Garage Storage: Best 10 DIY Ideas for Decluttering

A garage can provide additional storage for your home, allowing you to store seasonal items such as holiday decorations and gardening tools.

However, the available space in the garage quickly diminishes once you start filling it up.

Bulky items like lawnmowers, large figurines, and pool equipment can take up a significant amount of space, making it challenging to park your car inside. To make the most of the space you have, it’s important to be resourceful.

While professional garage storage systems are effective, they can be expensive and may not be necessary for your specific needs. Instead of investing in such systems, consider trying out one of these DIY garage storage ideas to efficiently organize your belongings, saving both time and money.

DIY Garage Storage Ideas for Decluttering

Garage Storage: Best 10 DIY Ideas for Decluttering 2
Photo: DIY Garage Storage Ideas for Decluttering

install a Pegboard Wall.

A pegboard wall is an excellent solution for organizing your garage tools, eliminating the need for bulky drawers or boxes.

To maximize storage space, you can combine a DIY pegboard with a plank wall, especially for items that are challenging to hang. Hang saws, scissors, hammers, and pliers on the pegboard for easy access.

Attach shelves to the nearby plank wall to store containers of nuts, bolts, nails, and washers, ensuring that everything is kept in one area while utilizing vertical storage space effectively.

Mimic a Mudroom.

If your home lacks a dedicated mudroom or entryway, you can create a functional one in your garage.

Install hooks on the wall closest to the door, assigning one for each family member to hang jackets, backpacks, and umbrellas. Store items that don’t need to come inside the house in this area.

To complete the setup, add a small bench with storage underneath where shoes can be conveniently taken on and off before entering the house.

Make a Shutter Shelf.

Not only is this storage idea practical for your home, but it’s also environmentally friendly.

If you come across an old window shutter, door, or another unused wooden object, repurpose it into a shelf. Use L brackets from a local hardware store to attach the shutter to wall studs above a door or window.

This DIY shelf can be used to store lightweight items like outdoor sofa cushions or pool inflatables, providing an attractive and functional storage solution.

Garage Storage: Best 10 DIY Ideas for Decluttering 2
Photo: DIY Garage Storage Ideas for Decluttering

Bundle Tools with Bungee Cords.

Even if your garage walls have exposed beams, you can still utilize them for storage.

Hammer a few nails at different points parallel to each other on two beams and then loop bungee cords across them. This setup allows you to slide long and narrow tools, such as shovels, rakes, or outdoor items like tiki torches, under the cords, keeping them organized and out of the way.

Make a Dolly from a Cabinet Door.

Give new life to an old kitchen cabinet door by repurposing it into a DIY dolly.

Attach four caster wheels to the base of the cabinet door to create a mobile storage solution. This dolly can handle heavier items that are challenging to carry, such as paint cans, bags of grout, cans of soil, or tiles.

Simply roll the dolly to your workspace when you need these items for a renovation or lawn project, and slide it underneath a workbench to keep the floor clear when not in use.

Build a Garage Workshop.

If you have a significant amount of home improvement gear, consider creating a dedicated workshop space in your garage.

Incorporate pegboards, plank walls, and a bench with ample storage space to keep everything organized and easily accessible. Despite the initial perception of adding more items to the garage, a well-organized workshop ensures that tools and equipment are confined to a specific area, preventing clutter in the rest of the garage.

Efficient use of wall space can help create a functional workspace without occupying too much room.

Hang a Dowel Rod.

For smaller items, inexpensive dowel rods can be used to keep things in place.

Attach them between beams or on the inside of a door to corral similar items. Create a mini garden center by hanging seed packets, small terra-cotta pots, and gardening tools on the dowel rod.

Additionally, you can place your favorite gloves over the rod, providing easy access whenever you’re ready to plant or work in the garden.

Garage Storage: Best 10 DIY Ideas for Decluttering 2
Photo: DIY Garage Storage Ideas for Decluttering

Build a Pulley System for Bikes.

If you’re tired of bikes taking up valuable floor space in your garage, consider implementing a pulley system to store them overhead.

Identify a suitable spot on the ceiling, away from any obstruction, and attach sturdy beams with pulleys on each end. Hook the handlebars and seat of the bikes to the pulley system and hoist them up towards the ceiling.

This innovative bike storage idea helps save space, especially if you don’t use your bikes year-round. Lowering the bikes when needed is as simple as reversing the process.

Make a Simple Tool Wall.

If you prefer a minimalist approach, a large piece of plywood attached to an empty wall in the garage can serve as a simple yet effective tool storage solution.

Hammer nails into the plywood to act as hooks for your tools. Beforehand, determine which tools you want to hang, allowing you to space the nails accordingly.

Whether you’re storing power tools or lawn equipment, planning out the layout by arranging the items on the plywood and marking the nail positions will help create an organized tool wall.

Repurpose Decorative Baskets.

If you’re an organizing enthusiast, you probably have extra storage baskets lying around the house.

Don’t hesitate to repurpose them in the garage. Use the baskets to store awkwardly-shaped items like rolls of twine or rope.

Opt for metal or wire baskets as they provide easy access to the items inside, allowing you to unravel the twine by slipping the loose end through the bottom of the basket. This way, you can quickly grab the length of twine you need for various tasks such as tying up your pepper plant supports.

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