Best Easy Cleaning Tips for a Beautiful Home

During the summer, the last thing you want to be concerned about is home maintenance by cleaning your home regularly.

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To safeguard your home against the effects of heat, humidity, dust, grime, and pests, utilize the following summer cleaning tips both indoors and outdoors.

By addressing these cleaning tasks early in the season, you can fully enjoy the warm weather and sunshine throughout the rest of the summer.

Cleaning Tips for Home

Dust and Reverse Ceiling Fans: Ensure ceiling fans are free from dust and pollen by regularly cleaning the blades.

1. Use an old pillowcase sprayed with an all-purpose cleaner to trap grime as you wipe the blades. After cleaning, reverse the blade direction for optimal air circulation.

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2. Clean Out the Fridge: Make space for fresh produce and leftovers by cleaning out the refrigerator.

Transfer items you want to keep to a cooler, check expiration dates, and discard anything past its prime. Wipe down the surfaces with a damp cloth and wash removable shelves and drawers with warm water and Dish Soap.

3. Do a Clean Sweep: Use inexpensive brooms to sweep away spider webs from windows, screens, railings, porch ceilings, mailboxes, window boxes, and foundation plantings.

Sweep porch and deck floors daily to remove debris brought in by wind, rain, traffic, and critters.

4. Scrub Outdoor Cushions and Pillows: Vacuum cushions to remove loose dirt and use a cleaning solution of dish detergent, Borax, and water to scrub the surface.

Rinse with a garden hose, squeeze out excess water, and air-dry the cushions completely.

5. clean kitchen Cabinets: Wipe kitchen cabinet fronts using a solution of Murphy Oil Soap and warm water.

Pay attention to areas around knobs and dry them with a clean cloth. Regular cleaning prevents grime buildup and potential damage to the cabinet finish.

6. Clean wicker furniture: Protect outdoor wicker furniture from fading by using covers when not in use.

For bamboo, rattan, or willow wicker, brush off surface dirt, wash with Soapy Water mixed with ammonia, rinse well, and air-dry. Synthetic wicker can be cleaned with soap and water and can withstand being hosed down.

7. Prevent Mold in the Bathroom: Combat mold and mildew by cleaning the shower while showering using a Mr.

Clean Eraser sponge and squeegee. Daily swishing with a brush in the toilet bowl and wiping mirrors and sinks with appropriate cloths and cleaners help maintain cleanliness.

Hang wet bath mats and towels outside to dry in the sun.

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Photo: Cleaning Tips for Home

8. Get Ready to Grill: Clean grill grates by turning on the grill and letting the grates get hot.

Rub cut lemon dipped in salt across the grates to cut grease, then wash grates well. Avoid metal brushes to prevent bristles from getting into food.

9. Prepare for Grass Stains: Treat grass stains on clothing by brushing away debris and applying a prewash spray or vinegar-water solution.

Allow the solution to sit before machine-washing the garment in enzyme detergent and hot water.

10. Freshen Window Treatments: Take drapes and curtains outside to air them out.

Shake them to remove dust and let them sit in the sun to eliminate odors. Alternatively, use the dryer for a few minutes to remove dust and mites, then promptly rehang them to avoid ironing.


Best Easy Cleaning Tips for a Beautiful Home 2
Photo: Cleaning Tips for Home

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