco.

Introducing Martha\’s Lighter Chard: A Refreshing Choice for Spring and Summer

As the seasons transition to spring and summer, our menus crave lighter, fresher flavors that pair perfectly with a crisp glass of wine.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce Martha’s Lighter Chard, a new addition to our wine collection.

Martha’s Lighter Chard is a reduced alcohol and calorie version of our beloved bestselling Martha’s Chard.

It delivers the same delightful taste and refreshing qualities that have made Martha’s Chard a favorite among wine enthusiasts. This lighter rendition is carefully crafted to provide a perfect warm-weather sipper, complementing and enhancing the lighter fare of the season.

Savor the balance and elegance of Martha’s Lighter Chard as you indulge in the flavors of spring and summer.

It’s the ideal choice for those seeking a lighter, more refreshing wine without compromising on taste or quality. Discover the perfect pairing for your seasonal dishes with Martha’s Lighter Chard, and enjoy every sip of this delightful and rejuvenating wine.

Delightful Strawberry Ombré Cake: A Stunning Dessert for Every Celebration

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Photo: Delightful Strawberry Ombré Cake: A Stunning Dessert for Every Celebration

Strawberry Ombré Cake is not only a treat for the taste buds but also a feast for the eyes.

Its stunning ombré design adds an element of elegance to any occasion, making it a perfect choice for gifting, baby showers, graduation parties, or simply indulging at home.

Crafted with precision and culinary expertise, this cake offers a symphony of flavors and textures that will leave you and your guests craving for more.

Each bite is a delightful combination of moist sponge cake and the sweet tanginess of the strawberry buttercream, creating a harmonious and unforgettable taste experience.

Martha\’s Flowers: Your Essential Guide to Growing, Gathering, and Enjoying Blooms

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Photo: Martha\’s Flowers: Your Essential Guide to Growing, Gathering, and Enjoying Blooms

With the planting season in full swing, it’s the perfect time to transform your backyard into a stunning oasis for outdoor parties and gatherings.

Get inspired and gain expert knowledge with Martha’s Flowers, the ultimate handbook for both seasoned gardeners and flower enthusiasts of all skill levels.

In Martha’s Flowers, Martha Stewart shares her invaluable expertise and leads the way with practical advice on growing healthy and beautiful blooms.

This must-have guide offers Step-by-Step Instructions, from selecting the right plants to nurturing them with care. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gardener, Martha’s insights will help you cultivate a flourishing garden that will impress and delight.

But the book doesn’t stop at growing flowers—it also teaches you the art of arranging them.

Discover Martha’s flower arranging tips and techniques that will elevate your floral displays to new heights. With stunning photography accompanying the instructions, Martha’s Flowers is not only an essential guide but also a visual delight.

Moreover, Martha’s Flowers makes for a thoughtful housewarming gift, inspiring others to embrace the joy of gardening and the beauty of nature.

Embrace the beauty and serenity of blooming flowers with Martha’s Flowers as your trusted companion.

Let Martha’s wisdom and inspiration guide you on a journey of growing, gathering, and enjoying the bounties of your garden.

Preserve Your Spring and Summer Memories with Martha Stewart for Mixbook

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Photo: Preserve Your Spring and Summer Memories with Martha Stewart for Mixbook

Celebrate the best moments of spring and early summer, from special occasions like Father’s Day and graduations to cherished family reunions, by creating a keepsake book that will be treasured for years to come.

Introducing Martha Stewart for Mixbook, a collaboration that brings you beautifully illustrated and expertly bound photo journals designed exclusively by Martha herself.

These photo journals are the perfect way to capture your favorite memories and create a lasting commemorative.

Each page is thoughtfully crafted to showcase your photos in a visually stunning and organized manner. With Martha’s artistic touch and attention to detail, these journals become more than just photo albums—they transform into elegant and personalized keepsakes.

Not only are these photo journals perfect for gifting, allowing you to surprise your loved ones with a heartfelt and memorable present, but we also suggest creating one for yourself.

By documenting your own special moments, you can relive and treasure the joy of this season for years to come.

Mark this extraordinary season with Martha Stewart for Mixbook, and create a photo journal that captures the essence of your spring and summer.

From the meticulously designed pages to the lasting quality of the binding, this collaboration offers a one-of-a-kind experience for preserving your most cherished memories. Start creating your personalized photo journal today and make this season truly unforgettable.

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