Confused when have to Organize Bathroom Counters? Read this.

In an ideal scenario, the bathroom countertop would always be clean and free from clutter. It often becomes necessary to keep a few essential items.

Confused when have to Organize Bathroom Counters? Read this. 1
Photo: Confused when having to Organize Bathroom Counters? Read this.

This is particularly true if you lack storage options like a medicine cabinet, vanity, or nearby closet.

To maintain an organized space and simplify your routine, it’s crucial to establish a system. Otherwise, it’s easy for your countertop to become overwhelmed with various items, defeating the purpose of streamlining your daily activities.

To create a functional and visually pleasing area to begin and end your day, consider implementing the following bathroom counter-organization ideas.

Bathroom Counter organization tips

Confused when have to Organize Bathroom Counters? Read this. 2
Photo: Bathroom Counter Organization Tips

Evaluate Your Counter Space:

Begin by assessing the size and dimensions of your bathroom countertop to determine how much storage it can accommodate.

If you have a small vanity, your options may be more limited, so keep that in mind while planning Your Organization strategy.

Identify Essential Items:

Decide on the essential items that you truly need to keep on the counter.

Even with ample countertop space, it’s important to avoid overloading it. Consider what items would make your Daily Routine more convenient if they were within easy reach.

Make a list of these essentials, such as toothbrushes, face wash, perfume, or extra washcloths, based on your specific needs and lifestyle.

Declutter and Relocate:

Clear off your countertop by decluttering and rehoming unnecessary items.

Check expiration dates and discard any expired products or items you no longer use. Find appropriate places for stray items, such as relocating a headband to the bedroom, storing special occasion lipstick in a drawer, or returning cleaning spray bottles to their designated spot under the sink.

This step will help keep your countertop free from unnecessary clutter.

Confused when have to Organize Bathroom Counters? Read this. 3
Photo: Bathroom Counter Organization Tips

Establish a Routine:

With your list of essential items and a clear countertop space, it’s beneficial to create a getting-ready routine.

If you have a specific order in which you apply Skincare Products or have a simplified routine, take note of the products you use from start to finish when preparing for work or bedtime. Understanding your routine will help you organize your countertop system more effectively.

Group Similar Items:

Sort the items you want to keep on the countertop based on their types or categories.

Separate daytime and nighttime skincare products, gather oral care items together and set aside single-use items like cotton rounds and swabs. By grouping similar items, you can determine the most suitable storage solution for each category.

Choose Appropriate Storage Solutions:

Based on your categorized items, consider the best storage options that fit your needs.

This could include small containers, trays, baskets, or organizers that keep like items together and make them easily accessible on your countertop. Select storage solutions that are both functional and visually pleasing to enhance your organization system.

Choosing a bathroom countertop organizer

Confused when have to Organize Bathroom Counters? Read this. 4
Photo: Choosing a bathroom countertop organizer


Use a tray to keep a few essential items contained on the countertop.

Choose a tray that matches your bathroom’s style and make it a habit to return items to the tray after use.

Lazy Susan:

Consider using a lazy Susan on your countertop to store round-shaped items like serums or hair-styling bottles.

You can opt for a divided turntable to keep similar items together.

Tiered Organizers:

If you have many products to organize, go for vertical storage with organizers that have multiple tiers.

Select one that fits your aesthetic, such as a glam tray, rustic basket, or antique cake stand. Look for double-tiered options for added storage.

Apothecary Jars:

Use a set of glass jars to create a spa-like look while keeping items organized.

You can decant disposable items like floss sticks and cotton rounds or use taller jars for makeup brushes. The jars also help keep items dust-free with their lids.

Acrylic Makeup Case:

Consider an acrylic makeup case for storing a variety of products.

These cases are customizable with options like pull-out drawers and standing slots for lipsticks or eyeliners. They allow you to maximize storage while minimizing surface space.

Hair Tool Organizer:

If you frequently use hair tools like blow dryers or flat irons, consider a standing organizer designed specifically for these items.

Some versions also include compartments for brushes, styling products, and accessories.

Cup or Mug:

Repurpose a glass or mug from your kitchen to hold items like toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, or makeup brushes.

You can also thrift one for a vintage bathroom look.

Trinket Dish:

Use a small plate or bowl to collect everyday jewelry, bobby pins, or other small items on the countertop.


Place a basket on the countertop to create a welcoming guest bathroom experience.

Roll or fold face towels neatly inside and include items like an odor spray, hand lotion, lint roller, or mints.

Choose the organizer(s) that best suit your needs, style, and available countertop space.

Adding the finishing touches to your organized bathroom countertop

Confused when have to Organize Bathroom Counters? Read this. 5
Photo: Adding the finishing touches to your organized bathroom countertop

Choose Matching Accessories:

Consider getting a coordinated set of bathroom countertop accessories, such as a hand soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, and tissue box, to create a cohesive and stylish look.

This helps reduce visual clutter and adds balance to your organized items.

Decant Products:

Use pretty bottles to transfer skin care liquids or perfumes into before placing them on the countertop.

Consider adding labels with expiration dates to keep track of the products.

Look to Nearby Wall Space:

Utilize floating shelves on the wall near your countertop to maximize storage space.

This allows you to keep toiletries close at hand while minimizing clutter on the countertop. Install the shelves between the sink and mirror or on the nearest adjacent wall.

Add Decor:

Incorporate decorative items on your bathroom countertop to enhance the style and ambiance.

Place a small vase of fresh flowers, a scented candle, or a framed piece of art to create a harmonious atmosphere in the space.

By implementing these additional ideas, you can further enhance the functionality, style, and organization of your bathroom countertop.

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