Top 10 Best Easy DIY Storage Projects

Take advantage of your free time and tackle a selection of these DIY storage projects for an instant and effective organizational upgrade.

Transform your home into an organized haven within a single weekend using these simple do-it-yourself storage concepts.

These ideas utilize common household items and repurpose materials such as spare fabric and paint, making the process of getting organized a breeze.

Top 10 Best Easy DIY Storage Projects

Top 10 Best Easy DIY Storage Projects 2
Photo: Top 10 Best Easy DIY Storage Projects

Paper Organization Solution.

Description: Utilize magazine pockets to organize and store stacks of papers.

Implementation: Install magazine files on the wall to create vertical storage for sorting bills, mail, and other time-sensitive documents.

Label the storage pockets with categories such as “Pending,” “Do Later,” and “Do Now” to stay organized and meet important deadlines effectively.

Concealed Storage.

Description: Hide unattractive storage with a removable table skirt.

Implementation: Measure the dimensions of your table or cabinet and cut a piece of fabric that fits around the desired sides to be skirted.

Ensure that the fabric reaches from the surface to the floor. Finish the fabric by hemming or using other desired techniques.

Attach hook-and-loop tape along the edge of the table and the top edge of the skirt, then secure the skirt to the furniture piece.

Storage Enhancement for the dining room.

Description: Transform an old dining room buffet or China hutch with color and pattern.

Implementation: Revitalize a dated wooden furniture piece by applying a fresh coat of paint.

Use leftover wallpaper scraps or affordable temporary wallpaper to line the back of the furniture, adding a visually appealing pattern.

Top 10 Best Easy DIY Storage Projects 2
Photo: Top 10 Best Easy DIY Storage Projects

Family Charging Station.

Description: Create a centralized charging station for electronic devices with additional storage for miscellaneous items.

Implementation: Choose a convenient location accessible to all family members, such as the entryway or kitchen.

Assign a tray to each family member and attach a binder clip to one edge of each tray. Plug device chargers into a nearby power strip or outlet and guide the cords through the binder clips to keep them organized.

Each family member can place their phones or tablets in their designated tray to charge, while the tray also serves as a catch-all for small items like keys, sunglasses, or loose change.

DIY Coffee Table with Storage.

Description: Build a decorative and practical flea market-style coffee table with ample storage space.

Implementation: Attach wooden crates to a plywood slab equipped with casters to create a storage-filled coffee table.

Paint and distress the wood for a vintage look. Utilize the table to store games, books, or other media items.

DIY Storage Table.

Description: Construct a bar-height table with a built-in organization using bookcases and a prefab wood or laminate countertop.

Implementation: Select bookcases that are slightly shorter than the desired table height and a countertop that is the same width as the bookcases.

Use L brackets to attach the counter to the bookcases, ensuring stability. If the countertop is long, consider adding a center support.

This DIY storage table offers both functional storage and a stylish addition to your space.

Stacked Bathroom Storage.

Description: Combine simple wood crates to create attractive and functional bathroom storage.

Implementation: Reinforce stapled slats on wood crates with screws and finish the crates as desired with paint or other treatments.

Stack the crates together and secure them with screws, ensuring a sturdy base to support the stacked crates. For added safety, use molly bolts to attach the crates to the wall, especially if you have children.

Top 10 Best Easy DIY Storage Projects 2
Photo: Top 10 Best Easy DIY Storage Projects

Kitchen Organizer.

Description: Repurpose a shoe organizer for efficient kitchen or pantry storage.

Implementation: Install three screws at the top of your pantry door and suspend a clear shoe bag using ribbon hangers.

Label each pocket with colored tags and use them to store various kitchen tools and supplies for easy access and organization.

DIY Storage Shelf.

Description: Utilize an old ladder to expand storage space and add a touch of vintage charm.

Implementation: Give the ladder a fresh coat of paint and attach old vent grates to each rung by screwing them into place.

Use the ladder as a bookcase to display houseplants and store your favorite books, combining storage functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Mobile Shoe Storage Unit.

Description: Create a customizable shoe storage unit on wheels for easy mobility and visibility.

Implementation: Keep pairs of shoes together in clear containers and place them on shelves with easily attachable wheels.

Label the containers with their contents and switch out shoes according to the seasons, ensuring effortless organization and retrieval.

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