8 Best Necessary Tips for Holiday Decorations Storage

By following these practical steps, you can determine the best methods and storage solutions for your holiday decorations.

Putting up and decorating the tree, along with hanging festive lights, is a cherished winter tradition that often brings back fond memories.

However, as soon as the New Year arrives, it’s time to dismantle everything and store away the holiday decorations. While the process of storing these cherished items may not be as enjoyable, having a well-thought-out plan can make it a more pleasant and efficient task.

Tips for Holiday Decorations Storage

8 Best Necessary Tips for Holiday Decorations Storage 2
Photo: Tips for Holiday Decorations Storage

Carefully Select a Destination.

To alleviate the stress of storing holiday decorations, it’s crucial to designate a dedicated area specifically for this purpose.

Depending on the available space, climate conditions, and the volume of items, consider utilizing a garage, basement, shed, or attic. This ensures that the items you only need for a month each year are kept out of the way for the remainder.

In case your home lacks such additional spaces or suitable temperatures, alternative options like a guest bedroom or storage closet, such as one under a staircase, can be utilized. If space constraints persist, separating indoor and outdoor decorations might be necessary.

Once you’ve identified the storage area, it’s time to proceed with sorting and organizing your Christmas decorations.

Properly Care for Your Artificial Tree.

If you assemble an artificial tree annually, it will likely be the largest item requiring storage.

Investing in a zippered cover is recommended. After removing all the decorations, fold the tree branches and place it in the bag.

For optimal condition maintenance, store the tree in an upright position in a storage closet. While horizontal storage is an option, there is a risk of the tree getting damaged over time.

Avoid using the original box as it may deteriorate, particularly in humid conditions. For a do-it-yourself approach, you can cover the tree with an extra-large trash bag, tying it at the bottom, or use plastic wrap to shrink-wrap it, making sure to carefully cut it open the following year.

Safely Organize Ornaments.

Since ornaments are delicate and often hold sentimental value, it is crucial to handle them with care.

While the original boxes provide some protection, they are not space-efficient. Consider using an ornament box with dividers or create your own using cardboard cutouts.

Craft boxes with compartments can be used for small ornaments. For exceptionally fragile ornaments, use their original boxes or wrap them in tissue paper or bubble wrap before placing them in dividers.

8 Best Necessary Tips for Holiday Decorations Storage 2
Photo: Tips for Holiday Decorations Storage

Manage Wreaths.

Safely store wreaths by placing them in canvas bags or plastic cases with latches, particularly if they have delicate embellishments.

For multiple wreaths, install sturdy hooks for a wall display or use large S hooks to hang them from a closet rod. Similar to artificial trees, you can place artificial wreaths in garbage bags or wrap them in plastic for added protection before storing them.

Organize Garlands.

Regardless of the material, garlands can easily become tangled if not properly stored.

A practical solution is to use a wreath organizer or a garland keeper with a hook, especially for bulky and heavy garlands like artificial pine. Alternatively, you can loop the garland around itself, securing it with hook-and-loop tape, and store it in a tote.

Thinner garland strands made of beads or fabric are easier to manage. Fold the fabric and loop the beads, then seal the garland in a clear, large plastic bag before placing it in a storage bin.

Sort String Lights.

String lights can quickly become tangled if not appropriately stored.

Consider using a plastic wind-up wheel or holder for extra-long or jumbo sets of lights. For shorter or smaller sets, two cost-effective DIY methods are available.

The first involves using a rectangular piece of cardboard, while the second utilizes a thick hanger. Starting from one end of the strand, wrap the lights around either the cardboard or the hanger until fully coiled.

The cardboard can be placed upright in a storage bin, while the hanger can sit on a rod in the closet or on a garment rack.

8 Best Necessary Tips for Holiday Decorations Storage 2
Photo: Tips for Holiday Decorations Storage

Establish a Home for Gift Wrapping Supplies.

While gift wrap may be used throughout the year for various occasions, holiday-specific supplies don’t necessarily need to be accessible at all times.

To keep your seasonal wrapping paper, gift bags, boxes, bows, and tags organized, separate them from the rest of your holiday decor. An all-in-one organizer bag, preferably in a festive color, can efficiently contain your gift-wrapping materials.

Another option is a customizable back-of-the-door rack with compartments, maximizing space in a small storage closet. For those who prefer mobility, a cart with a side attachment for rolls of wrapping paper is ideal, allowing you to bring your supplies to a table or the Living Room floor for wrapping.

Protect Holiday Dishware.

Breakable items, whether you have a vast collection for hosting or a few special pieces like a cookie plate and milk glass for Santa Claus, should be stored separately to prevent damage.

Rather than cluttering up your kitchen year-round, it’s best to store them out of the way. Quilted boxes are suitable for storing holiday plates alongside salad and soup bowls.

Boxes with dividers can be used for Wine Glasses and mugs. Large serving platters should be carefully wrapped and placed on a shelf or in a bin to remain free from dust and avoid potential damage.

If you own Christmas cookie cutters, cookbooks, candles, or napkins, it’s convenient to keep them together in a storage tote with a labeled tag for easy retrieval when the next year’s first-holiday party approaches.

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