Shoes Best Storage Ideas for Everywhere in Your Home

Take control of clutter by implementing these clever shoes storage concepts that are applicable to closets, entryways, and mudrooms.

Each of these practical and visually appealing solutions enables you to store your beloved shoes in a manner that keeps them easily accessible while also minimizing visual clutter.

Furthermore, many of these ideas make effective use of items you may already have at home.

Shoe Best Storage Ideas

Shoes Best Storage Ideas for Everywhere in Your Home 2
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Put Shoes in a Box: Not every idea for storing shoes requires a trip to the store.

You can repurpose an old planter box as a convenient storage solution for your entryway. If you’re feeling crafty, you can even build a new box yourself.

Utilize a window box or a wall-mounted planter to store flat shoes in an upright position. Consider stacking two boxes in your entryway to create a neat and organized front door area.

laundry room Shoe Storage: If your home doesn’t have a mudroom or dedicated entryway, you can create a small space in your laundry room for shoe storage.

Slide wire baskets under a narrow bench, provide a comfortable seating area for putting on and taking off shoes. Install wall-mounted hooks above the bench to hang jackets and totes.

Back-of-the-Door Shoe Organizer: When dealing with limited Closet Space or a small home, it’s important to maximize every available area for storage.

Install or hang a shoe rack behind the door to keep your shoes organized and off the floor.

Tidy Shoes with a Track System: Customizable organizing systems are a worthwhile investment for decluttering.

These systems are relatively easy to install and can accommodate various types of shoes. Adjust the shelving to fit shoes of any height, from flip-flops to rain boots.

Floor-to-ceiling shelves are especially useful for accommodating the shoe storage needs of a large family in a garage or mudroom.

Optimize Your Mudroom: To alleviate the burden on your closet, consider incorporating accessible shoe storage in the form of a mudroom bench.

This clever built-in furniture piece allows you to store shoes, and hang backpacks and provides seating all in one.

Assign a dresser drawer: Keep your kids’ essential items in one designated spot by utilizing a dresser drawer.

The drawer offers a perfect space for storing their small shoes and socks. You can use organizers to keep the items together and maintain tidiness.

Stackable Shoe Storage: In your Bedroom Closet, you can install a smaller track system with adjustable shelving to maximize space.

However, it’s also beneficial to include stackable shoe organizers. This ensures efficient utilization of the available space between shelves, allowing you to store more shoes in a compact area.

Shoes Best Storage Ideas for Everywhere in Your Home 2
Photo: Shoe Best Storage Ideas

Hang Shoes on Hooks: Repurpose a towel rack by mounting it to the back of a door or cabinet, turning it into a practical shoe storage solution.

Hang sneakers, slippers, or sandals using metal S-hooks. This storage method is also useful for drying out shoes that have gotten wet in the rain.

Create Cubbyholes: Cubbyholes are excellent for both storing and displaying shoes.

You can use store-bought dividers to create shoe storage with cubbies in your closet or take advantage of existing built-in shelving in your home. Consider color-coding your shoes for an appealing and eye-catching storage solution.

Use the Space Under Your Bed: Make use of the underutilized space beneath your bed by creating DIY under-bed storage using a salvaged drawer.

This environmentally friendly approach repurposes an item while providing storage for shoes. You can learn how to make your custom shoe storage by watching tutorials.

Repurpose a Serving Tray: Serving trays are not limited to the kitchen.

Slide a favorite wooden or plastic tray between shelves to store flats, flip-flops, and other smaller shoes. Remember to clean off any dirt from the shoes before storing them.

DIY Shoe Storage: Transform the space below a bench into a stylish hub for shoes, reducing entryway chaos.

Short, stacked sections of PVC pipe are ideal for housing pairs of shoes. This method is especially useful for utilizing leftover PVC pipes that might be cluttering up your garage.

Level Up with a Ladder: Ladder storage is a versatile option for rooms with limited square footage.

The slim design of a ladder shelf allows you to store your favorite pairs of shoes conveniently. You can easily store flats, sneakers, and pumps while creating an eye-catching display of open storage.

Swap in Sliding Shelves: Instead of investing in a bulky built-in storage unit, you can update an existing storage unit with slide-out shelves.

An adjustable rack makes it easy to create a designated spot for even your tallest boots. Upright organizers can also help maintain the shape of the shoes.

Shoes Best Storage Ideas for Everywhere in Your Home 2
Photo: Shoe Best Storage Ideas

Bank on Baskets: When all else fails, baskets come to the rescue for quick and convenient shoe storage.

Slide baskets under an entryway table or a nearby bench to keep shoes out of sight. Make sure to shake out the shoes to prevent dirt from piling up and consider labeling the baskets by family member or occasion.

Label Shoe Storage: If shoes tend to clutter your entryway, label a shoe rack with each family member’s name to limit the number of pairs they can keep downstairs.

Reserve a few spots for guests as well.

Outfit a Plate Rack: A slim fixture like a wall-mounted plate rack is perfect for apartments or homes with limited storage space.

Use it creatively to quickly store flats and sneakers. With this method, you can even store high heels as long as the heels face outward.

Stuff a Bench: Convert cute front-of-bed seating into a storage solution by concealing shoes inside.

If you don’t want to invest in a specific shoe bench, you can staple rows of shoe pouches from a back-of-door organizer into a regular storage bench. This shoe storage can be used for pairs you rarely wear and want to keep out of sight.

Slip into Something Comfy: Keep your feet cozy in the morning by placing your favorite patterned tray in a bathroom corner.

This dedicated spot can house your most comfortable pairs of slippers.

Reclaim a Bookcase: An existing bookcase or end table can serve as a great shoe storage solution.

Use hanging shelf dividers and a galvanized tray to keep boots upright and off the floor. Additionally, short sections of PVC pipe can hold pairs of shoes on the shelf above.

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