Cleaning Products the Pros Rely On (Part 2)

cleaning products the Pros Rely On (Part 2). Embarking on a thorough cleaning mission in your home, from tackling the shower to the stove and all those dusty nooks and crannies in between, demands the right arsenal of cleaning supplies. If you’re uncertain about what you’ll need, why not turn to the experts who understand cleaning inside out? Professional cleaning services have a wealth of knowledge to share, and they rely on a specific set of products. With these essential Cleaning Tools at your disposal, you’ll be well-equipped to conquer any cleaning challenge, transforming your home into a sparkling and inviting haven.

A Sparkling Solution for Mirrors and Windows: White Vinegar or Trusty Windex

Cleaning Products the Pros Rely On (Part 2) 1
Photo: A Sparkling Solution for Mirrors and Windows: White Vinegar or Trusty Windex

When tackling the task of cleaning mirrors and windows, you have a choice between two classic and effective options.


The first is white vinegar, a household staple known for its natural cleaning prowess.

Simply mix it with water in a spray bottle, and you’ll have a DIY glass and surface cleaner that can help remove streaks and smudges while leaving your glass surfaces gleaming.

The second option is the trusted brand Windex, which is a favorite among many professional cleaners, including those at Molly Maid.

Windex is formulated specifically for glass and delivers a streak-free shine with ease.

Whether you opt for the natural approach with white vinegar or the convenience of Windex, you can enjoy sparkling mirrors and crystal-clear windows that enhance the overall cleanliness and brightness of your space.

It’s a simple yet effective way to maintain a fresh and inviting environment.

The Mighty Vacuum: More Than Just Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning Products the Pros Rely On (Part 2) 2
Photo: The Mighty Vacuum: More Than Just Carpet Cleaning

Your trusty vacuum cleaner is a versatile tool that goes beyond the task of carpet cleaning.

In fact, it can be a valuable asset for maintaining a cleaner and healthier home environment in various ways:.

Dusting Furniture: Use your vacuum’s hose and dusting brush attachment to effectively remove dust and debris from furniture surfaces.

This method is not only efficient but also prevents dust from resettling.

Curtain Care: Extend the reach of your vacuum to gently clean curtains and drapes.

It’s an excellent way to eliminate accumulated dust without the hassle of removing and washing them.

High and Low: Don’t forget to target those hard-to-reach areas like corners between the wall and ceiling.

A vacuum with extension wands and a crevice tool can make quick work of cobwebs and dust in these spaces.

HEPA Filters: Consider using a vacuum model equipped with a built-in HEPA filter.

HEPA filters are highly efficient at removing up to 99% of particulates from the air, ensuring that the air you breathe is cleaner and healthier.

Pet Owners’ Best Friend: If you have pets, invest in upholstery extensions and pet-specific attachments.

These tools are designed to handle pet hair and dander effectively, keeping your home fresh and fur-free.

One notable vacuum option is the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe, available on Amazon.

It combines the benefits of a HEPA filter, versatility with attachments, and the convenience of a removable canister, making it an ideal choice for various cleaning tasks, including tackling stairs with ease.

By making the most of your vacuum cleaner and its attachments, you can maintain a cleaner, healthier home environment with less effort, ensuring that every nook and cranny stays dust-free and fresh.

Protecting Your Hands: A Must When Cleaning

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Photo: Protecting Your Hands: A Must When Cleaning

Cleaning your home is a necessary task, but it’s important not to overlook the potential risks that some household cleaners can pose to your skin.

Many cleaning products contain strong chemicals that, while effective for cleaning, can be harsh on bare hands. To ensure your hands remain safe and comfortable during your cleaning routine, consider investing in a pair of durable gloves.

One highly recommended option is the use of durable gloves like those available on Amazon.

These gloves are designed to provide a protective barrier, shielding your hands from exposure to chemicals and moisture. They are not only durable but also have the added benefit of wicking away moisture, ensuring that your hands stay dry and comfortable even during extended cleaning sessions.

Wearing gloves while cleaning is a simple yet effective practice that can help prevent skin irritation and discomfort.

It allows you to confidently tackle your cleaning tasks without worrying about the potential impact on your hands. By prioritizing safety and comfort, you can make your cleaning routine a more pleasant and worry-free experience.

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