Best Fast Way to Declutter Your Home with These Small 15-Minute Tasks

While it may not be feasible to completely declutter your entire home in just 15 minutes, you can make significant progress by dedicating focused time to specific tasks.

By following these ideas, you can tackle clutter gradually and efficiently, organizing your home room by room.

Implementing 15-minute organizing sprints allows you to make consistent progress without feeling overwhelmed. Allocate time each day for one or two tasks, and you’ll soon achieve a tidy and organized home in less time than you might expect.

Best Fast Way to Declutter Home

Best Fast Way to Declutter Home with Small 15-Minute Tasks 2
Photo: Best Fast Way to Declutter Home

Reorganize Baking Sheets and Platters.

Enhance the organization of your kitchen cabinets by implementing a clever solution for sorting baking sheets, platters, cutting boards, and trays.

Create a vertical partition using pairs of wooden inserts or spring-loaded curtain rods to keep these items neatly aligned. Another option is to invest in a cabinet insert specifically designed to keep these items standing upright.

By grouping them by category, such as pizza pans, muffin tins, and serving platters, you’ll make it easier to locate the specific item you need when baking or cooking.

Tidy Up Your Home Entertaining Supplies.

Bring order to your collection of small entertaining essentials, like table linens and napkin rings, by organizing them in shallow drawers near your Dining Table.

If built-in cabinets are not available in or near the dining room, consider utilizing a console table or a beverage cart with storage compartments to keep these items readily accessible. Sort them by type or occasion, whether it’s holiday meals, summer parties, or any other specific events you host.

This way, you can quickly find and prepare everything you need to set a beautiful table for your guests.

Create Order in the Living Room.

Take control of the clutter in your living room or family room by establishing a “lost and found” system.

Allocate a designated basket to each family member and use them as catch-all containers for their belongings. As you clean the room, simply place any stray items into the appropriate basket.

Decide on the rules for managing the baskets, whether it’s having family members empty theirs when full or conducting a weekly clean-out session together. This system will help prevent items from being misplaced and contribute to a more organized and tidy living space.

Best Fast Way to Declutter Home with Small 15-Minute Tasks 2
Photo: Best Fast Way to Declutter Home

Plan Kids’ Outfits in Advance.

Simplify your mornings by dedicating 15 minutes before the start of each week to plan your children’s outfits.

Utilize a hanging shelf that offers space for accessories and shoes, allowing you to assemble complete outfits for each day. Alternatively, you can label hangers with the corresponding days of the week and hang up the entire outfit for each day.

This proactive approach to organizing their clothes will save you time and make the morning routine smoother.

Reorganize Games and Puzzles.

Prevent board games and puzzles from turning into chaotic stacks by utilizing a wire pan rack.

This handy solution, available at stores like Target, keeps the boxes organized and easily accessible. Use large rubber bands to secure the boxes closed, and file them vertically in the rack.

The individual slots will keep the boxes upright and readily available for game nights or family activities.

Efficiently Store First Aid Supplies.

Maintain a tidy and portable first aid kit by storing your supplies in a caddy or tray.

A utensil tray can work effectively, offering compartments for bandages, ointments, and various first-aid items. Adding clip-on file tabs to the compartments will help identify and locate specific supplies quickly.

With this organized approach, you can easily carry the entire kit to any area of your house when needed.

Streamline Shoe Storage.

Optimize your entryway shoe storage by consolidating seasonal shoes elsewhere.

Consider using labeled under-bed bins with dividers to pack shoes one layer deep. Clear containers with wheels and split lids provide easy access and visibility.

By reserving the entryway storage for frequently used shoes, you’ll minimize clutter and ensure that only the appropriate footwear for the current season is readily available.

Best Fast Way to Declutter Home with Small 15-Minute Tasks 2
Photo: Best Fast Way to Declutter Home

Establish an Efficient Jewelry System.

Put an end to the frustration of searching for specific earrings by implementing a comprehensive jewelry organization system.

Utilize a divided tray to neatly arrange small earrings, while hanging necklaces from a decorative corkboard or small hooks. For a creative do-it-yourself project, you can suspend larger earrings on a piece of metal screening inserted into a frame.

This system allows you to see all your jewelry at a glance and makes selecting the perfect pieces effortlessly.

Simplify laundry room decluttering.

Laundry rooms often accumulate miscellaneous items, contributing to clutter and disorganization.

Combat this issue by setting up a series of jars inside a tray to collect pocket finds, clothespins, and mending supplies. Opt for clear glass jars to easily identify the contents of each one.

Avoid colorful bins that can quickly become overwhelmed with objects, making it challenging to locate specific items. With this organized setup, you’ll have a designated place for these frequently used items, promoting a tidier and more functional laundry room.

Organize Papers in the Entryway.

Utilize mini cubbies near the entryway to keep necessary but infrequently used papers in order.

Whether it’s gift certificates, coupons, or school forms, having a designated space for these items ensures they are easily accessible as you enter or leave the house. Consider personalizing cubbies for each family member, enabling them to locate their relevant papers conveniently.

By implementing this system, you’ll avoid misplacing important documents and stay organized daily.

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