LEGO Bricks: 6 Methods to Organize Them

LEGO bricks, a beloved staple in playrooms, can quickly become a source of clutter when scattered across tables or floors.

LEGO Bricks: 6 Methods to Organize Them 1
Photo: LEGO Bricks: 6 Methods to Organize Them

Parents who have experienced the pain of stepping on these tiny plastic pieces know the struggle all too well.

However, there are effective ways to organize and tidy up LEGO toys that can even get the kids excited to join in the process.

According to Jessica Litman, CEO of The Organized Mama, involving the kids in organizing LEGO bricks is important, and the earlier, the better.

The method of organizing can be a collaborative decision based on the child’s preferences, play style, and the available storage space in your home. To prevent clutter and spare your feet from the agony of stepping on LEGO pieces, consider the following storage solutions for LEGO blocks.

6 Methods to Organize LEGO Bricks

LEGO Bricks: 6 Methods to Organize Them 2
Photo: 6 Methods to Organize LEGO Bricks

When it comes to organizing LEGO blocks, there are various approaches to prevent clutter and make cleanup easier for both parents and children.

Jessica Litman, CEO of The Organized Mama, suggests getting kids involved in the organizing process from a young age. Here are some effective storage solutions to keep LEGO blocks organized and your home free from the pain of stepping on them:

Sort by Color:

Sorting LEGO bricks by color not only helps with the organization but also aids children in learning different hues.

Use clear, stackable containers or slide-out drawers to keep the bricks separated and easily visible. This method allows everyone to see which colors belong together, making cleanup a breeze.

Sort by Type:

Another option is to organize LEGO bricks by type.

Allocate separate bins or drawers for bricks, mini figurines, vehicles, and other specific pieces. Transparent containers are helpful, and labeling each bin ensures that pieces are returned to the correct category.

Sort by Set:

If your child prefers to keep LEGO sets intact, use large zippered bags or pouches to store the pieces from each set.

Label the bag with the name of the set, whether it’s based on a character, theme, or movie. This method keeps all the pieces together and makes it easy to identify and access a specific set.

LEGO Bricks: 6 Methods to Organize Them 2
Photo: 6 Methods to Organize LEGO Bricks

Display Finished Projects:

Showcase your child’s completed LEGO projects by displaying them on shelves or on the top of a cube organizer.

This allows the creations to be seen and played with while still being stored in an organized manner. Floating shelves or existing bookcases can be repurposed for this purpose.

Use Existing Storage Solutions:

Look for storage systems you already have to house LEGO pieces.

Craft boxes with compartments, hanging organizers on the back of doors, or under-bed bins can be repurposed as LEGO containers, utilizing what you already own.

Create a “To Sort” Bin:

To make cleanup more manageable, designate a specific bin or basket for unsorted LEGO pieces.

This allows for quick tidying when time is limited, ensuring that the bricks are contained rather than left out as clutter.

By implementing these storage ideas, organizing LEGO blocks becomes a fun and practical task that keeps the playroom or any other area free from LEGO-related chaos.

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