Top 12 Laundry Room Storage Ideas to Save Space

Laundry rooms vary in size and configuration, ranging from dedicated rooms to small multipurpose spaces or closets.

However, regardless of the size, every laundry room requires efficient storage solutions for items like hampers, ironing boards, and detergents.

These creative laundry room storage ideas can help you effectively organize your clothing and supplies, regardless of the available space.

Whether it’s through simple do-it-yourself projects or reconfiguring the room’s layout, we offer a range of ideas to help you optimize the space and perhaps even find some enjoyment in the chore.

Why do you need a laundry room?

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Photo: Why do you need a laundry room?

Laundry rooms serve a variety of practical purposes that make them a valuable addition to any home.

One of the key benefits of having a laundry room is the ability to safely store chemical cleaning products, which may pose a risk to children if left within their reach. With a dedicated laundry room, you can securely lock away these potentially harmful substances in a designated storage cabinet, ensuring the safety of your family.

Having a separate laundry room also offers the advantage of centralizing all your laundry essentials in one convenient location.

From detergents and fabric softeners to clothespins and irons, you can keep everything neatly organized and easily accessible within the confines of your laundry room. This eliminates the need to search for these items throughout the house or clutter up other areas, streamlining your laundry routine and saving you time and effort.

Furthermore, a laundry room provides a dedicated space where you can perform various laundry-related tasks efficiently.

You can sort, wash, dry, fold, and iron your clothes all in one place, creating a functional and efficient workflow. This not only enhances the overall organization of your home but also contributes to a more seamless and enjoyable laundry experience.

In summary, the presence of a laundry room offers several advantages.

It provides a secure storage space for potentially hazardous cleaning products, allows for centralized organization of laundry supplies, and creates a designated area where you can carry out laundry tasks with ease. Whether you have a large laundry room or a compact one, having this dedicated space can simplify your laundry routine and contribute to a well-maintained and functional home.

12 Laundry Room Storage Solution Ideas

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Photo: 12 Laundry Room Storage Solution Ideas

If you’re struggling to accommodate all the essentials in your laundry room, look no further than our laundry organizing solutions.

Maximize Wall Space.

Utilize a small section of a blank wall or the back of your laundry room door to hang an ironing board, saving valuable floor space.

Installing a wall-mounted ironing board holder is a straightforward solution for a cramped laundry room, and these holders can be set up in seconds. This clever storage idea makes efficient use of every inch of available space in your laundry room.

Blend Style with Functionality.

Create a charming cottage-style laundry room by incorporating vintage-look details and clever cabinetry.

open shelves promote the organization and provide a platform for displaying flea market accessories, while upper and lower cabinets offer practical storage for laundry supplies. A dedicated laundry room folding table allows for sorting and folding without disrupting traffic flow.

Small-Space Laundry Closet.

For condos, apartments, or small homes where a full-size laundry room is not feasible, consider utilizing a slim laundry closet off the kitchen.

Stack a washer and dryer in this compact space and utilize nearby cabinets for storage. Perforated door panels add visual interest and allow for ventilation while keeping the appliances concealed from view.

Efficient Sorting with Mesh Bags.

Simplify the sorting process by using separate mesh bags for each family member’s socks and underwear.

Place these bags in the washer and dryer as a whole, and once the cycle is complete, each person can retrieve their bag and sort and put away their own items. Hang the bags on hooks and attach labels to indicate whether the contents are clean or dirty, ensuring a smooth laundry system.

Utilize Turntables.

Whether you store your laundry supplies on a countertop or under the sink, incorporating a turntable provides easy accessibility.

Group items by purpose, such as post-wash supplies, for organized and sensible storage. Use a tall container to gather smaller items like clothespins, keeping everything neatly organized and within reach.

Open Shelving for Laundry Baskets.

Instead of hiding overflowing laundry baskets, utilize open cubbies to store them.

This not only keeps the room looking tidy but also allows for better air circulation, preventing mildew and odor issues. Label the baskets by load type or family member to maintain organization and keep everything in one place.

Clear Canisters for Bulk Supplies.

If you purchase economy-size boxes of laundry powder to save money, transferring manageable amounts into clear canisters can make the chore of washing clothes easier.

These canisters can be kept on open shelves, adding a visually appealing touch to your laundry room while also providing visibility when supplies are running low.

Top 12 Laundry Room Storage Ideas to Save Space 4
Photo: 12 Laundry Room Storage Solution Ideas

Custom Storage and Work Surface.

When installing storage cabinets in your laundry room, opt for a combination of shelves and drawers to maximize versatility and organization.

A countertop spanning the washer and dryer serves as a convenient work surface for sorting and folding garments. Consider adding a tension rod above the sink for additional hanging storage.

Slim Shelving Unit.

Maximize storage in small laundry spaces with a slender shelving unit designed to fit between the washer and dryer.

This compact unit is ideal for storing small jars and containers, keeping everything within arm’s reach. Use open baskets to collect mismatched socks or items found in pockets, ensuring nothing gets lost.

Stylish Solution for Limited Space.

Transform a closet into a functional laundry area by installing a space-saving stacked washer and dryer, leaving plenty of room for additional storage.

If your laundry closet lacks a door, consider using a colorful shower curtain suspended from a shower rod to conceal the space. This curtain solution keeps the laundry room hidden, which is particularly useful when guests visit.

Extend Hang Space.

To maintain wrinkle-free clothes, create additional hang space in your laundry room with an over-the-door rack or valet hook.

These compact solutions are perfect for drying undergarments and camisoles, ensuring they stay in top condition.

Organize with Matching Baskets.

Utilize matching baskets to organize laundry room essentials.

Use removable cloth liners to protect the baskets from spills, which can be easily washed to keep them fresh. Consider using metal baskets or attractive boxes to store items like sheets or towels.

Label the boxes for quick identification without having to lift a lid.

Smart Shelf Organization.

Optimize the space in your laundry room cabinets by using hanging wire shelf units that can be hooked onto cabinet doors.

Arrange laundry supplies in cute containers for a smart and stylish look. You can also utilize over-door hooks on the back of the laundry room door to store the ironing board or extra supplies, using a shoe organizer for efficient storage.

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