Have you Known the Best Way in 3 Steps to Wash Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets have gained popularity due to their various benefits, such as promoting restful sleep, reducing anxiety, and providing pain relief.

These blankets replicate the sensation of being held, signaling to the brain that it’s safe to relax and release tension.

However, over time, weighted blankets require cleaning. It’s important to understand the proper care instructions to avoid damaging the blanket or your washing machine due to its weight and fabrication variables.

This comprehensive guide provides instructions on how to wash and dry weighted blankets, including specific care tips for different fill types, advice on stain removal, and alternative cleaning methods.

Machine-Wash a Weighted Blanket

Have you Known the Best Way to Wash Weighted Blanket 2
Photo: Machine-Wash a Weighted Blanket

Many weighted blankets can be safely cleaned in a washing machine, but it is crucial to check the care tag for specific instructions based on the type of weighted blanket you have.

What You’ll Need.


Step 1: Remove the Cover and Treat the Stains.

If your weighted blanket has a removable cover, take it off and wash it separately.

Before laundering, check both the cover and the blanket for stains and treat them with a suitable stain remover.

Step 2: Choose the Appropriate Washer Settings.

When washing a weighted blanket, select the setting for an extra-large load on your washing machine.

Use cold water and opt for the slowest wash and spin cycle settings available.

Step 3: Dry the Weighted Blanket.

If your weighted blanket is filled with micro glass beads, it can be machine-dried in a low-heat setting.

Keep in mind that it may take up to two hours for the blanket to fully dry, and using dryer balls can help expedite the drying process by improving airflow.

For weighted blankets filled with steel shot beads, river stones or pebbles, or poly plastic pellets, it is best to air-dry them flat.

Place plastic sheeting underneath to protect the floor. Rotate the blanket every few hours to ensure even drying and redistribute the filling if necessary.

Avoid hanging the weighted blanket to dry.

Spot Treat a Weighted Blanket

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Photo: Spot Treat a Weighted Blanket

Spot treating is a useful method for cleaning specific stains on a weighted blanket between machine washes.

This technique is particularly effective for addressing stains along the top hem where body soils accumulate.

What You’ll Need.

  • Liquid laundry detergent.
  • Stain treatment product(s).
  • Light-colored cloth or laundry brush.


Step 1: Apply Detergent to Stain.

Dilute liquid laundry detergent or use a stain treatment product and apply it to the stained or discolored area using a light-colored cloth or a laundry brush.

Gently dab or scrub the stain, being cautious not to damage the fabric.

Step 2: Rinse the Detergent.

Rinse the cloth in Clean Water and go over the treated area multiple times to remove any residue, rinsing the cloth as needed until no detergent remains.

Step 3: Allow the Blanket to Dry.

Ensure the weighted blanket is fully air-dried before using it.

Alternative Methods for Cleaning a Weighted Blanket

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Photo: Alternative Methods for Cleaning a Weighted Blanket

In situations where machine washing is not suitable or time-consuming, there are alternative methods for cleaning a weighted blanket.

Having a detachable and machine-washable cover for your blanket simplifies maintenance. If your blanket doesn’t come with a cover, consider purchasing one separately.

If washing is not an option or you prefer a quicker drying time, you can use a handheld or upright clothes steamer or an upholstery cleaning machine to clean.

Lay the blanket flat and work in straight lines from hem to hem, overlapping slightly to ensure even cleaning. Allow the blanket to fully dry before use.

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