Brighten Your Dark Rooms with These 6 Paint Colors

Brighten Your Dark Rooms with These 6 Paint Colors. Some rooms naturally receive more natural light due to the number of windows they have. However, if you’re dealing with darker areas in your home, adding more windows might not be feasible. Luckily, there’s a simple solution: choosing the right paint colors can significantly brighten up these dimly-lit spaces.

When it comes to painting dark rooms, it’s essential to avoid colors with muddy undertones, as they can contribute to the darkness, advises Nadia Watts, an interior designer from Denver, Colorado. By selecting the appropriate paint colors, you can create a brighter and more inviting atmosphere in your home.

Brighten Dark Rooms with White Paint

Brighten Your Dark Rooms with These 6 Paint Colors 1
Photo: Brighten Dark Rooms with White Paint

When it comes to brightening up a room with limited natural light, white paint can work wonders.

While it may seem like a simple choice, white can effectively contrast the darkness and make the space feel more illuminated.

According to Joyner, paint colors like Simply White or Pure White by Benjamin Moore are excellent options for dark rooms.

These shades provide the necessary contrast to counterbalance the lack of light. Another choice is Benjamin Moore’s Alabaster White, which has a subtle pink undertone.

Watts recommends this color for its ability to create a soft and inviting ambiance when light reflects off the walls. In fact, it is the chosen wall color for her own living room, which tends to be a darker space in her home.

Elevate Dark Rooms with Blue Paint

Brighten Your Dark Rooms with These 6 Paint Colors 2
Photo: Elevate Dark Rooms with Blue Paint

When seeking to transform a dimly lit room, consider using Borrowed Light from Farrow & Ball.

This grayish-blue shade boasts bright undertones that can help bring light into the space. As a neutral color, it seamlessly complements other design elements, making it an ideal choice for coating your walls.

Infuse Warmth with Orange Paint

Brighten Your Dark Rooms with These 6 Paint Colors 3
Photo: Infuse Warmth with Orange Paint

For a welcoming and radiant ambiance, consider Benjamin Moore’s Orange Nectar 2013-20.

This lush and sweet shade of orange, as described by the paint brand, can bring a vibrant glow to your home. According to celebrity interior designer Taniya Nayak, this hue has the power to transform a cold, dark room into a warm and cozy space.

Embrace the fullness and robustness of this inviting color to add character and brightness to your surroundings.

Bring Refreshing Serenity with Palest Pistachio

If you’re seeking a versatile and crisp color for a room lacking natural light, look no further than Benjamin Moore’s Palest Pistachio.

According to interior designer Nadia Watts, this shade offers the perfect balance with its subtle blue undertone. Whether it’s a bedroom or a bathroom, this refreshing green hue will infuse a sense of serenity and brightness, creating an inviting atmosphere in even the dimmest of spaces.

Create a Soothing Ambiance with Light Purple

When it comes to softening dark rooms, a light purple paint color can work wonders.

Interior designer Joyner suggests considering WC-76 from Fine Paints of Europe, a delicate lavender shade that strikes a perfect balance between warm and cool tones. Another option to explore is Valspar’s Cosmic Berry, admired by designer Taniya Nayak for its cool undertones. Both choices bring a touch of tranquility to dimly-lit spaces, infusing them with a soothing ambiance that will make you feel right at home.

Elevate Your Space with Warm Brown Tones

Brighten Your Dark Rooms with These 6 Paint Colors 6
Photo: Elevate Your Space with Warm Brown Tones

Contrary to popular belief, darker paint colors can actually enhance the brightness of a dimly-lit room.

Sherwin-Williams’ Turkish Coffee SW 6076 is a prime example. This rich brown shade with subtle yellow undertones adds vibrancy to the space, bringing your room to life.

Celebrity designer Taniya Nayak recommends this hue as a way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere while brightening up the room. Embrace the depth and richness of brown to transform your dimly-lit space into a cozy and visually captivating haven.

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