Silverware and Utensils: Best 15 Ideas for Storage

With the numerous activities that take place in the kitchen, it’s no surprise that silverware and utensils can quickly accumulate.

With the numerous activities that take place in the kitchen, such as cooking meals for the family, hosting friends, and baking favorite recipes, it’s no surprise that silverware and utensils can quickly accumulate.

While everyday forks, knives, and spoons may seem relatively easy to keep organized, larger kitchen tools like spatulas and whisks can pose a challenge. Additionally, less frequently used items like barware and corn cob holders often end up cluttering the junk drawer.

To maintain a tidy kitchen, explore the following ideas for storing silverware in cabinets, drawers, open shelves, and other storage areas.

Ideas for Silverware and Utensils Storage

Silverware and Utensils: Best 15 Ideas for Storage 2
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Hidden Bucket Storage:

Utilize slimline pullout cabinets near your stove to maximize storage space in your kitchen.

These cabinets are not only great for storing small items like spices and oils but also for keeping utensils out of sight. Instead of using a countertop crock, consider installing metal buckets on the top shelf of a narrow cabinet.

This way, you can store slotted spoons and spatulas, keeping them concealed but still easily accessible whenever you need them.

Stylish and Practical Silverware Organization:

Don’t settle for ordinary utensils when you can find a set in a unique design or color that you love.

Whether it’s a set in gold or matte black, sort them into a drawer organizer that is equally pleasing to the eye. Make sure the organizer has the right number of compartments for each type of utensil and consider adding labels to make unloading the dishwasher a breeze for everyone in the household.

Multifunctional Display:

Even the smallest sliver of empty wall space can be utilized for extra storage.

Install decorative knobs or hooks underneath your kitchen cabinets and hang tools with loops or add twine to those without. Don’t forget to include a pair of kitchen scissors, which will come in handy for chopping herbs.

This way, you can have your utensils conveniently displayed and easily accessible right alongside the tools you use most frequently.

Neatly Organized Two-Tier Silverware Dividers:

If you have deep drawers in your kitchen, take advantage of them for storing utensils by using a two-tier sliding organizer.

Arrange your utensils with the most frequently used ones on the top or in the easiest-to-reach section. Place serving utensils that are only used on special occasions towards the back of the drawer.

Clear and Practical Utensil Drawer Dividers:

Clear, acrylic drawer organizers are popular for several reasons.

They make it simple to sort and see your utensils, they are easy to clean, and they prevent slipping and sliding when the drawer is opened. Place a variety of sizes of these organizers in a kitchen drawer to accommodate longer and wider tools such as a pizza cutter or basting brush.

Smaller items like corkscrews and measuring spoons can fit into smaller inserts within the drawer.

Silverware and Utensils: Best 15 Ideas for Storage 2
Photo: Ideas for Silverware and Utensils Storage

Storage That Doubles as Decor:

When your storage containers are attractive, they can serve as decorative pieces in your kitchen.

Opt for kitchen tools that match in color or material to create a stylish display. For example, a large crock can hold wooden spoons and spatulas, while a magnetic strip on the wall can keep your knives within easy reach.

Open shelves can be used to showcase your mortar-and-pestle collection, adding both functionality and visual appeal.

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Organizers:

If you prefer an eco-friendly approach to organization, consider using bamboo organizers instead of plastic ones.

They serve the same purpose and can be a stylish addition to your kitchen. While acrylic organizers can be removed and hand-washed, bamboo organizers should be spot-cleaned as needed.

They are a great way to sort various kitchen utensils, from stand mixer accessories to grilling tools.

Utilize Glass Containers:

Large glass jars not only contribute to the style of your kitchen but also offer practical storage solutions.

If you store dry baking goods such as sugar or flour in glass jars, set aside a few jars to store your baking utensils nearby. This way, you can keep your baking supplies and utensils conveniently located in one place.

Pegged Drawer Compartments:

To keep your utensils organized and prevent them from sliding around when you open and close the drawer, consider installing wooden pegs within your deep kitchen drawers.

A pegboard at the bottom of the drawer allows you to customize the compartments according to your needs. You can create sections for dishes, silverware, and accessories, and even use baskets or sectioned containers to keep napkins and silverware in place.

Drawer Knife Block:

Make use of various inserts for your kitchen drawers.

For instance, a wood knife block can be added to a drawer, keeping your knives organized, visible, and safely stored. A two-level insert provides space for knives of all sizes, from small paring knives to large butcher knives.

Silverware and Utensils: Best 15 Ideas for Storage 2
Photo: Ideas for Silverware and Utensils Storage

Convertible Drawer Organizer:

A drawer organizer is a straightforward way to store silverware, measuring spoons, and other small utensils.

Look for a convertible drawer organizer that can be adjusted in size to fit different drawer dimensions. This flexibility allows you to customize the organizer based on the specific drawer you’re using.

Portable Silverware Storage:

For everyday silverware, consider sorting them into Mason jars or vintage milk bottles and arranging them on your Dining Table to create a stylish centerpiece.

If you need a portable option, place the jars on a tray with handles. This way, you can easily grab the tray and move it outside for a convenient setup during grilling nights or outdoor gatherings.

Inset Utensil Storage:

Make use of small, discrete storage units known as inset storage bins placed on your kitchen countertop.

While commonly used for food storage, these units are perfect for holding everyday utensils. You can group utensils by type or task, ensuring they stay tidy and easily accessible.

Hanging Cabinet Storage:

Install wooden rods in a shallow cabinet to create a convenient spot for hanging utensils.

Use S hooks to hang the utensils from the rods. This storage option is more hidden yet conveniently located near the cooktop, allowing you to easily grab the utensils when needed.

Pegboard Perfection:

Pegboards aren’t just for tools in the garage; they can be excellent organizers in the kitchen as well.

Install a small, wall-mounted metal rack with customizable hooks to store various kitchen tools such as can openers, strainers, and tongs. This way, you’ll have all the tools you need for the perfect cocktail or mocktail right at your fingertips.

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