Kitchen Organization: 14 Best Ideas to Declutter

Given the central role kitchens play in our homes, it’s no wonder they can quickly become messy and disorganized.

With the constant activity of cooking meals, preparing snacks, and tackling various tasks, it’s essential to prioritize kitchen storage and organization.

By implementing these practical kitchen organization ideas, you can simplify your life and maintain a functional and tidy kitchen space.

How is the kitchen organized?

Kitchen Organization: 14 Best Ideas to Declutter 2
Photo: How is the kitchen organized?

The organization of a kitchen involves strategically placing items based on their functionality and proximity to specific areas.

To create an efficient kitchen layout, it is important to consider the following:

Group Cooking and Baking Essentials: Store pots, pans, baking sheets, and other cooking utensils near the cooking area.

This makes it convenient to access these items while preparing meals.

Utensil Drawer Proximity: Keep utensils, such as spatulas, whisks, and tongs, in a drawer that is closest to the food preparation area.

This allows for easy access to the tools needed while cooking.

Glassware Placement: Store glassware, such as cups and glasses, near the sink or refrigerator.

This makes it convenient to grab a glass for drinking or to quickly put away clean glassware after washing.

Coffee or Tea Station: Create a dedicated space for your coffee or tea essentials.

This station can include items like sugar, mugs, filters, and a Coffee Maker or kettle. Ideally, place this station near a water source for easy access when brewing beverages.

By organizing your kitchen in this manner, you can streamline your cooking process and ensure that everything is within reach when you need it.

Kitchen Organization Ideas to Declutter

Kitchen Organization: 14 Best Ideas to Declutter 3
Photo: Kitchen Organization Ideas to Declutter

From decluttering cabinets and pantries to organizing drawers, these tips will help you create a more efficient and enjoyable cooking environment.

Utilize Labels for Organization.

To make your kitchen organization visually appealing and easy to navigate, utilize clear containers and labels.

By storing dried goods in transparent containers, you can quickly see what you have at a glance. Group similar items, such as packaged snacks and bread, together and place them in labeled baskets.

Dedicate a Drawer for Pots.

Make the most of the space beneath your cooktop by installing rollout trays specifically designed for pots and pans.

Consider using a two-tier system to keep lids conveniently stored near their corresponding pots. Alternatively, you can incorporate a movable cart with shelves to accommodate your cooking equipment.

Design Built-In Storage for Serveware.

A built-in hutch provides a convenient solution for storing extra dishes, serving platters, and linens.

Use shallow drawers to keep tablecloths, placemats, and napkins neatly organized. This way, these items can be easily accessed when you host a gathering or a family holiday.

Streamline Recycling.

Install a two-bin unit in your kitchen that allows you to sort recyclables and trash while keeping them concealed behind doors.

Placing this unit next to the sink ensures that cans and bottles can be rinsed and deposited directly into the appropriate bin. Alternatively, consider positioning the recycling station near the exit door for convenience.

Camouflage Appliances with Paneling.

Take advantage of the resurgence of paneled kitchen appliances to create a seamless and cohesive look in your kitchen.

By integrating your fridge or dishwasher with matching cabinetry, you can effectively hide these appliances in plain sight. Use open shelves to showcase your favorite dishware or decorative items.

Maximize Shallow Pantry Shelves.

Optimize the space in your pantry by using a floor-to-ceiling cabinet with divided shelves.

This setup ensures that nothing gets lost or forgotten at the back of the cupboard. Consider attaching a tack board to the pantry door or side for posting notes, a calendar, and shopping lists.

Create an Appliance Garage.

Reposition an outlet inside a cabinet to create a designated space for storing small kitchen gadgets.

When placing a microwave or toaster oven inside a cabinet, ensure proper venting and consider the heat generated. Alternatively, you can add extra counter space or a pull-out shelf to accommodate the appliances.

Kitchen Organization: 14 Best Ideas to Declutter 3
Photo: Kitchen Organization Ideas to Declutter

Keep Towels Accessible.

Store dish towels in a cabinet close to your cleanup area.

Install a pullout rack with multiple bars to air-dry and neatly store towels. Consider adding another removable bar specifically for paper towel rolls for added convenience.

Utilize Pull-Out Pantry Storage.

Make use of the narrow space between studs by installing a pull-out storage unit.

With its slim design, this pantry provides a practical solution for storing dry goods, canned items, and other essentials within easy reach.

Keep Your Pantry Within Reach.

Utilize a cabinet next to the cooktop for storing frequently used cooking spices and oils.

This ensures that they are always easily accessible during meal preparation. To maintain a clutter-free countertop, hang spoons, spatulas, and strainers on a bar installed underneath the cabinet.

Consider adding undercabinet lighting to enhance visibility during cooking and cleanup.

Label Drawers.

Save time and frustration by organizing your kitchen drawers effectively.

Utilize storage inserts that fit the dimensions of each drawer and label each compartment. This makes it easy to put cooking utensils back in their designated places, eliminating the need to rummage through the drawers.

Consider a Dedicated Prep Station.

Simplify food preparation by incorporating a dedicated cutting board into your kitchen design.

A custom pullout cutting board with built-in knife storage below ensures easy access to essential tools. Place the prep station near your primary food preparation area for effortless cleanup.

Organize Spices in a Drawer.

Avoid the chaos and clutter of spice bottles by organizing them in a dedicated drawer.

Arrange the containers with labels facing upward for quick identification. For added convenience, consider arranging the spices alphabetically, making it easy to find the specific spice you need.

Install Magnetic Storage.

Make use of vertical space by attaching a metal shelf to the side of your kitchen cabinet.

This provides instant storage for frequently used items like spices, measuring spoons, and conversion charts. Additionally, you can utilize the exterior of a metal island or refrigerator door for magnetic storage.

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