Laundry Room: 8 Best Storage Ideas for Tight Space

If you have a small laundry room, it’s important to have an efficient storage system to make the most of your space.

Doing laundry may not be your favorite task, but with the right storage solutions, you can make it more manageable.

Whether you choose to incorporate hidden storage cabinets or opt for a stacked washer and dryer, these space-saving ideas will help maximize the functionality of your laundry room.

To start, clear out your laundry room and only keep the washer and dryer in place.

Take inventory of all your laundry supplies and categorize them based on how frequently you use them. This will allow you to prioritize and store the most frequently used items, such as detergent and dryer sheets, in easily accessible areas for everyday use.

Items like stain remover or wrinkle releaser, which are used less often, can be stored on higher shelves or tucked away in drawers.

Once you have organized your supplies, it’s time to implement our storage solutions to optimize your small laundry room.

What is stored in the laundry room?

Laundry Room: 8 Best Storage Ideas for Tight Space 2
Photo: What is stored in the laundry room?

A laundry room is designed to store and organize all the essential items needed for washing and cleaning.

It serves as a functional space where you can keep a variety of items, such as laundry detergent tablets, stain removers, fabric conditioner, an iron, an ironing board, mops, and even a Vacuum Cleaner. These are the necessary but often less visually appealing products that are crucial for maintaining a clean and tidy home.

By having a dedicated laundry room, you can neatly store and access these items whenever you need them, making laundry tasks more convenient and efficient. Additionally, the laundry room provides a designated space for activities like ironing, folding, and other cleaning tasks, helping to keep the rest of your living spaces clutter-free and organized.

Laundry Room Storage Ideas

Laundry Room: 8 Best Storage Ideas for Tight Space 3
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Our creative ideas will help you make the most of your space, ensuring that your laundry room becomes a functional and efficient area.

With these storage solutions, you’ll find yourself appreciating your laundry room again, no matter its size.

Sliding Storage Cabinet.

Utilize the small space between your washer and dryer or between the machine and the wall by adding a sliding storage cabinet.

Look for a tiered cabinet on wheels with a handle for easy access. This cabinet can be used to store items that are not frequently needed, such as bleach and heavy-duty stain removers.

Despite its slim design, it can still accommodate standard steamers and irons, making it a convenient solution when wall space is limited. Additionally, the sliding cabinet helps to hide visual clutter and keeps your laundry area organized.

Built-In Laundry Baskets.

If you have some extra space next to the wall between your machines, consider installing a built-in laundry basket system.

This clever solution makes use of vertical space and prevents clothes from ending up on the floor. Opt for pull-out or pull-down baskets to encourage family members to use them between loads.

Look for baskets with ventilation to prevent unpleasant odors, especially for items like sports uniforms or gym clothes. Assign specific baskets to each family member and designate others for collective towels and sheets.

Stack the Machines.

When space is limited horizontally but you have vertical space to spare, consider investing in a stacking washer and dryer set.

These machines are designed to stack on top of each other, either as a connected unit or with the help of a stacking kit for separate front-loading units. Keep in mind that stacking machines may have a smaller load capacity and can be more expensive than other options.

However, they can save a significant amount of space and are often more energy efficient and gentler on your laundry.

Behind Closed Doors.

If you don’t have a dedicated laundry room and your washer and dryer are located in a high-traffic area like the mudroom or kitchen, you can hide them away when not in use.

Tall cabinet doors can be installed to conceal the appliances, and many cabinets come with built-in shelves for storing supplies. For even more space-saving, consider pocket cabinet doors that can be easily closed to keep the laundry out of sight until the next wash day.

Laundry Room: 8 Best Storage Ideas for Tight Space 3
Photo: Laundry Room Storage Ideas

Remove the Doors Altogether.

Another option for limited space is to repurpose a closet as a laundry nook.

By removing the closet doors, you can create space for a side-by-side washer and dryer. Install a combination folding and storage shelf above the machines and utilize cabinets that reach the ceiling for additional storage.

You can also attach a suspended rack at the opening of the closet for hanging clothes to dry. This alternative provides a space-saving solution for laundry without the need for a full laundry room.

Utilize an Awkward Nook.

In some homes, there may be odd or unused spaces that can be transformed into a small laundry room.

Take advantage of these awkward nooks by ensuring that washer and dryer hookups can be installed and carefully planning the layout. Floating shelves and a hamper can be added to maximize functionality.

If you prefer to keep the laundry area hidden, hang a curtain from a tension rod to create a visual barrier.

Aim High with Shelving.

When dealing with a tight laundry room, make the most of the vertical space by installing shelves as high as possible.

Arrange frequently used items on the lower shelves for easy access, and gradually place less frequently used supplies on higher shelves. Reserve the top shelf for items like backstock paper towels and toilet paper.

Keep a small folding stool in the room to reach items on the top shelf when needed.

Put Built-ins to Work.

Enhance your small laundry room with a built-in unit that combines shelves and hanging space.

Create a customized arrangement that suits your needs, with shorter shelves on the sides, a rod for hanging clothes, and a long, high shelf in the middle. Store frequently used items on the lower shelves and use labeled baskets on the upper shelves to hide clutter.

This built-in solution adds both functionality and visual appeal to your laundry space.

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