Apartment Move-Out Cleaning Checklist

By following this apartment move-out cleaning checklist, you’ll leave your old place in excellent condition and ensure a smooth transition.

What is move-in and move-out cleaning?

Apartment Move-Out Cleaning Checklist 2
Photo: What is move-in and move-out cleaning?

Move-in and move-out cleaning refer to thorough cleaning services provided for residences or commercial spaces when tenants are either moving into or moving out of a property.

These professional cleaning packages are designed to ensure that the space is spotless and ready for the next occupant.

During a move-in or move-out cleaning, a comprehensive Classic Package is typically offered, which includes a wide range of cleaning tasks.

The cleaning team will meticulously dust every horizontal and vertical surface, leaving no area untouched, from ceilings to the floors. This includes cleaning fans, light fixtures, blinds, cabinets, and baseboards, among other surfaces.

Mirrors and glass doors are also carefully wiped to achieve a streak-free shine, enhancing the overall appearance of the property.

Additionally, the cleaning team will vacuum the insides of all cabinets, closets, shelves, and drawers, ensuring that they are free of dust and debris.

Apartment Move-Out Cleaning Checklist 2
Photo: What is move-in and move-out cleaning?

Beyond the standard tasks mentioned, move-in and move-out cleaning services may also offer additional options or customizable packages based on the specific needs and preferences of the client.

These additional services might include carpet cleaning, deep cleaning of kitchen appliances, and disinfection of high-touch surfaces, providing a thorough and tailored cleaning experience.

Whether you are a tenant moving into a new space and desire a fresh and sanitized environment, or a property owner preparing a unit for new occupants, a move-in or move-out cleaning service can be a valuable investment.

It not only saves time and effort but also ensures a clean and inviting space that sets a positive tone for the new beginning.

Apartment Move-Out Cleaning Checklist

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Photo: Apartment Move-Out Cleaning Checklist

Moving out of an apartment can be a daunting task, but with a well-organized cleaning checklist, the process becomes more manageable.

Follow these steps to ensure you leave your old place sparkling clean and ready for the next tenant.

Begin by clearing cobwebs from the ceiling using a broom or vacuum.

For popcorn ceilings, use a damp high-nap paint roller to pick up dust and cobwebs gently.

Dust blinds using an old pair of socks as a glove.

Dampen the sock and run your hand across each rung to remove dust effectively. This method also works well for cleaning heaters.

Wash windows with a window or glass cleaner, ensuring to wipe quickly with a lint-free cloth to avoid streaks.

Don’t forget to clean handles, locks, and sliding tracks if your windows have them.

Before you move on, remove any nails and patch up the walls with commercial putty, and paint in the same color as the wall.

Use a putty knife for a seamless application.

Check the lights and replace any burnt-out bulbs.

Dust the fixtures and sanitize light switches using cleaning wipes. A duster with an extendable arm will come in handy for tall ceiling lights.

Ensure the smoke detector is in working order by replacing the battery if necessary.

Even if it’s not beeping, it’s crucial to have functional smoke alarms with working batteries.

Clean the walls and baseboards using the brush attachment on your vacuum to remove any lingering dust.

Address any stains on the walls with an appropriate cleaner for the paint finish.

Deal with carpet stains by using a commercial carpet cleaner.

Let it sit for a few minutes and then blot the stains away with a microfiber cloth. For tough stains, use specific stain removal products suitable for your carpet type.

Finally, vacuum and mop the floors.

Save this step for last to avoid reintroducing dust and chemicals from other cleaning tasks. Make sure to keep pets and family members off the floor until it is completely dry.

Remember, proper cleaning not only ensures you get your security deposit back but also leaves a positive impression on the landlord or the next occupant.

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