New Orleans Wedding with a Saturated Color Palette

New Orleans Wedding with a Saturated Color Palette. Photographers Margot and Carla, who initially met in Los Angeles over a decade ago through a mutual friend, embarked on a journey that transcended acquaintance into a deep and loving partnership. Although Margot initially felt a bit intimidated by Carla, they eventually connected over shared interests in photography and their respective dating lives. In 2018, they both came out to each other, marking a pivotal moment in their relationship. Just three months later, Margot knew she wanted to spend her life with Carla.

In December 2020, Margot proposed to Carla in a cozy cabin in Big Bear, California, creating a cherished memory as they enjoyed sake by the fireplace. The couple, enamored with the architecture and history of Margot’s hometown, New Orleans, decided to tie the knot there, despite planning the celebration from their Los Angeles home.

Their wedding, attended by 140 guests, unfolded at Hotel Peter and Paul for the chapel ceremony and The Columns for the reception. The choice of The Columns added a touch of grandeur while maintaining a cozy atmosphere, creating the desired ambiance of a big house party. Collaborating with Elyse Jennings Weddings, Margot and Carla brought their vision to life, infusing their joyful Easter-bloom-themed event with a vibrant palette of spring shades.

To personalize their celebration, the couple incorporated signature cocktails, their favorite scents, and New Orleans-inspired welcome bags. These thoughtful touches added a layer of intimacy to the event, making it uniquely theirs. Margot and Carla’s wedding journey is a testament to the power of love, authenticity, and the joy of creating a celebration that reflects the couple’s personalities and shared history.

A Whimsical Journey in Paper: Margot and Carla’s Enchanting Invitation Suite

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Photo: A Whimsical Journey in Paper: Margot and Carla’s Enchanting Invitation Suite

Margot and Carla enlisted the talents of Laura from Jolly Edition to craft a truly whimsical and personalized invitation suite that mirrored the colors of their wedding flowers—apricot, pink, lavender, and muted blue.

The outcome was a set characterized by a delightful floral border and free-flowing, handwritten watercolor lettering. The couple’s lucky symbol, the moon, was seamlessly integrated into the design.

Going beyond the conventional, Laura’s creativity extended to a map that charted all the significant locations related to the wedding, including the group’s hotels, welcome party venue, and the ceremony and reception sites.

This thoughtful touch not only provided practical information but also added a charming and personal element to the suite.

The save-the-dates featured a custom crest showcasing a crawfish and a mini trumpet, capturing unique aspects of the couple’s story.

Laura elevated the design with a vellum overlay, adorned with an illustration of The Columns. In a poignant tribute to Margot’s mother, a wax seal featuring her favorite flower, the hydrangea, was incorporated—a heartfelt gesture that added a touch of sentimental beauty to the suite.

Margot and Carla’s invitation suite became not just a practical tool for conveying information but a whimsical journey in paper that unfolded their love story and paid homage to cherished symbols and memories.

Laura’s artistic prowess and attention to detail transformed the suite into an enchanting prelude to the magical celebration that awaited their guests.

Effortless Elegance: Margot\’s Toni Maticevski Two-Piece

For Margot, the search for her wedding attire led her to a unique and stunning choice—a Toni Maticevski two-piece that perfectly captured the balance she was seeking.

Not drawn to the traditional wedding dress or a tuxedo, Margot found her ideal ensemble in the form of a two-piece outfit, creating a distinctive and memorable bridal look.

The Toni Maticevski two-piece comprised a one-shoulder top with gathered petal details and an asymmetric train adorned with elegant ruffles.

The top exuded a sense of modern sophistication and artful design. Paired with tailored crepe slim-line pants, featuring inverted pockets, a front pleat, and a cropped ankle, the ensemble brought together elements of style, comfort, and individuality.

Margot’s decisive choice was a testament to the seamless alignment between her personal style and the unique design of the two-piece.

In a mere 20 minutes, she made the swift decision, underscoring the effortless elegance of her chosen wedding attire. Margot’s Toni Maticevski ensemble not only defied convention but also radiated a timeless beauty that perfectly complemented the spirit of her wedding celebration.

Elegance in Heirlooms: Margot\’s Thoughtful Accessories

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Photo: Elegance in Heirlooms: Margot\’s Thoughtful Accessories

Margot curated a collection of accessories that not only adorned her on her special day but also held deep sentimental value.

She donned her mother’s heirloom pearl earrings, a cherished piece worn by her mother on her own wedding day. This elegant touch not only added a timeless and familial element to Margot’s ensemble but also created a beautiful link between generations.

In addition to the heirloom earrings, Margot showcased her pear-shaped diamond ring, a symbol of enduring love and commitment.

The choice to incorporate family heirlooms into her wedding attire added a layer of emotional richness to the overall aesthetic.

For her wedding ceremony, Margot opted for Badgley Mischka shoes, infusing a touch of contemporary elegance into her ensemble.

The careful selection of accessories, both familial and contemporary, demonstrated Margot’s thoughtful approach to her bridal look.

To complete her wedding-day ensemble, Margot chose the fragrance Philosykos by Diptyque, creating a sensory experience that would forever be associated with the joyous celebration of her union with Carla.

The consideration given to every detail, from the earrings with familial ties to the fragrance that would linger in the air, showcased Margot’s commitment to infusing her wedding day with personal meaning and elegance.

Perfect Harmony: Carla and Margot\’s Coordinated Wedding Attire

Carla and Margot embarked on a unique journey of selecting their wedding attire, ensuring that their looks not only complemented each other but also created a harmonious visual narrative.

The process unfolded with a delightful twist, as the couple decided to share their chosen outfits in a special reveal.

Initially drawn to a dress that a friend felt didn’t align with Margot’s ensemble, Carla decided to eliminate any uncertainty and potential mismatch by opting for a collaborative approach.

The couple shared their chosen outfits, and after the reveal, they returned to Loho Bride together. Ultimately, Carla selected a pleated, corseted gown by Alex Perry, creating a beautifully balanced silhouette alongside Margot.

Carla’s accessories further enhanced her bridal look, with a pearl-embellished, fingertip-length veil from BHLDN adding an elegant touch.

She adorned herself with sentimental pieces, including a lucky bracelet passed down from her grandmother to her mother on her wedding day. The freshwater pearl Chan Luu earrings and a vintage ring from Fox and Bond, a wedding-day gift from Margot, added layers of meaning to her ensemble.

To complete her look, Carla embraced the pearl theme with Bella Belle kitten heels adorned with tiny pearl embellishments.

Even her perfume bottle featured a pearl, showcasing her commitment to a cohesive and thoughtful wedding aesthetic.

In choosing their wedding attire collaboratively, Carla and Margot not only eliminated the stress of potential mismatches but also created a visual symphony that reflected their love, connection, and shared journey towards matrimony.

Sentimental Blooms: Margot and Carla\’s Thoughtfully Crafted Bouquets

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Photo: Sentimental Blooms: Margot and Carla\’s Thoughtfully Crafted Bouquets

Margot and Carla approached their wedding bouquets with a thoughtful and sentimental touch, choosing blooms that held personal significance and added a meaningful layer to their bridal ensembles.

Margot opted for a small bouquet featuring pink sweet peas and jasmine.

This delicate arrangement was designed to be a simpler iteration of Carla’s bouquet, establishing a visual connection between the two bouquets while maintaining Margot’s distinct aesthetic.

Carla’s bouquet was a lush and vibrant display of garden flowers, including jasmine, sweet peas, and lush roses.

This arrangement not only captured the essence of a blooming garden but also reflected Carla’s affinity for natural and romantic floral elements. To infuse a profound sense of connection and homage, Carla fastened her grandmother Julia’s heart jade pendant to her bouquet.

This small but significant addition served as a poignant reminder of loved ones and provided Carla with a tangible connection to her family as she walked down the aisle.

Through their carefully crafted bouquets, Margot and Carla showcased their individual styles while creating a cohesive visual narrative.

The inclusion of sentimental elements added a layer of depth to the floral arrangements, transforming them into more than just accessories but rather a reflection of love, family, and the shared journey of marriage.

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