Under-Bed Storage: 6 Best Space Saving Ideas

To help you reclaim the under-bed space and find practical storage solutions, we’ve gathered a range of under-bed storage ideas.

Keeping your home organized can be a challenge, especially when you’re running out of storage space.

However, no matter the size of your living space, there are always opportunities to maximize storage. According to Marie Kondo’s KonMari method, it’s important to find a place for all the belongings that bring you joy.

But what do you do when your closets and cabinets are already filled to the brim? The answer to your storage problems might just be hiding right under your bed.

We’ve all been guilty of pushing things under the bed haphazardly, but with some clever storage solutions, you can transform this often-overlooked space into a clutter-free and organized area.

Whether you need to store shoes, extra bedding, or seasonal items, the area under the bed is an ideal spot for things you don’t use frequently or don’t need immediate access to.

To help you reclaim the under-bed space and find practical storage solutions, we’ve gathered a range of under-bed storage ideas.

These ideas will inspire you to reassess the clutter and discover a storage strategy that suits your specific needs. By utilizing the space under your bed effectively, you can create a more organized and serene living environment.

Benefits of Under-bed Storage

Under-Bed Storage: 6 Best Space Saving Ideas 2
Photo: Benefits of Under-bed Storage

Under-bed storage offers several benefits beyond just creating additional space.

One of the key advantages is the protection it provides to your belongings. By storing items under the bed, you can keep them safe from potential damage and dust accumulation.

The low-profile and enclosed nature of under-bed storage help shields your items from accidental bumps or knocks that could occur in more exposed areas of your home.

For delicate or sentimental items that you want to preserve, such as heirlooms, fragile decor, or cherished mementos, under-bed storage offers a secure and protected environment.

You can keep these items tucked away and out of harm’s way, ensuring their longevity and minimizing the risk of accidental breakage or deterioration.

Furthermore, the hidden nature of under-bed storage helps maintain a clean and tidy living space.

By keeping items out of sight, you can reduce visual clutter and create a more organized atmosphere in your bedroom or living area. This can contribute to a sense of calm and serenity, promoting a relaxing environment conducive to rest and rejuvenation.

In addition to protection and organization, under-bed storage also allows for better space utilization.

It optimizes an area that is often overlooked and underutilized, maximizing the storage potential of your home. This is particularly valuable in smaller living spaces or rooms with limited storage options.

By effectively utilizing the space under the bed, you can free up other storage areas, such as closets or cabinets, for items that require more frequent access.

Overall, under-bed storage provides a practical and efficient solution for storing a variety of items, while also offering protection, organization, and space optimization benefits.

Whether you’re storing seasonal clothing, extra bedding, or personal belongings, the under-bed space can be transformed into a valuable storage resource within your home.

Space-Saving Under-Bed Storage Ideas

Under-Bed Storage: 6 Best Space Saving Ideas 3
Photo: Space-Saving Under-Bed Storage Ideas

Keep a Basket Within Easy Reach.

If you need extra storage space and want a quick solution, repurpose a shallow basket or large tray with handles that can easily fit under your bed.

This allows you to store items that you frequently access but don’t have space for on your nightstand or bedside table. Use it to store extra blankets, bedtime books, or house slippers, keeping them within reach yet hidden from view.

Additionally, having a basket under the bed makes it easier to clean the floor by simply sliding it out to make room for vacuuming or mopping.

Opt for a Bin with Wheels.

For under-bed storage, consider using a container with wheels, especially if you have hard flooring.

These bins are designed to fit in that space and can be lined up in a row if you find the right sizes. Look for lidded bins that will protect your items from dust that tends to accumulate under the bed.

If the bins are visible and don’t match your decor, there are ways to hide them.

Adjust the way you make your bed or choose bed linens that cover the gap between the floor and the frame, concealing the bins from sight. Alternatively, you can use a stylish bed skirt to add a decorative touch.

Vacuum-Sealed Bags for Space Efficiency.

To maximize the storage capacity under your bed, consider using space-saver storage bags with vacuum-seal options.

Place bulky soft items like clothing or bedding into the bags and use a vacuum attachment to compress them. This reduces their volume, allowing them to lay flat and enabling you to stack multiple compressed bags under a low bed frame.

These bags are particularly useful for storing off-season clothing or bulky bedding that takes up a lot of space in the closet, such as winter coats or comforters.

Under-Bed Storage: 6 Best Space Saving Ideas 3
Photo: Space-Saving Under-Bed Storage Ideas

Add Bed Risers.

If your bed is low to the ground, it can be challenging to utilize the space underneath.

Bed risers can solve this problem by elevating the bed and creating extra clearance. Often used by college students to maximize space in dorm rooms, risers are inexpensive and come in different heights and colors to match your bed frame.

You can easily hide them with longer bedding or a bed skirt for a seamless look.

Before purchasing bed risers, measure the space between the floor and the bed frame to ensure that your chosen storage bins or baskets will fit underneath.

Choose a Bed with Built-In Drawers.

When shopping for a new bed, consider selecting a style that comes with built-in storage drawers.

These drawers, located on both sides of the bed, offer valuable additional storage, especially if you have limited dresser or Closet Space.

Bed frames with storage drawers are especially popular in kids’ rooms, as children’s clothing tends to be smaller but can quickly accumulate.

If you’ve already organized your child’s closet and still have excess clothes, toys, or sports equipment, a bed with storage drawers provides a convenient solution for storing overflow items.

Utilize a Platform Bed with Storage.

Although traditional platform beds usually sit flat on the floor without storage options, you can get creative with this style.

One advantage of platform beds is that they eliminate the need for a box spring. Consider investing the money saved on a box spring into a platform bed frame that comes equipped with cubbies or shelves.

You can place the platform bed on top and use the drawers or storage cubbies to hide visual clutter like electronics, accessories, or kids’ toys. If the platform has open shelving, utilize it to store books, magazines, or decorative items.

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