11 Methods to Use a Storage Bench for Organization

A storage bench offers a clever combination of seating and storage, making it a versatile solution for concealing a wide range of items.

It is a practical and space-saving furniture piece that can be utilized for storing various belongings, including bedding, beauty supplies, and more.

Available in different shapes and upholstery fabrics, storage benches can be customized to match your personal style and organizational requirements.

By incorporating storage benches into your home, you can keep your living space tidy and organized.

The key is to strategically position the bench near the areas where you frequently use the items stored inside it. This will make your daily routines more convenient and efficient, as everything you need will be easily accessible.

Whether placed in the entryway, bedroom, Living Room, or any other area of the house, storage benches can enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of your home while reducing clutter.

What is a storage bench for?

11 Methods to Use a Storage Bench for Organization 2
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A storage bench serves multiple functions in your home, combining practical storage solutions with comfortable seating.

It is a versatile piece of furniture that provides a streamlined way to store various items while offering a convenient place to sit. With storage compartments or drawers beneath the seating surface, a storage bench is designed to keep your belongings organized and easily accessible.

You can use it to store shoes, toys, blankets, pillows, books, and other accessories, depending on your specific needs. The top of the bench provides a comfortable seating area, often with the option of adding a cushion for enhanced comfort.

Whether placed in an entryway, living room, bedroom, or playroom, a storage bench offers a stylish and efficient solution for both storage and seating requirements in your home.

11 Methods to Use a Storage Bench for Organization

11 Methods to Use a Storage Bench for Organization 3
Photo: 11 Methods to Use a Storage Bench for Organization


Instead of simply tossing your blankets into a basket, consider using a storage bench that serves a dual purpose.

A storage bench provides a neat and organized solution for storing your blankets while also offering additional seating when needed. This is particularly useful when transitioning between seasons.

When the temperature rises, you can fold and hide away heavy blankets until the winter season returns.


To save space in your linen closet, utilize a rectangular storage bench placed at the foot of your bed.

Stack your bulky pillows inside the bench, keeping them easily accessible and neatly stored. This space can also be used to store seasonal pillows that are swapped out throughout the year, ensuring they are within reach when you desire a change.

Extra Sheets.

If you have occasional guests visiting, avoid cramming extra sheets for your guest bedroom into your already crowded linen closet.

Instead, place a storage bench in the guest bedroom where you can store the sheets, as well as extra blankets and pillows. This not only keeps everything organized but also provides a convenient seating area for guests when they put on their shoes.

You can extend this idea to other bedrooms by adding a bench in each room along with their corresponding spare sheet set.


A bench serves as a practical spot to sit while tying your shoelaces, but it can also serve as a hidden storage solution for shoes.

Incorporate an ottoman with a lid in a closet corner to store flip-flops and flat shoes, providing an extra seating option if needed. Another option is to place a narrow bench in the entryway, allowing everyone to easily slip off their shoes, store them away, and prevent tripping over scattered footwear.

Remember to periodically clean the inside of the storage bench to remove any dirt or dust.

Board Games.

Simplify the cleanup process after family game night by storing board game boxes inside a bench located in the area where you typically play games.

Whether it’s the dining room, living room, or finished basement, having a bench nearby offers a practical storage solution. Opt for a bench with a rectangular or square shape to maximize the storage space within it, accommodating various board game boxes.

Photo Albums.

If you have young children and want to keep fragile vintage photos safe from their curious hands, consider storing albums and photo boxes on a bench.

Choose a storage bench that is tall enough to allow the albums to stand vertically, similar to how they would be displayed on a shelf. Alternatively, you can stack loose pictures in photo boxes and place them inside the bench, protecting them from direct sunlight to help preserve their condition.

11 Methods to Use a Storage Bench for Organization 3
Photo: 11 Methods to Use a Storage Bench for Organization


Books are cherished items in many homes, but finding adequate space to store them can be a challenge.

If your bookshelf is overflowing, adding a nearby storage bench can accommodate the excess books. Use the bench to hold books that you haven’t read yet or books you plan to give to friends, keeping them out of the way until you’re ready to donate or read them.


Storing vinyl records requires careful consideration to maintain their condition while ensuring easy access for listening.

While there are specialized organizers available, a sturdy bench can serve a dual purpose if you also need a seating area near your record player. Look for a storage bench with sufficient height to store the albums vertically, providing extra space to keep them in top condition.

Stuffed Animals.

When you have kids, stuffed animals tend to accumulate rapidly, so having a designated place to store them is essential.

A traditional toy box works well, but for added safety, consider an upholstered bench with a cushioned lid and soft-close hinges. Alternatively, a bench with pull-out drawers allows kids to safely access their favorite stuffed animals from their hidden spots.

Overflow Toys.

Another practical use for a storage bench is to rotate children’s toys.

After birthdays or holidays, you can temporarily hide some of the newly received gifts inside the bench in the playroom or family room. When your kids become bored with their current toys, you can replace them with the “new” toys from the bench.

Remember to regularly declutter the storage bin and donate any unused toys unless your kids have a strong attachment to certain toys.


In your bathroom, consider adding a bamboo bench to create a spa-like ambiance and provide a seating area while applying beauty treatments.

This bench also offers valuable storage space. Fold or roll up extra bath towels and place them inside the bench.

During the summer, you can add a storage bench to your backyard or garage, organizing the family’s beach and pool towels. This frees up space inside the house and allows for easy access to seasonal items when you’re heading out for a day in the sun.

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