Best Storage Ideas for Hair Accessories & Tools

We present our top recommendations for efficiently organizing hair and beauty supplies in a bathroom that has restricted counter and storage space.

In bathrooms with limited space, maximizing every corner becomes crucial.

However, organizing personal care products can be challenging, given the various items such as hair tools, sprays, creams, lotions, and nail care products. As a result, bathroom clutter tends to accumulate quickly.

To combat this issue, we present our top recommendations for efficiently organizing hair and beauty supplies in a bathroom that has a restricted counter and storage space.

Best Storage Ideas for Hair Accessories & Tools

Best Storage Ideas for Hair Accessories & Tools 2
Photo: Best Storage Ideas for Hair Accessories & Tools

Enhance Your Storage Solutions.

Maximize the functionality of your bathroom storage space with these creative ideas for organizing your hair tools and beauty products.

Say goodbye to the hassle of tangled cords and cluttered countertops by implementing these practical and stylish solutions.

Built-In Compartments: Invest in heat-safe canisters with built-in drawer compartments to securely store your hot hair tools.

These compartments keep your tools in place and provide ample depth for even the largest styling devices. Measure your drawer and find a storage unit that matches its dimensions to ensure a perfect fit.

To keep cords organized, use claw hair clips to secure them.

Take the Heat: If your drawer space is limited, consider using a decorative heat-safe tray to store your curling irons and other hot styling tools.

This not only keeps them safely stored but also adds an aesthetic touch to your countertop or shelf.

Just Add Hooks: Make use of the inside of your vanity door by installing self-adhesive hooks.

Hang a wire shelving unit or repurpose a kitchen spice rack to create a convenient hair-styling station. These behind-the-door storage options are perfect for holding your hair tools and products.

Glassware Galore: Opt for glass containers to store small hair accessories like pins, ties, and clips.

Glass containers offer visibility and organization while adding a touch of elegance to your vanity shelf or countertop.

Best Storage Ideas for Hair Accessories & Tools 2
Photo: Best Storage Ideas for Hair Accessories & Tools

Concealed Drawers: When dealing with a small bathroom, think outside the box and utilize unexpected storage spaces.

Convert a dividing wall into concealed drawers to store your hair products discreetly. Multiple levels provide ample storage and help keep your bathroom clutter-free.

Stackable Storage Bins: For miscellaneous hair products, consider using stackable bins in various sizes and colors.

Sort your products by usage and label the bins for easy identification and access.

Over-the-Door Options: Maximize your vanity space by using a hair-dryer holder that suspends the tool and manages the cord to prevent tangling.

This clever storage solution keeps your Hair Dryer easily accessible while saving valuable countertop space.

Repurposed Planters: Convert garden planters into hanging storage for your hair tools and accessories.

Hang them on a ladder shelf or place them on a shelf or inside a linen closet. This repurposing idea adds a unique touch to your bathroom organization.

Shelving on a Roll: Repurpose old snack containers by using them as storage for round brushes and combs.

Decorative paper can be added to the containers to coordinate with your bathroom decor, adding a pop of color and pattern to your shelves.

Best Storage Ideas for Hair Accessories & Tools 2
Photo: Best Storage Ideas for Hair Accessories & Tools

Mirror Shelving: Make the most of your medicine cabinet by utilizing both the shelves and the door.

Place frequently used products on an easily accessible lower shelf, while organizing special occasion items on risers on the top shelf. Attach a magnetic basket or bin inside the door to hold small hair ties and clips.

Hanging Hair Dryer: In a smaller bathroom, get creative with your storage solutions.

Use a tiled backsplash to hang a suctioned hair dryer holder, ensuring it is placed away from water to maintain safety.

Personalized Drawers: If your vanity lacks drawers, don’t settle for less.

Purchase your own set of drawers that fit your under-sink space perfectly. Stacked trays or office desktop organizers can be used as makeshift drawers.

Enhance organization by adding dividers and sections to keep smaller items in place.

Carry It in a Caddy: Utilize utensil caddies from the kitchen aisle to store and transport items from room to room.

These caddies are perfect for assembling kits related to specific personal-care tasks. Individual compartments can be used to organize hair ties, clips, and sprays.

Put It on a Pedestal: Get creative with kitchen finds as decorative platters, cups, and cake stands for bathroom storage.

Items placed on pedestals provide layers of storage for smaller items such as jewelry and hair clips. Mugs can hold makeup brushes, egg crates are ideal for sorting earrings, and small bowls are versatile for storing hairpins to Q-tips.

Let your imagination guide you in repurposing these items for stylish organization.

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