Top Best Ways to Store Workout Equipment (P1)

If you lack a designated Home Gym area, the quest for storage space to store your workout equipment when it’s not in use can be a puzzle.

Store at Wine Rack for Round Workout Equipment:

Top Best Ways to Store Workout Equipment (P1) 1
Photo: Wine Rack for Round Equipment:

An innovative approach to storing cylindrical fitness equipment (while repurposing a household item) is to utilize a wall-mounted wine bottle holder.

As long as the brackets are spaced appropriately or can be adjusted, you can slip your yoga mats, foam rollers, and rolled towels into their designated slots. This not only frees up valuable floor space but also introduces a stylish element to your home gym setup.

Store at Round Basket for Yoga Accessories:

Top Best Ways to Store Workout Equipment (P1) 2
Photo: Round Basket for Yoga Accessories:

Similar to how a lazy susan is perfect for organizing circular items, a round basket is an excellent choice for storing rolled-up yoga mats and foam rollers or massagers.

Ensure it has sufficient height to prevent items from toppling over and ample width to accommodate everything. Slide your mats and rollers vertically into the basket, allowing for easy visibility and access.

You can even repurpose a lidless hamper for this purpose, turning it into a functional storage solution for your yoga gear.

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Store Workout Equipment at Robust Shelving Solution:

If a traditional rack doesn’t align with your style, you’ll need an alternative to protect your floors from the potential scuffs and dings caused by weights.

Given that even a few dumbbells or kettlebells can exert pressure on shelves, it’s advisable to opt for something sturdy like a metal shelving unit or a lockable storage cabinet. Arrange the heaviest weights at the lowest shelf positions, reserving higher spaces for lighter items like yoga blocks. Employ baskets to corral smaller exercise gear such as resistance bands and slider discs, label them for easy identification, and position them on the remaining shelf space. This not only maintains order but also ensures your workout area remains clutter-free.

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Store Workout Equipment at Neat Dumbbell Display

Top Best Ways to Store Workout Equipment (P1) 4
Photo: Neat Dumbbell Display

Whether you possess a comprehensive set of free weights or just a few pairs that don’t quite match, organizing them akin to a gym setup is a straightforward approach.

Seek out a compact stand capable of accommodating your existing dumbbells or one with a bit of extra space if you plan on acquiring heavier weights as your fitness journey progresses. An important consideration is the rack’s visual appeal, particularly if it’s going to be part of your open living area.

Strive to find one that seamlessly integrates with your decor and position it against an unoccupied wall. Alternatively, if space is limited, consider stashing it discreetly in the bottom of a nearby closet, much like you would with a shoe rack, and access the dumbbells as needed.

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