Top 9 Best Storage Ways for Tissue Paper and Gift Wrap Supplies

Transform a corner in your office, guest bedroom, or kids’ playroom into a central gift wrapping area that is both functional and visually appealing.

If you don’t have a table specifically for wrapping gifts, you can repurpose an existing desk to serve this purpose effectively.

Maximize the use of your space by utilizing the wall with a variety of clear adhesive hooks. These hooks are designed to blend seamlessly with the wall, almost disappearing, and can be easily removed without leaving any marks or damage.

To keep labels and tags readily accessible, secure them on a clipboard that can be easily grabbed when needed.

For storing tissue paper, a wire-mesh wall file provides a convenient and space-saving solution. This way, you can keep your tissue paper neatly organized and easily accessible without taking up valuable table space.

Additionally, suspend scissors, gift bags, and rolls of wrapping paper from the hooks on the wall. By doing so, these essential items will be within reach whenever you need them, eliminating clutter on the table and allowing for a more efficient and enjoyable gift wrapping experience.

Storage Ways for Tissue Paper and gift wrap Supplies

Top 9 Best Storage Ways for Tissue Paper and Gift Wrap Supplies 2
Photo: Storage Ways for Tissue Paper and Gift Wrap Supplies

Wrapping-Paper Bucket.

If you’re short on space or time to create an elaborate storage unit for your gift wrapping supplies, a simple cylindrical container can serve as a practical solution.

This versatile container allows you to store up to 10 rolls of wrapping paper conveniently near your wrapping area. When not in use, you can easily store the container in a closet or designated storage space.

Simple Gift-Wrap Organizer.

Streamline your gift wrapping process by keeping all your supplies easily accessible and in plain view.

Create a dedicated desk space where you can organize your long and short rolls of wrapping paper, ribbons, and twine. Utilize a drawer to store long rolls, while a cylindrical container can hold shorter rolls.

Elevate a vertical spool to neatly store your ribbons and twine. This setup ensures that everything is within reach and helps maintain an organized workspace.

Store Gift Wrapping Supplies in Drawers.

For a straightforward and efficient storage idea, utilize drawers to keep your wrapping paper, gift bags, and adhesive bows neatly organized.

You can sort them by color, type of wrapping, or occasion, making it easy to locate the right supplies whenever you need them. No more hunting for misplaced gift wrapping items.

Top 9 Best Storage Ways for Tissue Paper and Gift Wrap Supplies 2
Photo: Storage Ways for Tissue Paper and Gift Wrap Supplies

Pegboard Gift Wrapping Storage Center.

Create an elaborate wrapping station using builder’s cabinets to maximize storage capabilities.

Opt for cabinets with pullout shelves to enhance accessibility. Install a pegboard above the cabinets and use S hooks to hang various supplies such as scissors, ribbons, and tape.

The countertop of the station provides a flat surface perfect for cutting paper and wrapping presents. This well-designed station is not limited to the holiday season and can be used throughout the year.

Keep Gift Wrapping Supplies Hidden.

If you prefer to keep your desk space free from gift wrapping supplies, consider a hidden storage solution.

Utilize a desk storage system designed for crafts supplies. Keep frequently used items like markers, tape, scissors, and glue on top of the desk for easy access.

Utilize labeled baskets to store other miscellaneous items, while the wrapping paper can be stored on its side underneath the desk, hidden from view yet easily accessible.

Gift Wrapping Station from Repurposed Items.

Exercise your creativity by repurposing various items to create a personalized wrapping station.

Install a divided shelf above a desk, utilizing the slots to house wrapping paper and cards. On the desk, a three-tier basket can hold ribbons, bows, and other small wrapping accessories.

Additional specialty wrapping supplies can be placed directly on the desk, ensuring everything you need is within arm’s reach.

Top 9 Best Storage Ways for Tissue Paper and Gift Wrap Supplies 2
Photo: Storage Ways for Tissue Paper and Gift Wrap Supplies

Pieced-Together Gift Wrapping Station.

Transform basic office supplies into a functional holiday wrapping storage solution.

An adjustable shelf unit can be used to hold smaller items such as writing utensils, scissors, tape, and gift tags. Position a rolling drawer unit underneath the shelf to provide extra storage space.

Arrange stacking bins and a magazine holder filled with standing wrapping paper rolls on top of the rolling drawers. This versatile setup can be placed in the garage or basement alongside other tools, keeping your gift wrapping supplies organized and easily accessible.

Bonus! Greeting Card Storage.

Don’t let your collection of greeting cards become disorganized.

Keep them neatly sorted and easily accessible by utilizing a hanging file organizer. Organize the cards by type in labeled folders, ensuring that you can effortlessly select the perfect card to accompany your gift whenever you need it.

Bonus! Gift-Giving Organizer.

Efficiently managing your gift-giving ideas is just as crucial as organizing your gift-wrapping supplies.

Maintain a dedicated journal where you can record all the essential information for each recipient, such as clothing sizes and favorite colors. Label each section with the recipient’s name on a tab, allowing for quick reference and making holiday gift-giving a simple and organized task.

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