8 Most Clever Ideas for Under Bathroom Sink Storage

Organizing the storage cabinet beneath a sink, whether in the bathroom or kitchen, can present challenges due to limited space.

Bathroom sinks, in particular, can be tricky as they often lack standard cabinet storage.

If you’re looking to reorganize your bathroom, don’t worry. Whether you have a spacious vanity with multiple drawers or a pedestal sink with no storage at all, there are solutions available to optimize your space.

Before starting any organization project, assess the type of sink you have and determine what can realistically be stored underneath it.

If space is limited, prioritize essential items and consider utilizing other storage areas such as linen closets or additional shelving for everything else. If there’s more room under the sink, you can store items like hair tools and backup toiletries.

When storing extra supplies, it’s important to utilize the space efficiently to ensure easy access on busy days.

To help you create a functional and well-organized space, we’ll share some of our top ideas for under-sink bathroom storage.

Storage Ideas for Under the Bathroom Sink

8 Most Clever Ideas for Under Bathroom Sink Storage 2
Photo: Storage Ideas for Under the Bathroom Sink

Organize with Coordinated Containers.

To maintain an organized and clutter-free look on open shelves beneath the bathroom sink, use attractive storage containers.

Categorize items and place them in separate bins, such as bath products, hair products, etc. Take advantage of any space between the containers by adding a stack of washcloths or frequently used body lotion.

Utilize Drawer Organizers.

If you have a vanity with ample drawer space, make use of it for storing smaller items that are regularly used.

Keep the drawers tidy by using drawer organizers, such as bamboo or acrylic inserts. Arrange similar items together and place frequently accessed items in the front.

To prevent the organizers from sliding around, add putty to the bottom corners.

8 Most Clever Ideas for Under Bathroom Sink Storage 2
Photo: Storage Ideas for Under the Bathroom Sink

Opt for Pull-Out Drawers.

Consider using tiered pull-out drawers instead of stackable bins to maximize the height and depth of the cabinet beneath the sink.

Larger drawers can accommodate bulkier items like toilet paper rolls or bags of bath salts, while top drawers are suitable for taller bottles such as cleaning products or shampoo refills.

Choose Open-Front Stacking Bins.

For traditional sink vanities with a single cabinet space, open-front stacking bins are a practical option.

Stack them as high as the cabinet allows, separating products into categories, and easily seeing the contents. Adding labels can be helpful, especially in shared bathrooms or when guests are using the space.

Plastic or acrylic bins are recommended for easier cleaning in case of spills.

8 Most Clever Ideas for Under Bathroom Sink Storage 2
Photo: Storage Ideas for Under the Bathroom Sink

Keep it Simple.

In a small vanity, select items to store carefully.

If the cabinet or drawers don’t have space for bulky items, consider placing an attractive basket underneath for storing backup towels or toilet paper. Roll the towels neatly for a spa-like touch and easy access.

This method is also convenient for guests.

Introduce Bathroom Shelving.

Pedestal sinks often lack storage, but you can add a decorative shelf next to the sink.

Keep a minimalist look by storing only the essentials, such as beauty products on a tray, neatly folded towels, or cotton balls in a decorative jar.

8 Most Clever Ideas for Under Bathroom Sink Storage 2
Photo: Storage Ideas for Under the Bathroom Sink

Utilize the Back of the Cabinet Door.

Maximize every inch of space in a small vanity by using the inside of the cabinet doors.

An over-the-door basket can hold a hairdryer, brushes, or washcloths. Alternatively, strategically place adhesive hooks on the inside to hang items discreetly.

Ensure there is clearance for the items when the door is closed.

Store Backstock Toiletries.

Use the space under the sink to store extra supplies and backstock toiletries that are not needed on a daily basis.

Categorize items and place them in lidded bins that can be stacked. Although you may not access them frequently, adding labels to the bins, even if they are clear, will eliminate confusion about their contents.

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