Party Pantry: Best Guide for Your Summer Parties

It’s crucial to give your party pantry the attention it deserves by setting it up in a manner befitting its purpose.

Platters, chargers, drink decanters, and other elegant entertaining pieces often leave us wondering where to store them.

They often end up back in their original boxes, hidden in closets, or stashed in any available storage space. However, now there’s a solution that gives these party-focused items a dedicated and stylish home.

Enter the party pantry—a space specifically designed to showcase and organize your entertaining essentials, becoming the envy of your house.

Catherine McCord, author, and founder of Weelicious, explains that party essentials are typically higher-end or visually stunning items that evoke a sense of uniqueness and elegance.

In her latest cookbook, “Meal Prep Magic,” she delves into the details of pantry organization, emphasizing the importance of creating a well-structured space for entertaining supplies.

Although the idea of a dedicated area for hosting essentials may sound extravagant, it serves as a practical way to simplify mealtime and gatherings, regardless of the number of people around your table.

However, it’s crucial to give your party pantry the attention it deserves by setting it up in a manner befitting its purpose. By doing so, you may discover that even an ordinary Wednesday night becomes a reason to celebrate.

Now, let’s explore everything you need to establish your very own party pantry. Who’s ready to kickstart their hosting endeavors??What is a Party Pantry?

Party Pantry: Best Guide for Your Summer Parties 2
Photo: What is a Party Pantry?

In simple terms, a party pantry is a dedicated space where you can store all your essential supplies for hosting events.

It can range from a walk-in pantry solely devoted to entertaining supplies to just a few shelves stocked and prepared for impromptu casual gatherings. The concept of a party pantry can take various forms and serve different purposes, but at its core, it is designed to make your hosting endeavors more seamless and enjoyable.

The size of the space you need for your party pantry, what items it is stocked with, and how frequently you use it all depend on your pntertaining style.

Regardless of the setup, having a designated area specifically for hosting can significantly enhance your party planning experience. “For anyone who loves having people over, it’s a lifesaver for quickly bringing together a festive occasion, regardless of its scale,” says McCord.

What are the Party Pantry Essentials?

Party Pantry: Best Guide for Your Summer Parties 3
Photo: What are the Party Pantry Essentials?

The fun part begins when it comes to stocking your party pantry.

Some essential items to consider include various drinks like tonic water, mixers, and seltzer, as well as quick snacks such as mixed nuts, chips, and crackers. Additionally, keeping an inventory of paper plates, cups, and napkins can help you effortlessly organize a gathering at a moment’s notice.

However, the entertaining staples you stock in your party pantry are likely to be items you have collected over time.

These may include serving bowls and platters in different sizes, shapes, and colors (with white being a versatile first choice), an assortment of serving utensils (as you always seem to need more than you anticipate), drink pitchers, decanters, and a variety of linens like cloth napkins and tablecloths. Keep in mind that while these items can be beneficial, they are not absolute necessities, especially if you tend to host more casual events.

If you’re looking to expand your collection of serve ware, consider exploring local vintage stores, browsing through the Facebook marketplace, or attending neighborhood garage or estate sales for potential bargains.

As you build and customize your party pantry, your choices should primarily be influenced by your entertaining style and the amount of space you can allocate for your new hub of entertainment. Take note of the items you frequently rely on when you have company over and ensure your pantry is stocked with the essentials to help you effortlessly assemble your next gathering.

How to Organize a Party Pantry

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Photo: How to Organize a Party Pantry

“A party pantry is a space that should be showcased, celebrated, and, above all, organized,” advises McCord.

She suggests starting with clear storage containers and/or wire bins and baskets to create an organized environment. Glass jars can be useful for storing smaller items like straws, keeping them visible and easily accessible.

Implementing a labeling system will aid in identifying items and ensuring that everything has a designated place, which is vital for maintaining an organized space long after you’ve initially set up your pantry.

McCord also recommends organizing your party pantry according to themes, especially if you have a larger space to work with.

“I have shelves that hold containers for Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, Halloween, summer barbecues, pool parties, and more upscale adult parties,” shares McCord. “This way, I can pull everything out, and I’m ready to go without searching all over the house for specific items.


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