Best 16 Storage Tricks for Pretty Tiny Kitchen

Let’s explore these pretty and practical storage ideas that will transform your tiny kitchen into a well-structured and inspiring space.

Finding it challenging to keep your small kitchen organized? Look no further! These storage solutions not only enhance the visual appeal of your space but also offer practicality and efficiency, creating the perfect environment for culinary success.

Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a well-organized and functional kitchen that will make your cooking endeavors a breeze.

Storage Tricks for Pretty Tiny Kitchen

Best 16 Storage Tricks for Pretty Tiny Kitchen 2
Photo: Storage Tricks for Pretty Tiny Kitchen

Light and Airy.

To create a sense of openness and spaciousness in a small kitchen, opt for a light color scheme.

While an all-white space may feel too cold, incorporating soft shades of blue and gray can add a touch of warmth. Lighter colors have a reflective quality that helps visually expand the space, making it appear larger and more airy.

Baby Blues.

To transform a cramped and crowded small kitchen into a light and airy oasis, a gentle color palette is essential.

This tiny space embraces the use of white, gray, and baby blue tones. Adding hardware with multicolor accents brings an eclectic and stylish flair to the painted cabinetry, adding visual interest and personality.

Firsthand Flavors.

Enhance your cooking experience year-round by incorporating an indoor herb garden.

Label the pots using an oil-based marker for easy identification, and position the plants on a shelf above the sink for convenient watering. It’s important to focus on planting herbs that you frequently use in your cooking, as this ensures that the limited space is utilized effectively and efficiently.

Two of a Kind.

Keep your linens organized by storing similar items together, categorized by season or color, and wrapped as sets with charming ribbons.

This organization method eliminates the need to search for matching linens and saves valuable time. For holiday-specific linens, allocate a lower drawer and move them to the top as the seasons change, maintaining a well-organized and easily accessible storage system.

Office Hack.

Repurpose an office file holder to serve as a stand for cutting boards and cookie sheets.

The dividers in the file holder provide support for boards of various sizes, preventing them from collapsing into a messy pile. Utilize the narrowest kitchen cabinet to store these items, maximizing the available space while keeping them easily accessible for cooking and baking tasks.

Best 16 Storage Tricks for Pretty Tiny Kitchen 2
Photo: Storage Tricks for Pretty Tiny Kitchen

Livin’ Lazy.

Make the most of awkward corner space by incorporating a lazy Susan.

While this rotating storage solution efficiently utilizes the corner area, small items can sometimes fall and get lost behind the shelves. To address this issue, use large canisters and clear acrylic dividers to keep everything secure and organized.

Labeling the canisters allows for quick and easy identification of items, reducing the time spent searching for specific ingredients or supplies.

Up and Away.

When kitchen storage options are limited, maximize vertical space.

Install a small shelf on an unused stretch of the wall above the sink to provide additional storage. Utilize a magnetic knife holder to free up drawer space and ensure easy access to your knives during food preparation.

This also keeps sharp knives out of reach of children, ensuring kitchen safety.

Inside Secret.

Optimize cabinet space by utilizing the inside of the cabinet doors.

Attach a dry-erase board with removable adhesive strips to create a grocery list and attach a clipboard for holding recipes. Adjustable risers help keep spice jars organized and visible, while trays and cups can be used to corral and organize other small items.

This efficient use of space keeps important information and frequently used items easily accessible.

Party Display.

Arrange cutlery in a tray for convenient transport to a buffet or table during dinner parties.

Elevate the presentation by lining the inside bottom of the tray with decorative scrapbook papers labeled with a metallic pen. To make the tray waterproof and easy to clean, cover the paper pieces with clear adhesive laminating sheets, ensuring both functionality and aesthetics.

Out of Reach.

Bid farewell to the days of searching in the dark for cleaning products under the sink.

Undersink cabinets are often cluttered with various cleaning supplies and household items. Take control of the mess by installing a pullout track for small trash and recycling bins, allowing for easy access and efficient waste disposal.

Additionally, stackable wire baskets can be used to organize and store other necessary items, keeping the space tidy and functional.

Front and Center.

Upper corner cabinets provide ample storage space, but their depth can make it challenging to see and access items stored at the back.

Solve this problem by using wedge-shaped acrylic bins with handles to store and organize items. This arrangement allows for maximum visibility and accessibility, making it easier to locate and retrieve stored items.

To make the most of the small void behind a bin, add a riser with a small bin on top, further optimizing the storage space.

Best 16 Storage Tricks for Pretty Tiny Kitchen 2
Photo: Storage Tricks for Pretty Tiny Kitchen

Hidden Secret.

A Murphy table offers an ingenious space-saving solution.

Create your own by repurposing a narrow wall cabinet, such as a wooden CD case, and painting it in a delightful robin’s egg blue. Cut a tabletop and legs from oak and connect all the pieces using piano hinges.

To ensure safety, securely mount the unit to wall studs with a cleat and use locking brackets on the legs to prevent collapse. Add a latch to keep the table securely in place when closed.

This versatile piece of furniture provides functionality and style, transforming a compact kitchen into a multifunctional space.

Chalk Talk.

Transform the closed table into a useful message board by applying two coats of chalkboard paint.

Use the surface to jot down to-do lists, chore charts, or grocery lists, keeping important information easily visible and accessible. Before unfolding the table, remember to wipe the chalkboard clean to prevent chalk dust from transferring to your legs and clothing.

Label Maker.

Maximize the limited space in your refrigerator by organizing it into food zones.

Use a dry-erase marker to label trays for dairy products, meats, and produce, ensuring that each category has its designated area. Adding dated labels to leftovers helps you keep track of their freshness and avoid wasting food.

By implementing this organizational system, you optimize the storage capacity of your fridge and maintain a well-structured and efficient kitchen.

Tucked Away.

When the Murphy table is folded up, create a cozy nook for your chairs.

Use pieces of wall art, a mounted basket for hanging recipe cards, and an apron hook to transform this space into a charming corner where you can enjoy some extra quality time with the cook. This small addition adds both functionality and aesthetics to your kitchen, making it a welcoming and inviting space.

Pop of Pattern.

Old kitchens often hold hidden treasures from the past, such as marbled backer boards hidden beneath adhesive shelf liners inside the cabinetry.

If you love the vintage look but don’t have access to traditional materials, you can recreate the effect by attaching wallpaper to the back of your cabinets. Utilize a shelf divider to stack and organize dishes of various sizes on the bottom shelf, adding both visual interest and practicality to your kitchen decor.

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