Countertops: 9 Best Smart Storage Ideas to Declutter Around

Achieving an organized home starts with having clutter-free countertops. Fortunately, clearing your countertops doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Fortunately, clearing your countertops doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

We have compiled our top organizing hacks to help you eliminate clutter once and for all.

With the use of simple storage baskets, organizers, and hanging racks, you can quickly regain control of your space. These Smart Storage solutions are designed to remove tools, materials, toiletries, and tech gear from your work surfaces while keeping them easily accessible.

By implementing these strategies, you can efficiently handle every task and enjoy a more organized home environment.

Countertops Storage Ideas to Declutter

Countertops: 9 Best Smart Storage Ideas to Declutter Around 2
Photo: Countertops Storage Ideas to Declutter

Install a pot rack.

If your kitchen is lacking in cabinet space and your countertops are overcrowded, finding a solution to free up space can be a challenge.

Instead of storing your pots and pans in cabinets or drawers, consider installing a pot rack. By hanging your cookware on a pot rack, you can easily access your supplies while keeping your counters neat and organized.

This not only provides a practical storage solution but also adds a stylish element to your kitchen decor.

Hang a Utensil Rack.

While it’s common to place utensils in a container on the counter, this can take up valuable counter space.

To maximize your countertop area, consider hanging your frequently used utensils under the upper cabinets using pegboard or hooks. This clever storage solution keeps your countertops free from clutter while ensuring that your utensils are within easy reach whenever you need them.

Maximize Corner Space.

Don’t let awkward corner spaces go to waste.

Take advantage of these areas by installing shelves near your work surfaces. Utilize the space between the end cabinet and window, as well as the area between the dropped ceiling and backsplash.

Stacked shelves can provide storage for canisters, cookbooks, and attractive serving pieces, effectively lifting them off your countertops. Additionally, consider mounting a vintage corner cabinet in a forgotten corner or adding shallow shelves behind the sink and range to maximize your kitchen’s storage capacity.

Countertops: 9 Best Smart Storage Ideas to Declutter Around 2
Photo: Countertops Storage Ideas to Declutter

Utilize the Space Under the Sink.

To keep your countertops uncluttered, make the most of the cabinet space beneath your kitchen or Bathroom Sink.

Install baskets to hold cleaners, toiletries, and paper goods, ensuring that everything is neatly organized and easily accessible. Sliding drawer baskets can be particularly useful, allowing you to quickly grab the supplies you need and keep track of what needs restocking.

Create a Charging Station.

Keep your electronic devices organized and off the countertops by transforming any drawer into a charging station.

Install a power strip in a nightstand, desk, or cabinet drawer, providing a secure location to charge your cell phones, tablets, and e-readers. For optimal functionality, it’s recommended to drill a hole in the back or side of the furniture piece nearest an electrical outlet to accommodate the charging cord.

If you’re unsure about the electrical aspects, it’s advisable to seek assistance from an electrician.

Make Use of Missed Storage Opportunities.

In most bathrooms, there is often an underutilized wall that presents numerous possibilities for storage.

Consider the space above the toilet, which can accommodate various storage units. From medicine cabinets and wall shelves to freestanding etageres designed to fit the contours of the toilet, there are plenty of options to suit any bathroom.

Adding a few floating shelves can provide valuable storage for towels and other supplies, effectively reducing bathroom clutter.

Countertops: 9 Best Smart Storage Ideas to Declutter Around 2
Photo: Countertops Storage Ideas to Declutter

Organize with Baskets.

When you find yourself with items that don’t have a designated storage place, utilize available countertop space by using baskets and attractive canvas bins.

These containers can gather small items that tend to sprawl across surfaces, keeping them organized and easily accessible. Whether it’s supplied in the bathroom, cooking tools in the kitchen, or office supplies in a workspace, this clever containment system can help maintain a clutter-free environment.

Designate Kitchen Drawers.

When countertop space is limited, it’s essential to make the most of your cabinets and drawers.

Look for drawer inserts that are specifically designed to organize items such as chef’s knives, spice jars, and cooking gadgets. By allocating a specific area for these essentials, preferably near where they will be accessed most frequently, you can optimize your kitchen’s functionality even with limited space.

Create Additional Counter Space.

Bathroom vanity tops often become cluttered, especially during rushed or sleepy moments when tidying up is the last thing on your mind.

A secretary-style desk can provide a solution by storing essential items near the vanity in an accessible and visually appealing form. When your beauty regimens are complete, the desk can be closed up, maintaining a tidy and organized appearance while effectively creating additional counter space.

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