Best Way to Store Christmas Tree for Next Holiday in 9 Steps

Switching to an artificial Christmas tree offers numerous advantages while it may require a higher initial investment compared to a real tree.

Best Way to Store Christmas Tree for the Next Holidays in 9 Steps 1
Photo: Best Way to Store Christmas Tree for the Next Holidays

It proves to be cost-effective in the long term.

Artificial trees are low maintenance, eliminating the need to constantly clean up fallen needles or provide water. Moreover, they pose fewer hazards compared to real trees.

Even the scent of a real tree can be recreated using a fragrant Christmas candle, as long as it is kept safely away from the branches.

If you’ve opted for an artificial tree, it’s crucial to understand the proper storage techniques to maintain its quality for years to come.

Follow these simple steps to ensure your Christmas tree remains in excellent condition and can be enjoyed year after year.

Way to Store Christmas Tree

Best Way to Store Christmas Tree for the Next Holidays in 9 Steps 2
Photo: Way to Store Christmas Tree

Step 1: Remove the Decorations and Clean Up.

Similar to unpacking after a trip, putting away Christmas decorations is a necessary task that should be done systematically.

Start by carefully removing ornaments, lights, garlands, and the tree topper from the tree. If you used tinsel or ribbon, make sure to thoroughly remove all pieces from the branches.

Step 2: Clean the Tree.

Before storing your Christmas tree, it’s a good idea to clean it to remove any dust or debris that may have accumulated during the holiday season.

The cleaning method will depend on whether your tree is pre-lit or unlit. For pre-lit trees, gently wipe the branches with a clean, dry cloth, making sure to work around the light bulbs.

If your tree is unlit, use a vacuum with an upholstery bristle brush or crevice attachment to sweep the branches. Test a small section at the base of the tree first to ensure that the vacuum doesn’t cause any damage.

If you have a flocked tree, use a dry or slightly damp microfiber cloth to clean it, taking care not to rub off the flocking.

Best Way to Store Christmas Tree for the Next Holidays in 9 Steps 2
Photo: Way to Store Christmas Tree

Step 3: Choose the Right Storage Method.

To preserve the beauty and condition of your artificial Christmas tree, it’s essential to store it properly in a cool and dry place.

The storage method you choose will depend on factors such as the type and size of your tree, as well as the available space.

Upright Storage: If you have enough space and prefer to store the tree as a whole, consider using an upright storage bag.

These bags are designed to accommodate the full length of the tree and provide protection. Simply slide the bag over the tree from the top and zip it up.

You can then store the bag in an upright position, keeping the tree intact. This option is particularly suitable for flocked trees that require extra care to preserve the delicate flocking.

Tree Bags: Tree bags are a popular choice for Christmas tree storage as they help condense the size of the tree and make it easier to transport and store.

Look for rectangular-shaped bags with handles or wheels for convenient transportation. It’s recommended to choose a waterproof or moisture-resistant bag to protect the tree from the elements.

Avoid storing the tree in its original Cardboard Box, as it may not provide adequate protection against water, heat, and pests. Instead, opt for a zippered bag that can be stored in a cool and dry area, such as a closet or basement.

Plastic Wrap: Flocked trees can benefit from being wrapped in plastic to provide an extra layer of protection.

Before wrapping, ensure that the branches are carefully compressed and there are no unnecessary strains. Alternatively, you can tie a ribbon or cord around each section to secure the branches and make handling easier.

If you choose to wrap the tree in plastic, be sure to store it in a suitable bag afterward.

Pro Tip: To keep your stored tree smelling fresh, consider placing a container of baking soda or unused coffee grounds with it.

This will help absorb any musty odors and keep the tree smelling pleasant until the next Christmas season.

By following these steps and selecting the appropriate storage method, you can ensure that your Christmas tree remains in excellent condition and is ready to bring joy and holiday spirit year after year.

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