Benefits of High-Velocity HVAC Systems for Cost Savings

Benefits of High-Velocity HVAC Systems for Cost Savings. A climate-control system offers more than just consistent comfort throughout your home; it can also provide significant long-term savings. Here’s a look at how such a system can benefit youIn summary, a climate-control system offers uniform comfort while delivering real savings through energy efficiency, lower utility bills, and enhanced Air Quality. It’s a long-term investment that not only enhances your quality of life but also contributes to a more sustainable and cost-effective home environment.

Enhancing Home Comfort and Efficiency with High-Velocity HVAC

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Photo: Enhancing Home Comfort and Efficiency with High-Velocity HVAC

Achieving more efficient heating and cooling for your home is a goal shared by most homeowners.

Finding the right system involves an investment of time spent researching options and financial resources allocated to purchase and installation. The extensive variety of systems available in the market reflects the fortunate position of today’s homeowners, who have access to advanced technology and diverse choices.

One particularly efficient and cutting-edge option that is gaining popularity in both new and older homes is high-velocity HVAC, exemplified by systems like The Unico System.

Often referred to as “small-duct” HVAC due to its compact design, this system employs narrow, flexible tubing that can easily traverse existing spaces within walls, floors, and ceilings to evenly distribute comfort throughout the Entire House. The Unico System’s unique compact design not only ensures comfort in every corner but also does so with greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness compared to bulkier, traditional heating and cooling systems.

If you’re looking to maximize the value of your investment without compromising on comfort, continue reading to discover how a small-duct high-velocity HVAC system can help you save money, from installation costs to year-round efficient operation.

Efficient Ductwork: Minimizing Energy Loss

Achieving immediate savings in your heating and cooling costs hinges on ensuring that conditioned air travels from the air handler to its intended destination with minimal loss.

This may appear straightforward, but conventional forced-air systems can lose as much as 40 percent of their conditioned air due to leaks, especially when ductwork is situated in unconditioned areas such as attics or crawl spaces. These leaks not only prolong the time it takes for your space to reach a comfortable temperature but also signify that your HVAC system has expended energy (and the money you’ve paid for that energy) to condition air that ultimately goes to waste.

In contrast, the intelligent and streamlined design of high-velocity HVAC systems significantly reduces the loss of heating or cooling through the ducts.

For instance, The Unico System’s small ducts boast inner diameters of merely 2 or 2½ inches. With one-third less surface area compared to conventional ductwork and the incorporation of specially wrapped and insulated supply tubing, the system’s air loss is substantially minimized, typically hovering around just five percent or even less.

In essence, homeowners enjoy nearly the full benefit of the cooling or heating they’ve paid for, making for a more efficient and cost-effective HVAC solution.

Optimizing Efficiency with Advanced Air Handlers

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Photo: Optimizing Efficiency with Advanced Air Handlers

Efficiency in a heating and cooling system goes beyond just the ductwork; the air handler units play a crucial role as well.

The Unico System takes a high-tech approach by incorporating air handlers equipped with programmable, variable-speed, and electronically commutated motors. These advanced components consume less electricity compared to their conventional counterparts, contributing to lower energy bills for homeowners.

Remarkably, independent studies have demonstrated that The Unico System surpasses conventional air handler units with higher SEER ratings (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, which measures cooling output relative to energy consumption) in terms of daily electrical energy consumption.

This means that the system not only delivers exceptional comfort but does so while using less electricity. Furthermore, thanks to the system’s superior ducts, virtually none of this efficiency is lost along the way.

The result is a heating and cooling solution that maximizes energy efficiency and cost savings for homeowners.

Enhancing Comfort and Efficiency through Humidity Control

Efficient heating and cooling systems do more than just regulate temperature; they also manage humidity levels effectively.

When high-velocity air is introduced into your living spaces, it actively draws in ambient air, creating a uniform and draft-free environment conducive to comfort. This unique aspiration air delivery, combined with the distinctive cooling coil design of The Unico System, allows it to remove a remarkable 30 percent more moisture from homes compared to conventional or mini-split systems. Lower humidity levels mean that occupants can feel comfortable at a higher temperature, reducing the need to constantly lower the thermostat for comfort.

This enhanced comfort comes with significant cost savings.

For every one-degree increase in the target temperature, there is a 3 percent reduction in energy usage. This translates to more money in your pocket, as each time you run the system to cool your home, you are spending less than you would with a conventional system.

By efficiently managing humidity and maintaining comfort at higher temperatures, The Unico System not only ensures a pleasant living environment but also contributes to substantial energy savings and cost reduction.

Seamless Installation with Minimal Remodeling: The Unico Advantage

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Photo: Seamless Installation with Minimal Remodeling: The Unico Advantage

Integrating a new heating and cooling system into an existing home, often one of older vintage, can be a costly endeavor.

This expense sometimes leads homeowners to opt for less elegant and more disruptive alternatives like window air-conditioning units or portable heaters. Notably, a substantial portion of the expenses associated with installing a conventional system is dedicated to essential renovations.

These may include the removal of walls to create space for an air handler or the addition of soffits and dropped ceilings to accommodate ductwork.

The Unico System offers a distinct advantage by virtue of its slim and flexible design.

Its primary ducting is merely one-third the size of conventional HVAC systems’ ducts, and its slender tubing, featuring an inner diameter of 2 to 2½ inches, can navigate around and through existing wall cavities, ceilings, and floors. Furthermore, accommodating the system’s modular air handler is a breeze, as it can be configured both horizontally and vertically to fit within a crawl space or even an existing closet if necessary, without encroaching on the living area’s square footage.

With The Unico System, you can enjoy a seamless installation process with minimal remodeling, ensuring that your home remains comfortable without sacrificing its aesthetic or disrupting its structure.

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