Bathroom: 14 Best Toiletries Storage Ideas for Better Hygiene

These storage ideas for cabinets, drawers, shelves, and other options will help you maintain order and prevent clutter in your bathroom.

To maximize the functionality of bathrooms, which often have limited space, it’s crucial to implement effective storage solutions that ensure items are well-organized and easily accessible.

These storage ideas for cabinets, drawers, shelves, and other options will help you maintain order and prevent clutter in your bathroom while accommodating a wide range of essentials.

Toiletries Storage Ideas

Bathroom: 14 Best Toiletries Storage Ideas for Better Hygiene 2
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Hanging Storage Bar:.

Inspired by kitchen storage systems, a metal rod with hanging accessories can serve as toiletries storage near the tub.

Originally designed for holding utensils, this storage bar can also accommodate sponges. If you plan to implement this bathroom storage idea near the tub or shower, opt for a rust-resistant design.

Bathroom Storage Niche:.

Maximize storage without sacrificing space by incorporating shelves directly into the walls.

Utilize an unused area above the tub to install simple glass shelves, creating ample space for towels and accessories. Additionally, consider utilizing shallow spaces between studs near the sink for housing small items like lotions.

Building storage units between studs allows for increased space utilization without the need for extensive remodeling.

Open Bathroom Shelves:.

To achieve a tidy and organized look on your open shelves, ensure that the items you store are compatible in terms of size and style.

Opt for a specific brand for your bath products and stock the entire collection for a cohesive appearance. Display towels that complement your bathroom’s color scheme and select storage containers with similar shapes and designs.

Bathroom Vanity Storage:.

When selecting a vanity, prioritize options that offer convenient storage solutions such as built-in drawers, shelves, and pullouts.

The combination of different storage types provides versatility for organizing various items. For instance, an attractive and functional compact unit may feature multiple drawers on either side of the cabinet area, maximizing storage capacity while maintaining an appealing aesthetic.

Tall Bathroom Cabinet:.

In tight spaces, prioritize vertical storage for your bathroom.

Incorporate built-in shelves that utilize a small footprint while offering significant organizational potential. Use baskets to keep taller products upright, and consider adding labels to ensure everything is returned to its designated place.

Bathroom: 14 Best Toiletries Storage Ideas for Better Hygiene 2
Photo: Toiletries Storage Ideas

Storage Basket:.

If you have a pedestal sink or a floating vanity that lacks under-counter storage, maximize the available space by using a large basket to store towels.

This allows you to make practical use of the otherwise unused area. Additionally, utilize lidded bins or containers to store items like extra toilet paper and bath products, keeping them concealed yet easily accessible.

Stylish Toiletries Storage:.

Efficiently store items near their point of use to streamline your Daily Routine.

For example, if you shave in the tub or shower, place a mirror and razor within easy reach. Arrange towels in multiple locations for convenient access.

Built-In Vanity Storage:.

Take advantage of shallow drawers in your vanity to gain a few extra inches of floor space while still maintaining ample storage capacity.

The larger cabinet area below the sink can house cleaners and other bathroom necessities. Varying the depths of the drawers will help you keep items organized and easily visible, preventing over-purchasing.

Concealed Bathroom Storage:.

To keep your counter free from clutter, consider installing a medicine cabinet to store makeup, lotions, and other bath products.

The cabinet provides several shelves of hidden storage behind the mirror, allowing easy access to daily-use items while maintaining a neat and organized appearance.

Repurposed Storage Cabinet:.

Give new purpose to items originally intended for different uses.

For instance, mount a trunk on the legs to elevate it to table-top height. This repurposed trunk can then store bath salts and extra towels while also serving as a display space in your bathroom.

Bathroom: 14 Best Toiletries Storage Ideas for Better Hygiene 2
Photo: Toiletries Storage Ideas

Wicker Basket Storage:.

Before investing in expensive storage solutions, explore your home for everyday items that can be repurposed for the organization.

Pottery bowls, serving platters, baskets, tin buckets, and glassware can all be utilized to provide practical storage options with added character. Additionally, you can revamp leftover packaging containers and jars with decorative papers.

Group similar items together in containers based on their types, such as hair products, cosmetics, or cleaning supplies.

Built-In Drawers:.

Well-designed drawers can effectively accommodate items of different shapes and sizes.

Consider building slide-out drawers between wall studs to save valuable floor space. To prevent items from falling as the drawer is pulled out, utilize acrylic organizers to keep everything in place.

Bathroom Storage Furniture:.

Incorporate bathroom furniture that offers hidden storage opportunities.

For example, a small bench with a deep drawer can be placed next to the shower, providing convenient storage for extra bath supplies and towels. The cushioned top of the bench also serves as a handy spot to sit.

Smart Bathroom Storage Ideas:.

Combat bathroom clutter by strategically grouping items in logical spots.

Keep extra rolls of toilet paper near the toilet, place shampoo and other shower essentials close to the shower, and store bars of soap in a sink drawer. This pullout storage area ensures that skincare essentials are conveniently located near the sink, streamlining your daily routine.

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