Best 15 Storage Ideas for Big Closet Problems

No matter what you use your big closet for, whether it’s storing clothes, linens, or coats and gear, it’s easy for it to become a disorganized mess.

But fear not! With these closet organization ideas, you can declutter, optimize storage space, and transform your closet into a functional and efficient storage solution.

These solutions can be applied throughout your home to tackle various closet storage challenges and help you regain control over your belongings. Say goodbye to closet chaos and embrace a well-organized and tidy space with these helpful ideas.

Storage Ideas for Big Closet Problems

Best 15 Storage Ideas for Big Closet Problems 2
Photo: Storage Ideas for Big Closet Problems

Here are some big closet issues and their solutions:

Wrinkle-Free Clothes Issue: Clothes in a crowded closet get lost or wrinkled.

Solution: Create more space in the closet by using double-hanging rods. Opt for wooden hangers instead of plastic or metal to prevent wrinkles in heavier garments like shirts, jackets, and pants.

Big Closet Organizing System Issue: A basic closet doesn’t meet your storage needs.

Solution: Install a customized closet system that combines open shelving and hanging rods at various heights. Before purchasing, measure your space and plan accordingly.

Enhance organization further by adding drawers, dividers, and bins that suit your wardrobe.

Handbag Holder Issue: Uncertain where to store purses and clutches.

Solution: Utilize an adjustable file sorter to store handbags upright, preventing damage and ensuring easy access. Adjust the dividers to create custom-size slots for different bags and wallets.

Seasonal Storage Issue: Limited space for seldom-used or seasonal items.

Solution: Utilize the top shelves of the closet for storing extra pillows, linens, blankets, and other items not used year-round. Use handled baskets for smaller objects to avoid creating a mess when reaching for items on higher shelves.

Family Catch-all Closet Issue: The entryway closet is cluttered and items are hard to find.

Solution: Combine various storage types such as hooks for coats and bags, wall-mounted wire baskets for sunglasses, umbrellas, and lunch bags. Use baskets on an upper shelf for storing seasonal items like hats and gloves.

Multi-Purpose Closet Issue: Using the walk-in closet for purposes other than clothes storage.

Solution: Create a mini dressing table with a wall shelf that has drawers. Hang it at tabletop height and use heavy-duty brackets.

Leave space below for hampers or additional shelving. Install hooks above to hang hats, purses, and scarves.

Shared Kids’ Closet Issue: Toys, shoes, books, clothes, and other items are disorganized in a shared kids’ closet.

Solution: Create accessible storage solutions for kids, such as baskets or buckets at their height for storing favorite toys and stuffed animals. Keep a step ladder nearby for reaching higher areas.

Use colored ribbons on hangers to indicate each child’s clothing.

Bathroom Big Storage Closet Issue: The bathroom closet is cluttered with cleaning products, appliances, and extra supplies.

Solution: Create separate zones for each function, such as dedicating a shelf for paper products and another for laundry and ironing supplies. Use bins for organizing smaller items like sponges and brushes.

Clear containers or open bins with handles make it easy to find what you need.

Best 15 Storage Ideas for Big Closet Problems 2
Photo: Storage Ideas for Big Closet Problems

Outfit Planning Station Issue: Needing a dedicated space for planning outfits.

Solution: Use a valet rod to choose and hang up tomorrow’s clothes the night before. The expandable design allows it to be tucked away when not in use.

Buildable Closet Solution Issue: Lack of a proper closet in a small bedroom.

Solution: Create a custom closet by using store-bought storage units that extend nearly floor-to-ceiling. Secure them to the wall for safety and use the cabinets and drawers as a makeshift closet.

Shoe Storage Issue: Limited storage space for shoes.

Solution: Use stackable shoe drawers to sort pairs on closet shelves. The top surface can be utilized for additional storage.

The see-through design of the drawers allows for easy identification of shoes.

Small but Mighty Closet Storage Issue: A small, shallow closet is overflowing.

Solution: Divide the closet into sections for clothes and accessories. Add a bookcase or storage unit with open shelves to organize shoes and hats.

Install tension rods between the unit and the wall for additional hanging space.

Craft Supply Storage Issue: Crafting and office supplies taking over a workspace.

Solution: Use wire shelving and various baskets, boxes, and organizers in a nearby closet to store paperwork and supplies. Designate specific shelves for different types of items.

Utilize a canvas pocket organizer for behind-the-door storage of smaller supplies.

Walk-In Laundry Issue: Inconvenient laundry set up far from the bedroom.

Solution: Install a washer and dryer in a closet near the bedroom. Route plumbing from a nearby bathroom and vent the dryer through an outside wall.

Easy-Reach Solution Issue: Difficult access to items in a small linen closet.

Solution: Place out-of-season or rarely-used items at the back or on high shelves. Use baskets, bins, and organizers like an over-the-door towel rack to organize easily accessible parts of the closet.

Hang a small, foldable step stool on the door for reaching items on higher shelves.

Storage Notices for Big Closet Problems

Best 15 Storage Ideas for Big Closet Problems 3
Photo: Storage Notices for Big Closet Problems

Having an organized big closet can make a significant difference in maintaining a clutter-free and efficient living space.

These solutions address common issues people face, such as limited space, misplaced items, and the need for accessible storage. By implementing these ideas, you can maximize the functionality of your big closets and create a well-organized system for your belongings.

It’s important to customize your closet organization based on your specific needs and the type of items you store.

Whether it’s wrinkle-free clothes, seasonal storage, or a multi-purpose closet, these solutions provide practical ways to keep your belongings neatly arranged and easily accessible.

Additionally, utilizing the right storage tools and accessories, such as adjustable file sorters, stackable shoe drawers, and canvas pocket organizers, can greatly enhance the organization and efficiency of your closets.

With proper implementation and a bit of creativity, you can transform your closets into functional and visually appealing spaces.

Remember to measure your Closet Space and plan accordingly before purchasing any organizing systems or storage units.

This will ensure that everything fits perfectly and maximizes the available space. Consider incorporating a combination of hanging rods, shelves, drawers, and bins to accommodate different types of items and create a well-rounded storage solution.

For shared big closets, involve the kids in the organization process by using child-friendly storage solutions like baskets or buckets at their height.

Adding labels or colored ribbons to hangers can also help each child identify their clothing easily.

Don’t overlook the importance of utilizing vertical space and making use of often-underutilized areas such as the top shelves or the back of closet doors.

Adding hooks, wire baskets, or over-the-door organizers can create additional storage opportunities for items like accessories, hats, bags, and more.

In addition to these closet-organizing solutions, it’s crucial to declutter periodically and donate or discard items you no longer need.

Regular maintenance will help prevent your closets from becoming overwhelmed with unnecessary items.

By implementing these closet organizing ideas, you can create a more efficient, visually pleasing, and functional space for your belongings.

Enjoy the benefits of a well-organized closet and say goodbye to clutter and misplaced items!.

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