Garden Hose: 9 Most Basic Methods Store Them

Gardening enthusiasts understand the inconvenience of constantly moving a garden hose around.

Garden Hose: 9 Most Basic Methods Store Them 1
Photo: Garden Hose: 9 Most Basic Methods Store Them

It can strain your back, arms, or hands when you don’t have a convenient system for unwinding and storing the hose after each watering session.

Even if you don’t use the hose for watering plants regularly, you still need it for various tasks like washing cars, cleaning coolers, or filling up a pool. Thankfully, we have compiled a list of simple and effective methods to store your garden hose, ensuring it remains organized and easily accessible whenever you need it.

Consider When Choosing Garden Hose Storage.

When it comes to choosing the right garden hose storage solution, there are a few factors to consider.

First, think about the type of hose you have and the space you have available. Lightweight hoses, such as expandable hoses, are easier to handle and offer more storage options.

If you have blank wall space near a water source, wall-mounted storage options are convenient and efficient. However, if wall space is limited, alternative methods should be considered.

It’s also important to have a designated storage spot for your hoses during the winter months to protect them.

9 Most Basic Methods Store Garden Hose

Garden Hose: 9 Most Basic Methods Store Them 2
Photo: 9 Most Basic Methods Store Garden Hose

To help you create a customized approach to outdoor organization, here are some effective methods for storing garden hoses:

Wall-Mount Hose Organizer: These minimalistic mounts are easy to install and prevent the hose from bending over time.

Retractable or pivoting wall mounts offer added convenience and keep the hose neatly tucked away.

Hose Reel: Ideal for heavier hoses, a hose reel allows you to easily transport and unwind the desired length of the hose.

Choose between exposed or enclosed reel options based on your preference and protect the hoses from the elements when not in use.

Storage Box: A storage box is a stationary solution that blends well with patio furniture.

Look for a hose box that accommodates longer hoses and allows you to crank the handle for easy hose retrieval.

Hose Pot: These decorative pots feature small holes for drainage and provide a rust-resistant storage option.

Alternatively, repurpose large pots, buckets, or planters to store your hose, making sure to choose a container that you can easily move.

Bench with Storage: Outdoor benches or deck boxes can serve as both seating and storage.

Drill a small opening in the back to feed the hose through and neatly coil it within the bench for a hidden storage solution.

Garden Hose: 9 Most Basic Methods Store Them 2
Photo: 9 Most Basic Methods Store Garden Hose

Hose-Holder Stake: Freestanding stakes offer convenience and flexibility, allowing you to place the hose wherever it’s most convenient.

Simply coil the hose around the stake after each use.

Fun Storage Solution: Get creative and opt for a garden-themed hose holder that adds a touch of whimsy to your outdoor space.

Look for unique designs like oversized frogs or turtles that conceal a coiled hose.

DIY Hose Storage: If you enjoy DIY projects, consider upcycling items around your house to create your hose storage.

Repurpose an old tire rim, utility bucket, or short post to keep your hose organized and easily accessible.

Storage Tote: For temporary storage during colder months, use a clear bin with a latched lid to store the hose.

Make sure the hose is dry and neatly wrapped to avoid kinks. Label the bin and place it on a shelf for easy retrieval when spring arrives.

By implementing these garden hose storage ideas, you can keep your hoses organized, protected, and readily available for all your watering needs.

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