Design Experts’ Preferred White Paint Shades (Part 1)

Design Experts’ Preferred White Paint Shades (Part 1).In our quest to uncover the nuances of interior design, we turned to the experts and asked them to share their insights into their favorite “vanilla” choices. Just as in the world of food, where vanilla is often considered plain, in interior design, certain elements may seem understated at first glance but hold tremendous potential for creating unique and captivating spaces.

Design professionals have a knack for discerning the subtle variations in color, texture, and style that Transform a room from ordinary to extraordinary. They appreciate the diversity within the category of “vanilla” and recognize that it can range from cool and crisp to warm and inviting. The key is in the details, the undertones, and the careful selection to complement the overall design concept.

For these experts, the choice of “vanilla” isn’t about settling for the mundane; it’s about harnessing its versatility to enhance the aesthetics and atmosphere of a space. So, whether it’s a soft beige with hints of warmth or a cool gray with a touch of elegance, these design pros have their own favorite “vanilla” hues that bring a touch of magic to their projects. Their insights remind us that, in design, as in life, even the seemingly plain can be a canvas for boundless creativity and beauty.

Elevate Your Space with Unique White Paints

Design Experts\' Preferred White Paint Shades (Part 1) 1
Photo: Elevate Your Space with Unique White Paints

In the culinary world, “vanilla” may connote plainness, but in reality, the vanilla bean is a complex and exquisite flavor.

Similarly, when it comes to paint, white is often seen as a blank canvas, but many white paints hold subtle undertones that can transform a space. Choosing the perfect shade of white can work wonders for your interior.

So, which whites are the crème de la crème? We’ve consulted multiple design professionals to uncover their favorite and go-to white paint shades.

Sherwin-Williams Extra White: A Crisp and Neutral Canvas

Nikki Levy, the creative director of Nikki Levy Interiors, draws inspiration from her South African heritage to shape her design sensibilities.

In her projects, her team frequently turns to Sherwin-Williams Extra White for its remarkable lack of undertones. This no-frills neutral shade proves ideal for spaces that aim for a clean and fresh design aesthetic. Remarkably versatile, it harmonizes with a wide range of room styles, even those furnished with warm-toned decor.

However, Levy offers a valuable piece of advice, reminding us that selecting the right Paint Color is more art than science.

To ensure the perfect choice, she recommends testing paint samples first. With Sherwin-Williams Extra White, you have the opportunity to create a crisp and inviting canvas that beautifully complements various design preferences.

Benjamin Moore’s Finest Whites: The Expert\’s Selection

Design Experts\' Preferred White Paint Shades (Part 1) 3
Photo: Benjamin Moore’s Finest Whites: The Expert\’s Selection

When it comes to choosing the perfect white shade, Larina Kase follows a personalized approach, aligning the selection with her clients’ unique style preferences.

To narrow down the ideal hue, she employs a design quiz that assists in pinpointing the most suitable white shade for each project. Kase emphasizes the significance of factors like light levels and floor color in this decision-making process.

For instance, she notes that a floor with warm honey tones can reflect onto the walls, potentially giving them an undesired yellowish hue.

While identifying the perfect white may involve a touch of artistic detective work, Larina Kase holds a strong preference for white paints from Benjamin Moore.

Her top picks from their collection include Super White, Chantilly Lace, White Dove, Decorator’s White, Vanilla Milkshake, and Steam. These versatile options allow her to craft harmonious and visually appealing spaces that cater to her clients’ distinct tastes and preferences.

“Greige”: The Versatile Intersection of Gray and Beige

Roy Kim of Roy Kim Design lays it out plainly: “The most versatile paint color in any interior design is white.”

Within the realm of white hues, he has a special fondness for what he dubs “greige” – whites that exhibit a warm, subtle touch of gray. Kim points out that the art of selecting the perfect white shade involves a bit of color balancing.

In situations where a room is adorned with mahogany or cherry wood elements, caution must be exercised to avoid accentuating the red tones present.

In such scenarios, Kim recommends steering clear of whites with green undertones and instead opting for “greige. ” This harmonious fusion of gray and beige not only complements wood finishes beautifully but also provides a versatile backdrop that can effortlessly adapt to a variety of interior styles and design preferences.

Benjamin Moore Super White: A Timeless and Adaptable Choice

Design Experts\' Preferred White Paint Shades (Part 1) 5
Photo: Benjamin Moore Super White: A Timeless and Adaptable Choice

Jennifer J.Morris, Principal at JMorris Design, holds a deep appreciation for the understated elegance of Benjamin Moore’s Super White. She’s drawn to its simple and clean aesthetic, which seamlessly accommodates both cool and warm tones.

Super White’s remarkable versatility makes it Jennifer’s go-to choice, whether she’s designing kids’ rooms or hallways where wall color must harmonize with various other colors and spaces. Its ability to play well with others while maintaining a timeless appeal solidifies its status as a favorite among design professionals like Jennifer J.Morris.

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