Clean House: Personality-Driven Organizing for Good

Clean House: Personality-Driven Organizing for Good. Discover the secret to long-lasting organization with the Clutterbug method.

We all aspire to maintain an organized space, but often find ourselves frustrated as our efforts seem to yield little lasting change. What if the problem lies not in our abilities, but in the approach we take?

Enter Cassandra Aarssen, the brilliant mind behind the Clutterbug concept that has taken the world by storm. Unlike traditional methods that advocate for meticulous filing and compartmentalization, Aarssen offers a refreshing perspective.

“I didn’t even realize it was a thing until someone pointed it out to me,” Aarssen explains. “When people think of organization, they envision intricate systems with labeled jars and meticulously arranged cabinets. I couldn’t keep up with that level of detail, and I began to believe I simply wasn’t an organized person.”

However, instead of reverting to her old, disorganized habits, Aarssen had an epiphany. “I discovered that a more relaxed, macro approach was possible. Instead of categorizing bills into separate files for electricity, gas, and credit card statements, I created a single folder for ‘2021 bills.’ It’s still organized, but without the unnecessary complexity. I extended this approach throughout my entire system.”

With the Clutterbug method, organization becomes attainable for everyone, regardless of their natural inclinations. By understanding your unique personality and adapting the system to fit your needs, you can finally achieve lasting order and simplicity in your life. Say goodbye to frustration and welcome a new era of stress-free organization with Clutterbug.

How the Clutterbug Quiz Unveils Your Organizational Style

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Illustrative image How the Clutterbug Quiz Unveils Your Organizational Style

Let’s delve into how the Clutterbug Quiz unveils your unique organizational style.

The quiz begins by recognizing two fundamental types of organizers: macros and micros. Micros find satisfaction in meticulously arranging items, investing a few extra seconds to ensure everything is in its designated place.

When they need to retrieve something, it takes them less time to locate it. On the other hand, macros prioritize efficiency on the front end, opting to group similar items together without worrying about perfect organization.

They don’t mind spending a few moments sifting through the groups to find what they need. For instance, a micro individual would fold their shirts neatly and place them in a dresser drawer, while a macro person would toss their shirts into a bin and later search for the specific one they desire.

Next, the Clutterbug Quiz helps determine whether you lean towards being a hidden or a visual organizer.

Hidden organizers prefer clean surfaces, striving to keep their belongings tucked away and out of sight. On the contrary, visual organizers derive satisfaction from having all their cherished items displayed prominently, where they can be seen at all times.

By understanding your organizational style through the Clutterbug Quiz, you gain valuable insights into how you prefer to arrange and interact with your possessions.

Armed with this knowledge, you can tailor your organizational approach to suit your individual preferences, leading to a more harmonious and clutter-free living space.

Discover Your Clutterbug Personality: Unveiling Your Organizational Style

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Illustrative image Discover Your Clutterbug Personality: Unveiling Your Organizational Style

Unveiling your unique organizational personality is as simple as understanding the four distinct Clutterbug types.

By considering your responses to Cassandra Aarssen’s questions, you can identify your bug:.


You appreciate both visual and organizational simplicity, opting for macro solutions.

Your preference is to store items behind closed doors, but you require quick and easy systems; otherwise, you tend to haphazardly shove things anywhere. If something proves difficult to put away properly, chances are you won’t bother.


You thrive on visual abundance and organizational simplicity, favoring macro solutions.

You prefer having everyday used items visible, but you still require efficient systems to put them away. Consequently, you tend to leave your belongings out wherever you last used them.


Visual abundance and organizational abundance resonate with you, leading you towards micro solutions.

You enjoy seeing your everyday used items and rely on highly functional storage solutions. Otherwise, you tend to accumulate items until you can put them away “properly.

” Bees tend to have a keen eye for visual aesthetics and exhibit perfectionistic tendencies.


You find comfort in visual simplicity combined with organizational abundance, leaning towards micro solutions.

While you prefer to keep your everyday used items hidden out of sight, you have a tendency to accumulate items until you can put them away properly. In many ways, you embody the essence of a classic organizer.

By recognizing your Clutterbug type, you gain valuable insight into your preferred approach to organization.

Armed with this understanding, you can tailor your systems and strategies to align with your unique personality, ultimately leading to a more harmonious and effective organization in your life.

From Clutter to Clarity: Cassandra Aarssen’s Journey to Organizational Success

Cassandra Aarssen’s journey to becoming an organizing juggernaut began with a transformative moment sparked by an organization reality show.

As she ran her home day care, she stumbled upon TLC’s “Clean Sweep” featuring Peter Walsh. His words resonated deeply with her, striking her like a ton of bricks.

It was then that she realized she had been attempting to organize things she didn’t even use. The key to her struggles became clear: she had an excess of belongings.

Inspired by Walsh’s approach, which emphasized decluttering as the initial step, Aarssen embarked on a life-changing path.

Clean House: Personality-Driven Organizing for Good 3
Illustrative image From Clutter to Clarity: Cassandra Aarssen’s Journey to Organizational Success

Applying Walsh’s method throughout her entire house, Aarssen experienced remarkable transformations.

Not only did her living space become more organized, but her finances, relationships, and self-confidence also flourished. The positive impact was so profound that she began helping friends, family, and word-of-mouth clients.

Fuelled by her excitement, she decided to share her journey on YouTube, eager to spread the newfound knowledge and empowerment. Aarssen felt a sense of fulfillment, realizing that she now had the ability to assist others in the same way Peter Walsh had helped her.

She aimed to reach individuals who felt defeated, sitting on their couches, convinced that they were inherently messy.

For Aarssen, having her own organization reality show was the realization of a dream.

It marked the culmination of her personal growth and provided a platform to inspire and support people on their own organizational journeys. Her transformation from someone struggling to keep her home tidy to an influential figure in the organizing world showcased the power of decluttering and the profound impact it can have on all aspects of life.

Empowering Organizers: Cassandra Aarssen’s Motivational Influence

Cassandra Aarssen’s passion for helping others in the realm of organization goes beyond her online presence and new show.

Recognizing the need for credibility and confidence among those aspiring to make organizing their profession, she took it upon herself to create a unique certification program.

Aarssen shares, “I felt the need to be certified or have formal education in order to confidently charge people for my organizing services, even though I already had the skills to organize for others.

” After years of saving money to become a certified professional organizer, she realized that the certification process lacked a governing body and felt like just a piece of paper.

In response, Aarssen took matters into her own hands and developed an online course, along with an affiliation program, trademarking the term “Certified Organizational Specialist.

” Through her course, she has trained over 5,000 students who have become certified organizational specialists and started their own businesses assisting people in their organizing endeavors. The remarkable aspect is that her course is available at a fraction of the cost she paid for her own certification.

Despite her vast knowledge of organization, Aarssen acknowledges her own ongoing challenge in one particular area: craft supplies.

She attributes this struggle to what she refers to as “identity clutter. ” Aarssen explains that everyone has their own form of identity clutter, where certain belongings, such as clothes for fashion enthusiasts or books for avid readers, become difficult to let go of due to their association with personal identity.

Emphatically, Aarssen declares, “Clutter ruins lives.

You may not realize it when you’re amidst the clutter, but the difference becomes apparent once you’re free from it. ” For countless individuals, finding their way out of clutter is made possible through embracing their personal brand of Clutterbug and the empowering guidance provided by Aarssen.

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